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   Chapter 3 No.3

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The Farewell

The echo of the gossip about his relationship with Linda have tortured Jacob since the night of the ceremony. The writer has been locked in his study for three days, and Linda has been sitting on the bed waiting for his husband. They have not talked to each other since that night.

The Oscar statues lie on a table near the bed, quietly and untouched.

Jacob have been trying to write something but he has not been able to write a single letter; he can only think about his wife's bruises, and in all the damage that he has caused on her. Jacob never thought he behaved that way with a woman, but Linda wakes up inside of him a beast that he barely can control; a hungry sex's demon that make him boil his own blood, Jacob feels the need to love her through her pain and obedience.

When Jacob reached the foot of the bed in where she was, his eyes were full of tears. Linda, as a good slave, was in standing by mode, waiting to please her master dark desires.

-I'm sorry – He said.

She made no move.

-All this got out of my control, you wake up in my something that I can't control…

Slowly she turned her head towards him.

- I want to own you through your pain… through your obedience…

Linda's nipples starts to erect.

-I don't want to hurt you anymore… I am not like that, I had always been a gentleman with women, a pushover, if you want…

-What are you saying, Sir? – She said.


with the source. The beast was calm and satisfied. The beast was on hiatus.

-What happened with her? –Tephanny asked after sex.

-I don't want to talk about it –He answered – What happened with him?

-I don't want to talk about it neither –She answered. They both died and made love again.

For a short time the family was reunited and happy, Tephanny and Jacob never talked about their past love failures. The writer had appeased the beast, Linda was out of his system. But one night all that changed; a ghostly appearance, he never expected to see made him go back.

He was carrying his little son in his arms, when suddenly a scent of roses flooded the room, Darrel stretched out his little hand and pointed to the end of the hall "What is that, daddy?" Said the boy. A woman who seemed to float approached to Jacob, and the writer recognized her immediately, it's the goddess; Hecate.

-Why did you despise my gift to you? – She said.

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