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   Chapter 5 No.5

Vinyl By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4519

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"Use your all well-learned politesse or I lay your soul to waste… woo, woo, woo" Mark hummed.


Mark doesn't not know where to go, he wanders through the streets by hours with the gun on his hands, people run away from him on terror. Suddenly, he realizes that he must go back to your home, he needs to fight back the demons and the succubus. Mark doesn't know how to fight against that threat, but he need to stop them from whatever they have plan with the App he made. I must go back, he decided.

When he entered to his apartment, the first thing the saw was Teal dressed in black like a bride.

-What are you doing here? – He asked pointing the gun at her.

-I'm worried about you… - She answered.

-What is a succubus?


.You Heard me!! –He screamed.

-Relax, put he gun down! – She said – It's like a demon, a female demon…

-You are a succubus! Are you a Succubus?! You haunted me with that vinyl! Do you?! Atre you?!

-You are delusional, Mark… no one is a succubus here… Put he gun down! You already killed someone, I saw the corpse… the old lady's corpse

-I didn't do that! You and your shadows… killed her…

-No, no, listen to me very carefully… why I would bewitch you? I'm your girlfriend, and I love you… If someone did something on you that was Laura… Putt he gun down!

-No, no… she is not… - He screa

ou idolize false idols, flags, governments and politicians, but you haven't find it out that among you live a predator race that is hunting you down like animals for centuries. Egocentrics, self centered, solipsists dumbasses! "The truth will set you free!" said someone once, and what happened?! You killed him! And you know why?! Because you… all humans, live scared of the truth! I know that you and her have been fucking on our bed for three months! But every time that I demanded the truth from you, you always said: There's no truth to confess…

-That's not true!

-STOP LIYING TO ME! – She screamed, the building trembled.

-Ok, ok… you are right! You are right! I'm sorry!!

-"I'm sorry!" It's to late for "I'm sorry!" – She said.

Mark shoot at Teal right in the middle of her chest, She fell.

-I'm sorry… Laura… I shouldn't drag you into this mess. – He said to Laura's corpse.

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