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   Chapter 3 No.3

Vinyl By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4400

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The man works on the bank's app all the night with the music rumbling at loud, the beeps on his computer resambled the melody of the damn vinyl; C sharp, D major, D sharp, C major, G minor, C major, D sharp, C major, D sharp, G minor. "You must do what I tell you" said the shadow with a familiarity that he didn't recognized. "#include""Mark typed on the computer…

Main() {

Char Name[15], surnameM [15], surnameP[15], Adress[200]

Int Age:

Printf ("?What is your name?")

Scanf ("%s", &Name) ;

"They don't know…" Said the shadow while Mark types " But the computers mimic the human mind, their brains are programable, with your work I will be able to possess every mind that use your app, I will live for ever! Their greed will feed me!" Mark nodded while his fingers performed a complicated choreography on the keyboard, on the computer screen appeared and disappeared windows with programming language.

-I'm Done! – Mark said.

-Good boy… good boy…


As soon Teal puts one of her feet off the elevator, Miss Mayim; the old lady that fought with Mark over the branch, approached to her, "Why you and your boyfriend haven't turned down the volume of that horrible song? Thanks to you two, no one has been able to sleep in the building, last night!" The old lady said.

-I'll do m

oor and steps on it.

-What is this?! – Miss Mayim asked surprising by the satanic pentragams on the walls.

Mark looks the walls: "Who did those things?!" He asked.

-If you don't know… - Miss Mayim answered.

Mark destroys the vinyl with his feet. "This thing is doomed!"

-Mr. Passio I think you have got a big problem here!


-I think you've been haunted! – She said with a sad expression on her face.

-How do you know that?!

-Believe me! I am expert on this kind of… "Works"

-A-a-a-are you a witch?

-Just call me a "light worker" – She answered – But, you have been attacked by a black witch or sorcerer… or something worse…

-What do you mean with "something worse"?!

-A demon Mr. Passio, A demon from hell!

-I don't believe on this kind of nonsenses!

-It doesn't matter if you believe or not in the truth, it still the truth!

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