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Chapter Thirty Nine - "Chance's Mom Has Cancer, Logan."


Avery's P.O.V

Saturday. The best day of the week. Well, that was until I realised I woke up with a headache from last night's events.

Oh what a great night.

Usually, on a Saturday, I would love to sleep in but when I have a hangover that makes me just want to blast my head off, I can't. What's even better is the fact that when I woke up at seven in the morning to go to the bathroom, I just had to fall flat on my face because the blanket was somehow tied around my leg.

"Can you get off the floor?" Logan asks, tapping my shoulder as he kneels down beside me. I turn my head and look up at him.

"My face hurts and so does my head. I don't feel like moving." I mumble, closing my eyes as the pounding in my head continues. Logan walks into the bathroom then comes back out with a little container filled with white things. He takes out two tablets and hands them to me.

"Take this." He says before grabbing water off the table and also handing that to me. I roll on my back and take the tablets without the water, making me scrunch up my face when the taste lingers in my mouth.

"I handed you the water for a reason." Logan says and I sigh, taking the water and sitting up. I take a small sip before putting the lid back on. I quickly jump back on Logan's bed and lay down on the soft pillow.

"Why are you helping me? Aren't you angry at me?" I ask and Logan shrugs.

"First of all, your my girlfriend so I have to help you and second, I don't see the reason for me to be angry when I haven't heard your side of the story. I don't like the fact you lied to me though." Logan says and I nod, mentally smiling.

"I know, I'm sorry." I mumble and Logan shrugs again. I sigh and sit up, resting my back against the headboard.

"Should I explain now?" I ask and Logan shrugs. I groan.

"Stop shrugging your shoulders." I snap and Logan smirks, shrugging again. I groan, rolling my eyes at Logan. He waves me off and nods.

"Okay, yeah, you can explain it now." Logan says and I nod a 'thank you' before starting with my story.

"That day when I told you I couldn't come over to your house was because I was meeting up with Chance because he wanted to explain some things. I was only there for a couple of minutes while Chance talked about everything." I say and Logan raises an eyebrow.

"What I mean is, is that he talked about what he put me through and how he was sorry. He mentioned that he only apologized because his mom told him to." I say and Logan rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, what a great liar. Why in earth would his mom ask him to-"

"Chance's mom has cancer, Logan." I cut him off, frowning at him. Logan stops and looks at me before muttering 'shit'.

"Don't jump to conclusions." I say and Logan sighs, nodding

we start to walk around the mall. "Wait, so why did you drag me away? Claire wanted me to go shopping with her not to say hello and disappear for the rest of the day." I say, frowning at Logan.

"Because I want to spend the day with you. You spent the whole day with Claire yesterday at that stupid party." Logan says and I chuckle.

"The party was not stupid." I say and Logan raises an eyebrow. He takes out his phone and I see him go onto Facebook. He searches up someone's name and scrolls down their wall and clicks on a video.

"Its not stupid?" Logan asks as he hands the phone to me. It's the video of Claire and I dancing on the table. I smile at the memory but frown when I look at Logan.

Yes, I'm bipolar.

"I was having fun." I say and Logan rolls his eyes.

"You could've got hurt or someone could've raped you in the state you were in last night." Logan says and I bite my lip at his bluntness.

"But I didn't." I say, narrowing my eyes at Logan. Logan looks at me for a good five seconds until he sighs. He places a small kiss on my head as we walk into some clothes shop.

"I don't want to fight with you." Logan says and I nod, agreeing with him. He looks down at me and I smile at him as I intertwine our fingers together.

Neither do I.


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