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   Chapter 2 No.2

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Ricardo shakes his head.

"Yes, she is! It's Jessie! You have to let her go!"

"No, No, No. If this is a dream, what are you doing here?"

"You said it before, bro, I'm your opposite, I am the right side of your brain, the one that, as a scientific, you never use!"

"No, No the idea of being on a dream is ridiculous!"

"Let's go upstairs, and I'll prove that to you, we have to fight this demon".

Ricardo and his sister climb the stairs holding hands.

"See, the worst thing that a human being could do is to choose not to believe in the truth; because it is like cheating yourself. You see the truth and deal with it, or you ignore it. But if you decide to ignore it; then, don't complain if that consume you from the inside out" Tephanny said very seriously, and then she enters to her room.

"What are you looking for?" Ricardo asked.

"I'll going to need some stuff, because the entity that is chasing us is very powerful, and if we let it out of your mind, it will become…"

"…IF! If we are in my mind!" He interrupted her.

"Ok, ok. If! We are in your mind, and if this is a dream, we cannot let this thing get out to the real world, because it will turn into something much more powerful, we must defeat it here, and I know how" She finished.

Tephanny comes out of the room with a lot of fancy crystals, and incense on her hands.

"What about with all those stones?

rm into a throaty voice while he said the threat.

"Go home, where you will be at peace!!!"

"Shut up" The demon demanded.

Ricardo begins to punch the door with his fists. If you touch her I will kill you! He screamed.

A loud sound reverberates throughout the house; it's like a thunder. The demon screams, the lights go out. Tephanny moans, as if someone had hit her hard. The demon growls as a predator that is about to eat its prey, the grounds shakes like an earthquake, the girl screams again and then, Ricardo hears a disturbing sound; someone inside the room is chewing and swallowing something. Let her Go! Ricardo demanded, but he obtains no answer, and after a few seconds of mayhem everything returns to normal.

The door of the room opens by itself very slowly, it's like nothing ever happened inside of it; there's no pentagram on the floor, there's no crystals, there's no demon, and no signs of Tephanny.

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