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   Chapter 1 No.1

The Archons: Origins By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 10999

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The President.

Loraine knows that this is the speech of her life, The purpose of her existence; her dharma. The reason why her father invested all that money on her education. She knows that the future of humanity depends on her verbal excercise. Her nipples suffered an erection, they were visible through her expensive silk blouse. She noticed every male reaction to her beautiful and well shaped breasts, she felt no shame, she felt pride.

The words flow from her mouth, like water falling from a waterfall, her tongue could be seeing through her white teeth everytime she uttered the word: "Tax". The applause came and went, even from the axis of evil's countries, They all are accomplices and participants in the conspiracy.

The beautiful president of the United States of America is used to being at spotlight, politics is like a drug to her, after all, she is all Rochfalls.

The Rochfalls are legendary, kings and queens have knelt before them for centuries, that's why Loraine speaks with such property, she owns every ear, every brain…

-Today, I do not adderess to you all as a president, no! Today I'm talking as a human; a worried woman for all the famage we have done to our mother nature – She makes a dramatic pause, Loraine looks deep into everyone's eyes – Humans!!! - She screamed spitting spittle – Now is the time to save our mother, our planet…!!! This mess has been our fault, we caused the climate change! We must accept the responsability for our actions!

Loraine is right, this system based on greed has led the society to a point of no return, but it has approached the Rochfalls to achieve their fondest dream: to control every natural resource, and and to posses very mind of every person on the planet.

-We all breath, we can not help it – She continued – but our criminal behavior against our mother nature has become our breathing a threat to the planet, so we need to take actions, painful actions, - She closes her eyes, there was silence in the grounds of the United Nations, after a few seconds, She opens her eyes, there was an imaginary drumroll on the enclosure – I propose a tax on breathing…

-It's impossible to control the breathing of millions of citizens! - Said someone in the public.

-No! If we use the owl shaped watch! The Moloch! - She replied.

Thanks to her verbal eloquence Loraine fulfilled the ambition of her father; Henry Rochfalls III. "If we control their breathing, we will able control how they think". She suddenly hears the voice of her father while the audience applaude to her.

In the months following to the Loraine′s speeach, only few countries approved the tax on breathing, in the rest of the world it was a slow process, because the opposition parties all over the world did their best to delay it, arguing that the law and the tax were draconian. Oppositions parties marched, protested and called on the people to vote against the tax, but slowly they were subjugated by the iron fist of the common good.

In 2020, the UN is disolved and transformed into a world government. The few countries that still haven't approved the tax, were forced by the new world government through military invasions in the name of democracy and peace.

Over the years the methods of surveillance became more and more insidious, not only the archons patrol the streets, a fleet of drones scrutinize from the sky to every citizen on the ground making impossible some kind of privacy.

Of course, the tax on breathing not covered the entire population, as usual, the elites managed to escaped from its influence, so the full weight of the law fell on the working class.

Government control created sedentary people, who do less excersise, people scared to talk with others. The birth rate fell, because many citizens decided to stop having sex to save air.

Some lucky people flee to the jungles. And there they founded free control utopian cities, but, unfortunately, happiness did not last long, because Loraine, as president of the new world government, pursued them mercilessly. Now those cities are believed to be extinct. Although, Local legends say that those cities still exist near to Machu Picchu.


The Publicist.

Slowly and gently, she unfolds the old letter and reads it...

Dear Reader, Whoever you are, I apoligize with you, because I am not a writer, I'm just a publicist; a disgraced publicist… So, please, don't judge my writing, or my probable spelling errors. This letter is trash, I know that, you know that. I'm writing this on my deathbed, my hand is shaking and I can't see clearly, so, again, please forgive me!

My name is Allister Crown, and this is my testament; I'm above to legate you the truth. The truth about the world in which you live in… A horrible truth!

My cellmate and the guards have made my life a living hell, I hate them so much! They know my story, that's why they torture me physically and emotionally everytime they can. The name of my cellmate… (that son of a bitch!) is Jesús, ironic isn't it?! He is mexican or something, so I must pronounce his name in spanish or else, he hits me. He was a gang member, but the guards and the prison's authorities love him! In fact, the government will become him an archon… Can you imagine that?! This is unfair! A criminal will be a police man! But, if I think about it, that make sense, a criminal government chooses criminals.

