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   Chapter 2 No.2

The Forbidden Novel By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 5343

Updated: 2018-03-13 12:01

Then, Scott heard how another person approaches to them. That person put two cold things on the detective's chest. Someone is pointing me with two guns? Scott thought. A cold breeze ran through his body. Are you going to kill me?? The detective said

- You are here at the threshold of truth – Said a female voice with an incalculable sensuality – Everything that you are about to see and know will surprise you. Detective, you are going to realizes that your own life is just a web of liars and confused dreams. So, which gun do you pick?

Doubtfully, Scott answered; T-t-t-the r-r-right one…

Well done, Brother, The woman said, you must to be creative to accept the truth. Then, the woman gives to Scott the other gun. He touches like a blind man, it's an old gun, he thought. The woman fires the gun of the right, but it is empty. Scott sighs with relief.

-What the hell was all that about? The detective Asked.

-Soon, you will be one of us; it was the begging of your initiation. Now, you are about to take the next step…

The creaking of an old door opening was heard. From here, you will be alone, the man in black said, then, he removes the cloth of Scott's eyes. "Knox Om Pax" Said the man, and he closed the door. Immediately, the detective Freeman recognizes him, it's him! He said. Scott saw his picture once 15 years ago for one second, long enough to print his face on his brain for ever…

There he is! The murderer of his son; the man responsible for his pain, just in front of his eyes, close enough to hurt him with his avenging hands, the detective unlock the old revol

r a solution, and then, we, the regime, bring them the perfect solution: Total Control! We are going to make a totalitarian government. But, we need that the people beg, like they were kids for that surveillance, that's why we need chaos!!".

-This is insane! I just can't believe it! – Scott said.

-I'm not finished, detective, let me finish! The other part of their plan was: to incriminate Sophia's members of violating the primary law. So, the police chased after them while we breached the peace of the cities. – Cilón applauds once again - Then, I asked him: Why are you telling me all this? And he answered me – He applauds again – because, you are a mad man, a scum of society and no one ever is going to believe in your words! - Cilón growls - I refused, detective, I refuse to be part of that plan, but, they drugged us. They used drugs to control my mind! So, I killed your boy, but I was under the influence of a powerful drug, and you… you! You weren't with him, because you were chasing some dude for reading some book! That's sorcery, detective!

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