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Chapter Thirty Four - "I Hope You Fucking Die, Bitches!"


Avery's P.O.V

I get out of my car and lock it, not wanting anyone to drive off with my new baby. I walk up the steps and unlock the door, walking in to see Aunty Heather and my parents sitting on the couch. I walk towards them and Aunty Heather is the first to notice me.

"Hello, Ave. How was school?" Aunty Heather asks and I shrug.

"Boring." I mumble and I hug Aunty Heather before moving to my parents, hugging them both. I sit next to Aunty Heather and look at my parents. My mom sighs and she pulls out a piece of paper out from her pocket. I frown when I realise that the piece of paper is.

Goddammit, Joshua!

"I found this in your brothers room." My mom says before handing the paper to me. I pretend that I am only seeing this now and open it, looking at the names that caught my eye in less than a second. I let out a sigh and fold it, handing it back to my mom.

"I've seen it." I confess and my mom shakes her head.

"You were keeping this from us and you knew how much I wanted to find out the murderer of my sister. You kept this... from me." My mom says, her eyes beginning to water. I swallow my saliva and nod.

"I'm so sorry, Mom. I didn't know how you would take it that's all and Joshua told me not to tell you all because he wanted to save it for the day he thought would be best to show you all. I'm sorry, Mom." I say, letting the tear drop fall down my face. Aunty Heather grabs my hand and squeezes it reassuringly.

"Its okay, Avery. We decided to call the police though and they are on their way now. Hopefully they get here before Jade does." Aunty Heather says and I nod. I look at my mom who is looking at the floor, sadness and confusion clear on her face.

I hated to see my mom so upset. Ever since my Aunty died, my mom was curious because she knew that there was no way that a robber would murder her sistee because the area she lived in was small and everyone knew each other. It shocked us all that my Aunty died because it was suspicious and strange.

"I cant believe our own daughter would do such a thing." My father mumbles, rubbing my mom's back to try and sooth her but she just kept on sobbing. I bite my cheek when I try not to fully breakdown myself. My mom wipes her tears away and leans on her husband's shoulder.

ven know him for that long and I already love him. The bad thing about everything is that I tend to get jealous easily and thats what happened today because yesterday he introduced me to a friend of his and she seems nice and all but the fact that they seem like they have history together makes me worried. Today, I asked him about her and he just ignored me which made me angry so I walked off. Now we aren't talking just because I asked him about the girl." I say, looking at the ceiling. Aunty Heather nods and shrugs.

"Thats what love does to you and maybe your just overreacting because you don't want to lose him?" Aunty Heather suggests and I shrug.

"Maybe but I don't see why he couldn't just tell me about her." I mumble and Aunty Heather smiles.

"There is a time for everything. When that time comes, he will tell you." Aunty Heather says and she pulls the sheet up to her shoulders.

Hopefully that time comes soon.

"Now let's sleep because we both know how exhausted we are." Aunty Heather says and I nod, closing my eyes and breathing out one last sigh before drifting off to sleep.


I'm doing good with these updates, hey? Anyway, do you like that chapter? What do you think of Jade getting arrested? What are your thoughts on Aunty Heather? What is going on between Ebony and Logan?

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