I participed in the formation of this government and its arc

hons, the breathing police. As a publicist, I was appointed by my boss to write a commercial about an owl shaped watch, when I heard the idea of this watch, I thought; "This is great! This is cool!". I didn't know what I was doing, I thought I was doing god's work, but I ended making Lucifer's work! Anyway, this watch (called the "Moloch") would control the breathing of its user, that seemed a good idea! But, if you are reading this letter, you know that it wasn't a good idea… because, you are a prisoner too.

So, I proved to my boss that I was the best; I showed off. I wrote, produced and directed the best TV commercial ever! I even chose the leading actress; Linda (She was my girlfriend). And as if that were not enough, I devised a large advertising campaign, I use all the knowledge of my profession, I won a lot of awards, even "the green man of the year" awarded by the now defunct United Nations. This statuette was granted only to world leaders, I was the first and only publicist who won that award, my pockets spits money, I was in heaven...

I really believed that the owl shaped watch was the answer to the CO2 issue, and the climate change problem… I didn't realize that all was just a trap to the humanity.

I don't understand this evil, I really don't… but I know that they don't want us to think, they want us to be slaves, that's why they want to destroy the family; turn men and women into enemies… devide and conquer!

This corrupt system based on greed is the resposible for all the harm to the mother nature, not the people! But they want that the blame lies on us. All this taxation on breathing madness is not motivated in the love of nature, or in a philanthropic zeal to save the ozone layer, behind all this, there is immense evil, pure evil, believe me I know it!

When I started researching all this, they called me crazy, Linda leave me! I was fired! But I didn't care, because, when you know the truth, grows in you the need to share it, as Jesuschrist said once; "Truth will set you free".

Now, you probably are wondering; who are "they"? Well, the people behind this machiavellian plot is a family whose lineage goes back to the ancient Babylon, they are the Rochfalls. These people are used to manipulate the system in order to get what they want. They own all the banks, they own the tabacco industry, they own all the media, they own our government, and yes! They own you, they own me, they own the archons!

Rochfalls plans are perfect, slow in its execution, they have the patience of a predator lurking in the shadows. Their plans are so slow that the people do not realize that is being driven like cattle to the slaughter house until its too late. They manipulate the paradigm of reality through out the television, Internet, movies, education, literally, they can make you believe whatever they want to! Everything is so subtle and imperceptible that you have to be a little crazy to decipher what they want. Dear reader, our brain is like a computer, it can be hacked and molded at will, and they know it!

Their plan was so simple: prepare a report that said that the CO2 exhaled by humans is responsible for the climate change, the solution; the owl shaped watch and the breathing police. This report was made to cover up the truth; industries are the cause of the climate change, not us! When I discovered the truth, I went to the media, I talked to my political representatives, but they didn't care! Becuase they're puppets. Linda, my girlfriend reported me with the authorities of the newborn world government, and I ended here in San Quintin. But, there's more dear reader, they're planning something with the signal that connects all the watches, but I couldn't figure out what it was… I'm scared, they are planning to murder a lot of people! And I don't know why!!!

I have to go, dear reader, they found me. Who knows, today is probaby my last day alive. Please take care of yourself, now, you are important, now you know the truth, now, you are a danger to the establishment.

Good Luck, Allister C.

Once she finished the reading, Isis turns the page, there is nothing writing on the back. That's all?! She asked at loud. Desperately, Isis looks on the hole where she found the letter, she finds anything but insects.

Suddenly, someone approaches to the cell, she hides the letter under her clothes. Who's there?! She asked. The archon leader coughs.

-It's you!! - She said – What did you do with Lilith?!

The leader takes off his helmet. It's none of your business, he replied.

-Let me out!!

-No! You and your boyfriend are very important to him.

-Who is him?

The archon leader removes the patch over his left eye, there's nothing in the cavity, Isis makes an attempt not to vomit. He is my master, and he wants you caged.

-No! Let me out! Let me out!!!!


The Rebel.

Let me out! Let me out! Screamed at loud Isis while The Archon leader fades away into the darkness. Rebel, as he liked to be called, walks throughtout the corridors of San Quintin, he is drunk with power. Prisoners insulted him, but, he doesn't care at all, he; the rebel, the archon, is an authority, a demigod, and they, the slaves, are enemies of the state.

Rebel arribes to a dark room. From the corner of it emerges a metallic screech. Is that you, sir? asked the archon leader. There is no answer. Someone approaches to him on a wheelchair. Rebel kneels before this person as a trained dog.

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