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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Greys By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4809

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The ankh blinks twice. Beth faints.


Beth wakes up; she's on a bed inside some kind of laboratory. A couple of Greys aliens are surrounding her. Beth's legs are wide open as she was on a gynecological examination.

"No! No! No! What are you going to do with myself?!!"

A grey alien walk to Beth's legs with an instrument, that looks like a scalpel, on her hands.

"No! No! No! Stay away from me! Don't hurt me! Please!" Beth screamed.

Another grey alien extended her hand to Beth's face; she's got the same ankh on her hand. The ankh blinks twice.

Beth faints.


Beth wakes up again; she's on the same bed in the same room, but now, two huge transparent tubes are connected to her breasts; a white liquid that looks like milk is coming out of her.

"Let me go!!" Beth tries to stands up, but she can't, some force field keeps her tied to the bed.

The same grey alien walks to Beth with the ankh on her hand.

"No! Not again! I want to be conscious!"

The ankh blinks twice, she faints.


Beth wakes up; she is on the same bed. Lucy is in front of her with the ankh on her hand.

"What is going on here?" Beth asked.

"I'm sorry for the inconveniences that we caused to you and your friend" Lacy said calmly.

"What!? you…? You are with them?!"

"I am one of them"

"You, evil little bitch!!" Beth screamed.

"I understand your anger, and again I'm sorry, I'll promise you that you

rum of light that you can see" Lucy answered. She stops stroking Beth's hair "A virus that infects immature minds"

"Am I infected?"

"No, that's why I chose you" Lucy answered calmly.

"What are you?"

"I am hybrid; I help them to find girls that we can use for the research, because I can infiltrate me among you"

"The story about your family, your town, the choppers, the soldiers, was a lie, huh? Beth asked.


"This is insane! You and your greys girls are insane!" Beth said.

"No, we're not! Your society is sick! The men are responsible for my future! "


"They killed each other in wars, that's why we, the women of the future, are forced to find for new ways to keep the human race alive"

"Maybe our men are sick, but you all are sick too, because I'm not some kind of laboratory rat; what you did to me is unacceptable, this is some kind of felony! You are acting like a man! Maybe you are infected with greed!"

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