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How They Met

This is the story of a screenwriter and an actress. Linda Gomez is 46, but she looks like she has 36 or less. She explains her beauty by saying; "Hey, I'm Latina!" Jacob is 39 but he also look younger. He is Jew. They met 3 years ago at a meeting that featured a world's famous Hollywood producer.

Jacob was not interested in meeting anyone, because he is divorcing Tephanny, his high school sweetheart, a singer from a 90's grunge band called: Keen. They had 5 children; Linda, who is almost 20 years old, Nicole, Brain, Ian and Darrel Jacob, who is only 3 years old. The marriage ends because he discovered that she had an affair with an actor.

Linda wasn't interested in hook up with no one too, she was terrified by the closeness of her menopause. But when they first looked into each other's eyes, they immediately knew that they were trapped in the labyrinth of lust.

-I love the way you write – She said when the producer introduced them. Jacob glasses fog up in shame. Linda smiled and playfully flirted with her hair.

-Oh… Thank you – He said.

-Call me Linda… - She answered almost whispering.

They spend the rest of that night talking and flirting. Her long and well-shaped legs were crossed as if they were holding a masonic secret, and they were shinning like a star by the lights of the room. Jacob couldn't take his attention away of them.

-Look at me in the eyes, you have a beautiful eyes – She said.

- I'm sorry… what? – He answered.

-Do you like them? – She asked.


-You know what… My legs…

-Well, well, yes, I Mean they are… you know…

-No, I don't.


She putted her finger on his lips. Her warm and long finger taste like strawberry, he thought. Linda felt attracted to his shyness, so she rushed toward him like a hungry tigress and he lets her "eat". Jacob was Linda's food that night.


In its beginnings the romance between Jacob and Linda was much publicized by the media, even the respected media. They constantly referred to the couple as the movie star and geek Jewish writer.

At first, he was all a gentleman, and he treated her as a trophy, a queen, an empress. Linda felt young again as if she were 20 years again, even thought of being a mother for the first time.

-You don't have to treat me as if I was a Barbie doll that is about to break. – She said to Jacob In the middle of an awards ceremony.

-I have always treated women with respect, as they taught me in my family. – He answered while he took a sip of red wine - I only made love with two women – He finished.

-Maybe, that's the problem… - She said, then, Linda brings her mouth to Jacob's ear – You just made love with her and me, but you haven't fuck yet.

-What's the difference? - He asked stammering.

-Let's go to the men room, and I will show you…

The elegant bathroom with bright floor is empty when the couple entered kissing. Linda catches Jacob against the door of a bathroom, and then, she slowly touches his crotch. "Oh" she said "It wants to come out!"

-Well, if that wants to come out, you will suffer the consequences…

Linda smiled at the inappropriate, but hot, response from her boyfriend. "Make me suffer…" She murmured. Then she slowly bends over in front of the toilet with gold-plated details, Jacob knells in front of her voluptuous behind and ripped off with his teeth her Silk lingerie, He absorbed all the odors emanating from her femininity depths like they were a mescaline.

-Spank me! – She ordered him.

He obeyed.

-Harder! – She screamed.

He obeyed again.

-Spank me until it turns pink.

He hits her so hard that his fingerprints were tattooed on his buttocks.

-Yes like that! – She said.

The marriage ceremony between Linda and Jacob took place on the evening of a one-year summer solstice ending in 7. A mansion near the beaches of Malibu served as a temple, two religious ceremonies took place at the same time, one Jewish, at the request of the family of Jacob, and another Catholic, at the request of Linda, but at the end of them; everyone shout at loud: "Mazel Tov".

Summoning Hecate.

The marriage between the Jewish geek writer and the Hollywood superstar didn't detract the lust between them, on the contrary, it increases. Now they have sex in any semi-public place that they can, like restaurants, movie premiers, on the car, at airports near to TSA agents. Any place is good to unleash their desires for the flesh. It is always she who chooses the place and the hour. One night after the honey moon, she woke up in the middle of the night because she wants to have sex in front of the Hollywood's sign, Jacob tired, tried to convince her, but he couldn't because she seemed possessed by some kind of hungry succubus, so he agreed. That night she squirted 3 times inside their half million dollars black Lamborghini. The couple always had luck, because the police never discovered in flagrant.

Jacob's sexual lawlessness with his wife took him away from work, he hasn't written a single screenplay in months. His manager started to pressure him to star to work again to maintain his name on the industry. "It's easy to be forgotten on Hollywood" he said.

