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Chapter Forty Four - "I Knew You Wouldn't Be Happy."


Avery's P.O.V

Four days has passed ever since Katie fell off the ladder. On Tuesday, we heard that Katie's ankle was sprained, not broken, and since the doctor adviced her that she should stay in bed and not walk on her ankle for about a week and a bit, the coach decided to make me the captain for the time being. Of course, I loved the fact that I am in Katie's spot but honestly, it felt weird but I assured myself that I would get used to it soon as I will be completely stealing Katie's spot off her one day.

Also, I haven't went back to my house since the dinner incident, not because I was still scared but because I was still angry at my father. I don't see why he has to be so judgemental when he doesn't even know Logan. It's so stupid. During the week though, after a few messages from my mom, asking me to come home to see her, I finally decided to go home and tell her about how I am pregnant with Logan's child.

Hopefully it goes well.

"Hey mom..." I mumble, looking at my mother who is standing at the door, smiling down at me. My mom attacks me into a hug and I hug her back, feeling my eyes become watery.

"Mom, I need to talk to you." I say and my mom nods, grabbing my hand and leading me into the kitchen. I sit on the stool and my mom sits in front of me.

"Promise you won't get angry..." I say and my mom looks at me with uncertainty but nods anyway.

"Okay honey. I promise." My mom says and we link pinkies before letting go and I grab my mom's hand, trying not to chicken out.

No Avery, you have to do this.

"I'm... I'm pregnant." I say and my mom looks at me for a while. Her hand pulls away from mine and she gets up, walking to the living room. I feel my cheeks become wet as the tears start falling.

"Mom, please don't walk away." I say, following after my mom who is sitting on the couch. I sit next to her and look at my mom in the eyes.

"Mom?" I ask and she looks a

to keep this baby." I say, looking at my father and he just walks away from me. He goes upstairs and into his bedroom.

"Oh my god, I honestly give up with him!" I groan, walking out the door. My mom grabs my hand and I turn around to face her.

"These things take time to accept, Avery. He will accept it soon, just not now." My mom says and I sigh, snatching my hand to my side.

"Well, I want him to accept now but obviously he won't and never will. Now, I'll be at Claire's if you must know so until I have calmed down, I will try again tomorrow." I say and close the door behind me. I wipe the tears away from my eyes and let out a sigh.

I take out my phone and click the contact under favorites.

Me: I'm coming over.

Claire-Bear: Okay, see you soon.

I get into my car and start the engine, speeding down the road towards my best friends house.


Wow, I guess everything went badly between Avery and her father. Will he ever accept the fact that his daughter is pregnant? Will he stop hating Logan? When will Avery tell Logan? How will Logan react if she does tell him?

Please press the ☆ and comment your thoughts in the comment section below. I love you all!

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