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   Chapter 2 No.2

The Archons 3: The Vaccine By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 3391

Updated: 2018-03-13 12:01

After sowing terror in the streets of Los Angeles for months, Rebel was locked at Saint Quentin. But his thirst for blood didn't stop, the jail couldn't stop him, at the streets the gringos were his victims, at the jail his peers were the victims. The prison authorities decided to apply him The Vaccine.

Covered in the blood of his companions, he entered in the infirmary.

-Sit down! – Said a male voice that came from a dark corner of the room.

-No – He answered.

-Do what I order to you, or they will hurt you, after what you did, they have no other choice.

-I don't care what they do to me.

-Well, you should, there are going to emasculate you.

-What do you mean? – Rebel asked.

-The vaccine, Jesús, the vaccine…

Rebel sits on a chair.

-What vaccine?

-The vaccine against the toxic masculinity.

A grinding of wheels is heard, a man on a wheelchair approach to Rebel. The man stops a few meters away from him, Jesús sees his body, but the face of the man remains in the shadows.

s... I am going to count to ten… -Screamed Rebel to the door.

Michael! Please say something! – Said Isis inside the apartment.

-What...! What! – Isis screamed.

- One... Ten! – Rebel said and then he throws the door down.

Five archons enter to the apartment. Rebel hits Isis' head; the girl falls unconscious to the ground. Michael gets up from the chair, and he fights against the archons. He defeats 4 four of them with his bare hands. Jesús hits Michael's head, the boy falls to the ground right next to his girl.

-There's a cell waiting for you two at San Quentin – Rebel said to the unconscious couple.

It will continue at:

The Archons: Isis' Caught

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