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   Chapter 6 No.6

Vinyl By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 2298

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Teal stands up. " Did you really think this is the first time I do this?" She said while she rise her blouse to show him that she is wearing a bulletproof vest.

-I'm going to call the pólice! – He said.

-Do it, that's what I want… it is part of my plan…

-You are insane…

-No, I am not. You know… - She said – I've been doing this for 350 years, I'm older than America! –Teal laughed - You knew my slaves, right? They used to be seven… one of them tried to help you, but I took care of him… his soul is no longer exists… the shadows that you saw, they were my boyfriends; artists, writers, musicians… and now you… I made them work to me; they used their talents to create things

hand to Teal's. She hang up the phone, she shot at Mark. – I did it in self defense…

Teal turns on Mark's computer. "Oh wow!" She said smiling "Look all the people that have download your App, it's amazing!" Green rays of light came out from the device and enter on Teal's body… "This feels great! It's better than sex! It's a shame that you betrayed me, or other wise you would be here with me, but you picked her…" She said.

Mark died.

The End.

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