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   Chapter 1 No.1

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Rebel, as his father used to call him, came to America inside the womb of his mother for the first time. His parents run away from their country; El Salvador, escaping from the gang violence, Las Maras, as they are known there.

It was the middle of the nineties when the young couple went through the Sonora desert, for the first time, on the loin of the beast; the train the migrants use to cross Mexico. They put that nickname to the train, because during the day the roof of the train is heated like an oven by the sun.

-This is hell! - She said to her husband - I think I'm going to die.

-No, you have to live for our son… - He replies - He is going to have a great future in America…

But that first adventure end badly when a Texan border guard intercepted the truck in which they were hiding. "Please let us in! We don't want to go back to that hell" Said Rebel's father to the guard, "my wife is pregnant, we just want to find a safe place for our child, please let us in" but the guard didn't care at all.

The young couple was forcibly returned to San Salvador that same night by the immigration, they didn′t show any empathy for the pregnant woman.

-We need to run away from this shithole! – Said the man to his wife when they came back to their home right in the middle of the Mara Salvatrucha's territory – If they know that I'm back, they're going to kill me.. They will open me like a pig.

-We can't do it right know - she screamed in pain by the labor pains.

Rebel was born in the night of the Samhain of 1995. The moon was huge; and it was red as the blood that emanates uncontrollably from an open wound, a prelude to his blood thirst's life.

"El chupasangres" The bloodsucker, as Rebel's father was known inside the Mara, embarked his family in other attempt to enter to the land of the free. They sold their car to pay up to the Coyotes.

Jesús, who would later be known as Rebel, cried the entire trip because of the unbearable heat, Maria, his mother suffered with him, "I'm sorry, baby… I'm sorry; we are doing this for you!" But he didn't understand his mother's words. Inside him, a huge hatred towards pain grew inside his psyche, at that early age a program was installed with pain in his brain, when he grows he will do anything to cause pain to others. Rebel will sell his soul to the devil for that.

The Coyote let the family in the middle of Texan desert. "You are on your own now, good luck" he said. It was night, the baby had stopped crying.

-This time we're going to make it… I'm feeling it… - Said the father to the mother.

Two hours passed when the family saw the lights of a city in the distance. "We're near, baby, we are near…" said the man. She smiled. But they hadn't realized someone had been following them for hours. Someone so morbid and evil, that waited until the last moment to arrest them. He would let them taste a sip of the American dream, and then snatch them away.

-Freeze! The Texan border guard said with a lascivious smile in his face.

They were dragging out from their dream again by the same guard, and send to the hell of the Maras' again.

To save his life and his family's the bloodsucker had to go back to the gang. During this period of time he became abusive, he returned to drugs and alcohol, and also began to beat his wife and his little boy.

When he was four year's old, the little Jesús preferred to be at the streets smocking funny things than in his home with his abuse father. It was during that period of time that he earned that name of rebel; El Rebelde.

The father decided to try again to enter the US, but this time with the help of the Mara Salvatrucha, because they have a well-organized network to help its member to enter to America so they can sell drugs to the gringos.

-We're going to try it again – Said the man to his wife after a beating.

She nodded and said: "I'm pregnant again".

So, three months later, the family went to the bowels of the beast again, the heat was the same, Rebel hated the trip, he complains all the time, the father hit at a couple of times and the little rascal tried to throw himself from the train in motion, only the pregnant mother and her pleading stopped him.

The dark night came, and they were in the same desert with the same red blooded moon in the sky again, but this time a member of the Mara lead them to their goal, their dream, the American dream, rebel's family were dreamers.

They were ambushed by a border patrol lead by the same Texan border guard who found them years ago; the gray-haired man seemed to recognize them. "Well, well, well, what we got here?!" He asked. Rebel hid behind his mother.

-Please man… let us in this time – Rebel Father begged.

The Texan guard observed the man who accompanied the family, his tattoos, his hair cut. "I can't do that, you are accompanied by a member of a gang" He replied.

Rebel's mother stars to cry. "Please, I'm pregnant" She said.

-I'm sorry ma'am, I can do that… Arrest them! – He ordered to his subordinates.

The gang member unsheathed his weapon and fired, injuring the guard on the left arm. The old man fired too, killing him with a shot in the head. Then the Texan guard kills the rest of t

he family, but he didn't see Rebel, because he was trapped under the lifeless body of his pregnant mother.