Frightened by the words of his manager

, Jacob began to work. But it wasn't easy, his mind was blind, the only thing he could think of was the intimate parts of his wife; all wed and tight. Weeks passed and he could not write a single letter, he spent hours in front of the computer watching the courses flicker. "Stop mocking me!" He desperately shouts to the computer screen.

-What happened? –Asked Linda.

-I'm stuck! I can't write a single word! –He screamed.

-Calm down –She said while stroking his hair.

-I don't know what I'm going to do!

-I have an idea – She said and then she leaves the room.

A few seconds later, Linda returned with a red triangle on her hand.

-What is that? –He asked.

-This is Hecate's triangle. I use it when I want to call her.

-What's that in the middle?

-The black circle is where she lives…

Linda leaves the room again, but before leaving she putted the triangle in front the computer's screen. Jacob looks at it curiously.

Linda comes back again with a leather belt on one hand and an egg dildo in the other.

-What are you planning to do?! – He asked smiling –I don't have time for sex now, I need to focus on my work.

-We are going to work. – She replied seriously.

Linda gives the egg to Jacob, he receives it, and then she puts the belt on Jacob's shoulder.

-What is this…?!


Slowly, Linda begins to undress while she says: "I celebrate Hecate, Protector of roads and crossroads, Pleasant, celestial, chthonic and marine, of saffroned peplo, sepulchral. That enters into frenzy along with the souls of the dead. Daughter of Perses, lover of the solitudes, who rejoices with the deer. Nocturnal woman, protective of dogs, irresistible queen. Accompanied by animal noises. Disappointed, irresistible-looking, Goddess of the bulls. Lady holding the keys around the world, Guide, nymph, nourishment of young people, who lives in the mountains; begging the maiden to be present in the sacred initiation. Always conducive to the shepherd of oxen and with grateful spirit". At the end of the prayer she was totally naked.

-Now, tie my legs to that chair – She said while she point at a chair next to Jacob.



Jacob puts the chair next to his chair, and then, he gently sits Linda on it.

-Now, tie my legs so I can't move them…


-NOW!!! –She screamed.

Jacob is going to tie her legs when she says…

-But first, put the egg between my legs near to my "V" zone and turn it on.


-Don't talk, just do it!

He does what she said. Linda starts to moan.

-Harder! Harder! –She screamed.

He adjusts the device so that it vibrates faster. In that moment, Jacob felt a force seizing his body, so he sits down and starts to write. His fingers glide over the keyboard like a surfer on a wave, Linda writhes in a sweet agony, and her sexuality seizes the room. Jacob writes page after page without taking his eyes off the screen; a new screenplay is being born.


Jacob grabs Linda's face tightly; "Don't tell me what to do!" He answered, and then he obeyed her. Linda's thighs vibrate like gelatin.

In less than he thinks, Jacob finishes the first act of his script, Linda's moaning were his fuel. An insatiable hunger for her body is consuming Jacob, so he jumps to her like a tiger and grabs one boob and suck the other as he wants to eat it. Jacob increases the vibration of the egg.

-Destroyer Hecate has favored you!! –Linda screams.

Jacob begins to move the egg in circular movements, Linda twists her body on the chair. The belt marks her legs. In a matter of seconds her body begins to vibrate like a volcano about to explode, so he removes the egg from her body, and her vertical smile explodes like a water dam wetting his hand and the whole chair. Linda sighs.

-What is your new screenplay about? –She asked almost sighing.

-It's about the Virgin Mary after the dead of Christ and her husband, she is in her late 40, and she found love again.

-I want to play her role…

-Oh! You will be her –He answered.

The Virgin and the Abusive.

As the process of creation of the screenplay, now called by its author; "The Virgin", progressed, Jacob becomes increasingly abusive, and Linda increasingly submissive.

Jacob ordered to build a wine cellar in the basement of the mansion. In the middle of it, Jacob ordered that the construction workers put some estrange furniture, which appeared to be taken from a dungeon where people were tortured. Some worker asked him: "What do you need those furniture for?" To which Jacob replied sharply and rudely: That's none of your business!

The furniture was made for Linda; harnesses to keep her tie in the air, chairs that appeared to be from a gynecological clinic; which serve to keep the Linda's legs as open as possible, and a metal hook that hangs from the ceiling, which Jacob plans to use in all her feminine cavities.

When Jacob is not near to Linda, she must be stay on the couple bed, sitting with her eyes looking at the front. He has established for her the single garment law; which means that she can only wear a garment in the house: bra or bikini. She always chooses the bikini, so her perfect shaped female breast is always available for Jacob's naughty hands.

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