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   Chapter 2 No.2

Vinyl By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4758

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- What do you mean? - Mark asked.

- your skin, your eyes… Have you slept well? Are you working without rest?

- Yes, yes, yes… I've working a lot… that's all! And I really miss you!!

Teal looks at her boyfriend in disbelief. You know – She said – I called to your work yesterday, they said that you did not go to work yesterday!

-I've been working on this new app on my place, that's all! I feel more confortable there. You know how a love privicy.

- You are lying to me again, Mark! - She screamed.

- No, No! I am not!

- Yes, you are!! To work on the new bank's app, you must connect your computer to the server of your company, and you have not done that! They told me! They are worried, because you are late…!

- but, but…

- You have been with her!

- No, I swear!

- Then, tell me the truth!

- I told you the other night; there's no truth to say…

Teal stands up – Get out of my apartment! - She demanded to him.

- No, please, come with me!

-No, I don't want to see you any more… unless you tell me the truth…

- There's no truth to...

- Go Away!!! - Teal screamed.


Mark climbs the tree near to his window, under the suprised look of his neighbors. He is carrying a saw on his left hand. "What the hell are you trying to do?!" Asked a man on a window.

- It's not your bussines! - Mark answered arrogantly without stopping.

- It is our bussines! - Screamed an old l

rumbled on the floor, someone enter to the room, the person is wearing texans boots, "Those shoes seem to be from the 60's or 70's" He thought, the person sat on the bed, it creaked.

-Please stop! – The man said. – Don't listen to the vinyl again, I want to protect you from the others and from… IT, but if you don't obey me, I can not protect you anymore… I fell into the trap, please, you don't… - The boots disappeared.

Slowly, Mark came out from under the bed. Everything look calm, but suddenly, he felt how someone; an entity stare at him from behind. He got paralyzed.

-Use C language to program – Said the voice without gender – It will be easier…

As a midless golem Mark nodded. A dark shadow appears in front of him, the thing takes Mark's hand like mother, "You have to change the source code to make the bank's app more friendly with all the operating systems" It said. Mark nodded again, and then he walks to his computer.

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