-This motherfucker shot me! – Said the Old Guard.

-What do we do with the bodies? – Asked a member of the border patrol.

-Let the vultures eat them…

Rebel saw the old Texan man when he said that, the red blooded moon was behind him. The little boy didn't feel hate, he felt envy; Rebel wished he had the power to kill without consequences, power that only agents of the almighty State have.

Rebel emerged from under the body of his mother covered in her blood; he was born again that night under the sign of the moon and the death. The little boy wandered for the desert alone until he was found by a police man near to San Antonio.

The child protection services tried to introduce Rebel in the DACA program, but he was not accepted, so the American government deported the little boy to El Salvador alone. The boy was abandoned in the middle of the mean streets of San Salvador, as he was a piece of waste.

The little boy wandered alone for days, he ate garbage to survive, and he sleeps under the bridges next to the street cats until a member of the Maras, Carlos, recognized him. He rescued him from the streets and took him to one of the gang's houses. In the house Rebel told his story to the members of the Mara Salvatrucha.

Since then, the Mara take care of the boy, they taught him how to survive on the streets, how to kill, and how to submit to the will of the gang before to the will of the one. Common good before the self, that's the "modo" in every gang legal or illegal.

When Jesús became a man, he turns into the alpha male of the gang, every member of the Mara respected him or feared him; "Rebel has killed a thousand men" Said the legend "…And he's only 20".

But the world has change, the State nations are breaking, a new threat to humanity has arrived; the climate change. Rumors of change are heard in all corners of the world; a new world order, a world government to which everyone will have to submit. Rebel did not know yet, but he's going to be a very important part of that new order. Someone has been following him since he was born; the man behind the plan, the architect minion of the coming chaos has moved the strings of his life.

It's the year 2022, the nations of the world adopted the tax on breathing, as a measure against climate change, President Trump second term has come to an untimely end; a coup, lead by the youngest daughter of the dynasty of the Rochfalls, achieved what had not been achieved in the last 6 years. Rebel ignorant of all this, decided to try to cross the border again to sell drugs to the gringos, but without knowing his decisions are as free as the decisions made by a puppet.

Almost a decade away from the killing of his family, Rebel was back again on the desert trying to enter to America. "The hand of destiny" is guiding his movements. He is leading a small group of immigrants that is trying to escape from hell that their own countries are.

The moon was red-blooded again; there is a strange smell in the air, the smell of the imminent, the smell of destiny. There he is again; the Texan border guard that killed his family.

-Freeze! – He ordered.

The women and the boys star to cry.

- These people are just trying to find freedom! –Rebel replied.

-Maybe, but you are a member of the Mara, I can't let you in, you're dangerous. This country already has enough problems to import more problems like you, kid.

-Let us in or else… - Rebel threatened.

-Or… What!! – Scream at loud the guard.

-Or… I will kill you as you killed my family years ago.

-C'mon, boy, I'm not scared of you. – The guard said.

The two men stood in front of each other as if they were in a duel of the wild, Wild West. "If you kill me, then they can go in, but if I kill you, they're all will die by my gun as your family did" Said the old man. Rebel nodded.

A gun shoot broke the silence of the night. The old man spits blood through his mouth; Rebel was so quick with his gun, that the old man did not have time to finish his last sentence when he was already dead. Jesús threw himself on the border guard's dead body with a knife in his hand, and stabbed his lifeless body for 4 minutes; "You kill them, you kill them!" He shouted at loud.

Slowly, Rebel stand up; he was covered in blood, his blood, the immigrants watched him with terror. "What are you people are waiting for?" Rebel screamed "Run! Before more of them arrive!" Scared by the brutality of the Mara member, they fled away.

With solemnity, he buried the remains of the guardian of the law. Rebel didn't hate him, he envied him because the old man was part of the ultimate gang; the law enforced gang.

That gang has the power to kill because the State gives them the power. Rebel wanted that so bad; he wants to kill everyone outside of the gang. There's nothing outside the State, there's nothing outside the gang.

The young man took the old man's badge, as a souvenir, and enters to America, at last.

The year 2022 was very chaotic, America was falling apart. The new regime based on "tolerance" and "equality" was just a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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