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Chapter Forty Three - "So You Are Pregnant?"


Avery's P.O.V

"Hey look." Claire nudges me and I look to where she is pointing at and I roll my eyes. Typical Katie.

Today, we had to practice in our cheerleading uniform today because the coach wanted us to move around in the clothes we are going to be wearing for the showcase. As I look at Katie who is in her uniform on the top of the ladder, sticking out her ass for the boy down below who is helping us with everything today, I can't help but wonder if the boy just wanted to help because we are in our uniforms or if he is actually a nice boy...

"Watch out, Avery!" Claire quickly says as she moves out of the way. I look to see a ball flying in my direction and I quickly duck, avoiding the ball that was close to hitting my head. The boys that were on the other side of the gymnasium playing basketball apologizes and I just wave them off.

"Anyway, back to the previous topic, Katie is once again showing that boy the real Katie who likes to hypnotise boys with her ass." Claire scoffs and I nod.

"I wouldn't be suprised if she ends up as a prostitute when she is older."

"She could be a prostitute now though." Claire says and I chuckle.


"So, are you planning to apologize to your father?" Claire asks and I look at Claire, shocked.

"Hell no! What makes you think I will do such a thing?" I ask and Claire shrugs.

"I don't know it's just that you shouldn't hold grudges against family members. I mean, look what happened to my family? We all kept a grudge against Gemma and guess what? The next week we find out she is dead." Claire says and I sigh.

"I know but Claire, it's hard to hear that your father hates your boyfriend and keeps bagging him out. I couldn't just sit there and let him say all that to Logan. I love that boy for goodness sakes..." I mumble and Claire nods.

"I know Avery and I know what it feels like to love someone so much that you'll do anything for them but just don't hate your father for too long otherwise you'll regret it sooner or later." Claire says and I nod, sighing.

"Hey Avery, can you grab those posters behind you an

table nods. I walk out of the cafeteria and ring Aunty Heather, pressing the phone to my ear.

"Congratulations!" Aunty Heather squeals into the phone and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"For what?" I ask.

"I found a certain something in your room just five minutes ago. Is it not yours?" Aunty Heather asks and my eyes widen in shock.

Shit! I forgot to put it away!

"Uh, Aunty Heather, it is mine..." I mumble and I hear Aunty Heather gasp.

"So you are pregnant! Oh my god, I'm so excited! Wait, it's Logan's right?" Aunty Heather asks and I nod.


"Oh you two are going to have a beautiful baby!" Aunty Heather squeals and I laugh.

"Your so weird. Anyway, I have to go." I say and Aunty Heather sighs.

"Can I tell your mom?"

"No!" I quickly say and Aunty Heather sighs again before muttering an 'okay'. I hang up and walk back into the cafeteria, sitting back in my seat.

"What was all that about?" Claire asks and I wave her off.

"I'll tell you later." I say and Claire nods. I look to see that Logan is getting some food and I sigh.

I have to tell him soon.


Okay people, I have officially planned out the rest of the book. This book will probably end before chapter fifty... maybe. I'm not sure but all I know is that it is ending soon.

Lofd - "We... we don't have to worry bout nothing. Cause we got the fire and we're burning one hell of a something..."


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