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Chapter Thirty Seven - "Logan, Wait!"


Avery's P.O.V

Two weeks have passed ever since I met up with Chance at the coffee shop. Surprisingly, he called me a few days ago just to ask about how I was doing and stuff. This side of Chance reminds me of the old Chance, the real Chance. But the only thing that is confusing me now is why did he want to make peace between both of us now but not before? That's the only question I need answered.

Between those two weeks, I have kept the little meeting between Chance and I a secret from Logan. Who knows how he will act? I don't want us to fight again but I have a feeling that lying to him will make him even more mad and angry. I honestly don't know what to do. Boys are so unpredictable.

Ebony has been hanging out with me more than Logan for some reason but honestly, I don't mind at all. All the things that she went through before literally crushed my heart when I heard it from Logan but maybe Ebony doesn't want sympathy now since it happened before and thats when she needed everyone beside her to help her, not now when it's in the past.

Patrick has stayed out of our way ever since I bumped into him when he was rummaging through his locker which is good because Claire has been very happy ever since she told me that Henry likes her again. I guess what I said about the tutoring thing was right.

We haven't heard about Jade's trial date yet but hopefully, it comes soon so my parents don't have to keep stressing about her. Honestly, she has done enough to my family and I don't even think Jade deserves to be called family after what she has done.

I think I've cleared everything? Okay.

"Why do you have glasses on?" Ebony laughs at Logan as he walks into the cafeteria. I turn to see him and my mouth drops.

How fucking hot can this guy get?

"Close my mouth, sunshine. Your giving me ideas." Logan says as he takes a seat next to me. I immediately close my mouth, feeling my cheeks heating up. Logan takes off the sunglasses and hands them to Claire who is gawking at them. Claire immediately places them on the top of her head and keeps messaging on her phone.

Suddenly, the bell rings and I look down at my watch. "Its not the end of lunch yet?" I ask myself and look to see everyone's eyes going wide.

"Why the fuck do you have to

"You had two weeks to explain, Avery. Two weeks." Logan says but before he could start the bike, I grab his shoulders.

"Logan, don't do this to me again-"

"Don't do this to you? What about what you have done to me? You obviously don't care about me or my feelings." Logan says and I shake my head, tears forming in my eyes.

"Logan, don't say this." I mumble and Logan shakes his head.

"I guess what Chance said was true, yes? You have boys wrapped around your finger then throw them away like trash." Logan spits and I gap at him, tears rolling down my face now. The memory of the party flashes into my mind.

"Let go of me... unless she's got you wrapped around her finger, seeing as she is the type to manipulate us guys." Chance says, sending me a short icy glare.


"Don't what, Avery? Honestly, out of everyone, I never thought you would do this to me." And with that, Logan starts the bike and drives off, leaving me in this spot once again.

I crash down on the concrete, letting my tears roll down my cheeks. My heart is racing and I feel my hands shaking slightly.

"I'm sorry, Logan."


Oh, poor Avery. This is what happens when you lie to your boyfriend. Nah, jokes, but what do you think of this chapter? I was going to make Logan say that he is breaking up with Avery but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

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Lofd - "Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to. So can we finish what we started? Don't you leave me broken hearted tonight."


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