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   Chapter 1 No.1

The Torch By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 6251

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The torch she carries barely illuminates two centimeters around, she looks like a bubble of light in the middle of the dark; a moth stuck in the middle of a black hole, without hope.

Her hands are shaking, she can't remember the dream of the one just woke up; her old soul has dream a lot, and it does not want to dream anymore.

The image engraved on the coins in her hands has been tattooed on her palm with pain, she clicks to the coins and does not why.

The sounds of the forest warp her as lion does with its prey. An owl winking, a wolf howling, something growling, a branch breaking, and the rancid breath of the one who follow her in her long white neck, she walks fast, but he does not back down.

-I just want to help you, Vera – He whispers to her ear.

An involuntary scream bursts from her throat, flashes of her last dream go through out her mind; money, pleasure, lust, fame, "oh, no!" she said "I sold my soul again!" And without realizing she was running across the darkness looking for a light that hides on the dark horizon.

-Don't run! – He screams.

The dark cloud that hindered the light of the moon free the roving satellite. The moon is different from the one of the dreams; here she is red as the blood, she looks like a round wound in the center of the sky. Vera can see the path again, she runs faster, but he runs as faster as her, looking like her shadow, like a parasite.

-Leave alone! She screams at loud.

Out of the corner of her eye she sees who follows her; it's a man in black, his cloak moves in time with the wind, in the same way that a leaf moves in the middle of a hurricane, "He must be the death" she thinks "He cannot catch me again!".

-I'm not the death – He said to her as he were in the middle of her brain. – I'm more than that!

Vera stops abruptly ready to fight against him, she can't see the face of her instigator, only the feet; they're brown, and naked. With the torch Vera tries to push him away, but again, he does not back down.

-Leave alone! - She screams with her eyes close.

-Do not fight against the inevitable! Vera, I am the inevitable!

-What do you mean?!

He did not answer, he simply disappeared in the middle of the darkness from which he came.

-Hey man! Answer my question! – She demanded.

But all she heard were the sounds of the forest, no answer, just silence. Vera was left alone by her persecutor, and she feels like Mary just before Jesus exhaled his last breath, she felt the pain that the virgin go through when those who were only follow orders, the State worshippers, slaughtered his son away; the messiah.

Who will be her messiah? Who will rise a prayer for her? The darkness is swallowing Vera as her torch goes out with the wind.

-Don't demand anything from me! I demand from you! – He said from somewhere in the darkness.

-Leave alone! You have been following me since I left my home!

-Are you sure that you left a home! You don't even know who you are! You just woke up from a dream!

Like a locomotive, another flash of her last dream punch her in the face; shoes, clothes, gold, a t

rophy; a false idol of her ego, and hatred toward masculinity, but a lot of love for the real patriarchy, run over her.

-What have I done?! – She asked to the dark from where the voice was coming.

-You told me that you didn't want to dream again, but your old soul, hungry for lust and pleasure, wants dream again…

-No, that's not true! You're lying to me!! You are the only one that will make me dream again

-I don't do that!

-Yes, you did! I think I remember now, you touched me and then I fell asleep!

-Well, Let's find it out! – He said and then touch her from behind.

She fell down of a cliff circling like a ball, the branches and the rocks hurt all her limbs, the flashes began again; she saw herself destroying the freedom with her pink hair, blood too many blood on the hand of the demons she allowed to enter, her thirst for less freedom was not satiated until the day of her death.

She was raped and murdered by one of the demons that entered by her will, But even in that moment of extreme violence, she never stopped blaming the masculinity that guaranteed her security for thousands of years. "It's not your fault, demon, it's theirs! Them and their privileges!" She said then.

-Freedom – She screamed as her body stop circling.

Vera opens her eyes, she saw him in all its magnitude at the top of the mountain, the moon covered his head as an aura, he looks like a saint. "Are you a saint?" She asked.

-No, I am not, I am Charon! – He said and then he jump toward her.

-I don't want to dream again, Charon! – She begged.

-Well, you must dream again, because you need to see the mess that you and your sisters did, now because of you, the women are living in hell… you asked for more control, now they are under control of the demons you brought to them. Give me the coins! – He demanded.

-NO! I had the best intentions! I thought they were men of God, I didn't mean to do that mess! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! – She replied.

-Give them to me!! I need them to guide your soul through the Styx, so you can dream again…

-No, No, I don't want to go back…

-I don't care what you want to do, I care what you need to do! Give me the coins!!

Resigned to her fate, Vera slowly opened her hand, he took the coins, and raised her up like a king lifts a queen.

-Don't worry, Vera – He murmured – The light of your life will shine again, as the light of the torch that was extinguished in your hand, you need to come back to clean up your mess.

-But, what if I can't? What if I forget everything as my soul usually does when I'm dreaming?

-Well, if you can't you will return as many times as necessary until you CAN. This is how the universe has always worked… and, if you forget, God will find the way to make you remember your path in life, just listen to the silence, he always screams in the silence that humans usually don't want to hear.

A dog with three heads approached to them, the middle head sniffs Vera with curiosity.

-Just remember this, Vera; Freedom is non-negotiable!!

-I will, I will… – She said and then she dreamed again.


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