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   Chapter 4 No.4

Vinyl By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4458

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-Ok, ok, ok…- Mark said as he sat down – You got me! What do I do, now?!

-the sorcerer, or the witch, forced you to do something, you have to figured it out what! And why…

-I don't understand!

-Who gave you that Vinyl? – She asked.

-I don't know! – He screamed.

-What do you remember about last night?

-Nothing… I don't remember anything… I remember the vinyl and then… it's all gone…

-I fell a lot of activity in this house – She said while she walking the room. Miss Mayim touches one of the pentagrams – It's looks like blood… - She closes her eyes – There's a lot of entities stalking… but there's one of them that is trying to protect you… from… from - Mayim kneels – They want to hurt him…

Mark walks toward his neighbor - From what? – H e asked.

-Oh, no! – She screamed – They are hitting at him… they are going to destroy him…

-H-h-how?! Can a spirit be destroyed?

-Sure – She said, opening her eyes.

-Can we help him?

-Oh, no! – She screamed again.


-They are coming for us!! Run, Mister Passio, run!

-What? What?

-Run away!

Miss Mayim is lifted up by an unseen force, Mark tried to help her, but he couldn't. – Go away! – She urged him – She is shaken against the walls – Go…

Mark runs to the door of his apartment, but he stoped when he can hear Miss Mayim's cr

uld cost us a lot of money! Are you insane?!

-That App is a danger for society… - Mark said and then he hits Charles on his face.

Mark left Charles' office, a crowd was waiting for him. "His grilfriend was right!" Said a man. "Yeah! He's acting like a madman!" Answered a girl.

-Let me pass! – Mark demanded.

The crowd allowed him to pass, He crossed the path without make any eye contact. "No!" said a man "You can't go… you just assaulted an employee, I have to call the pólice!" Mark turned around to see this man. It's a man from security.

-No, you won't – Mark Answered.

-Oh, yes I will – The man turned on his radio, but he couldn't do the call because Mark pounced on him as a predator.

Mark snatched the gun from the security guard, and fired into the air. "If someone follows me or dare to call the police… I swear to god…" he screamed. Mark left the Office.

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