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Chapter Forty - "You're Lucky Your Parents Aren't Home."


Avery's P.O.V

I hear my phone beep in my pocket and I pull out my phone, letting the smile spread across my face when I see a certain person's name on my screen.

Logan: Are you okay? Are you sick?

Me: Yeah, I'm fine and no I don't think so. It's probably because of how many drinks I had last night.

A few seconds later, my phone beeps again and I chuckle at how fast he replies to my messages.

Logan: Hmm, hopefully. I'll talk to you soon, okay? xx

Me: Yeah sure bye x

"Oh my, today was so fun!" Claire squeals and I laugh, falling onto my bed. I let out a short yawn before closing my eyes, feeling quite exhausted and tired.

"Yeah, it was." I mumble and I feel the bed dip to the side, meaning Claire is on it. I open an eye to see Claire frowning at me.

"Why are you always tired? Gosh, you even threw up your lunch today." Claire says and I shrug.

"I did eat quite a lot, Claire." I say and Claire shakes her head, her eyes closing.

"But you never throw up after eating food. Never ever ever." Claire says, wiggling her index finger. She looks at me for a few seconds before jumping off the bed and walking towards her bag. She pulls out a box and throws it at me.

"I know I am probably wrong but Avery but I want you to do this anyway." Claire mumbles and I pick up the box that has landed on my stomach and I look at the words that are in bold letters.

Pregnancy test.


eaks onto my lips. I look at the test once more before letting a tear drop from my eye.

I can't believe it.

I'm pregnant!


Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! What do you think is going to happen now? This is so short but I'm sorry, I have to leave it like this. The next chapter will be longer and will have way more drama in it so yeah.

For those of you who don't like how this has turned out, I am not suprised. When I read other books about the main character getting pregnant, I always see in the comments so much hate and that pisses me off. Things like this happens to people, not everyone just gets away with unprotected sex. If you have any hateful comments about this, please note that I will not tolerate that.

Please vote and comment, guys!

Szeretlek! - (I love you)

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