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Chapter Thirty One - "They Call Me The Mailman, Because I Always Deliver."


Avery's P.O.V

"You two had sex, didn't you?" Claire immediately asks as we get on the bus. I bite my lip and look at Logan who is happily holding my hand as we walk to our seat. I smile and look back at Claire who is grinning.

"So what if we did? You had sex with Patrick." I say and Claire raises her hands defensively.

"God, I was only asking." Claire says, sitting in the window seat. I sit in the middle between Logan and Claire and sigh when I feel the bus start to move.

"They call me the mailman, because I always deliver." Logan says, giving me a wink. I let out a strained laugh and hold up my hair so Logan can tie the string of my bikini.

I would've never imagined having sex at a theme park in one of the bathrooms. I literally can't even believe that what I said led to that but oh my god, it was absolutely amazing.

"Your thinking about it, aren't you?" Logan whispers in my ear and I roll my eyes at him, resting my head on his shoulder. Logan chuckles and places a hand on my thigh, rubbing it. I close my eyes, feeling exhausted.

And I still have to talk to Claire today.


"You are all dismissed." The teacher says and everyone starts to walk away from the bus. I give Logan a short kiss and hug him.

"I'll probably see you tonight." I say and Logan nods before walking to his motorcycle. I turn to Claire and I smile at her as we start to walk to my car.

"So, did you have fun today?" I ask Claire and she nods.

"Yeah but I had to deal with Katie the whole day and I was suprised I didn't drown her." Claire says and I laugh.

"So you obviously had a good day?" Claire asks and I nod.

"Yeah it was okay." I say and Claire nods. I bite my lip, deciding if I should tell Claire about Patrick.

"I'm going to think of you throughout the whole day."

I have to.

When we reach my car, I get in and watch as Claire does her seat belt. I start the car and start to drive to Claire's house.

"Uhm, Claire?" I ask and Claire looks at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" She asks and I bite my lip before sighing.

"I know your not going to like this but... you need to stay away from Patrick." I say and Claire frowns.

"Why?" Claire asks and I give her a 'trust me' look but she denies it and shakes her head.

"Tell me, Avery." Claire says, crossing her arms over her chest and I let out a sigh.

"Claire, Patrick isn't the type of guy you want to hang around with. He is trouble." I say, turning into Claire's street.

"But you were encouraging everything before? Why are you saying this now?" Claire asks and I sigh again, stopping in front of her house.

"Claire, trust me, you need to stay away from him." I say and Claire exits the car, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever, Avery!" Claire shouts before entering her house. I let out a groan and run my hands down my face.

I'm so stupid.


"I'm only staying for a few minutes." I say to Logan and he nods, closing the door behind him. I look around and frown when I see that no one is home.

"Where is everyone?" I ask and Logan shrugs.

"They said they won't be home till late. That's all I know." Logan says and I nod, going to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water. I feel Logan's arms wrap around my waist, making me stand up straight. I close the fridge and lean against Logan who is showering kisses all over the back of my neck.


your not getting it." Logan says and I grin, hooking my fingers in his belt, pulling him closer to me.

"Oh really?" I ask and Logan nods. I grind myself against his hips slowly and watch as Logan looks at me, his face turning serious.

"Don't tease me, sunshine." Logan mumbles and I smirk.

"I'm waiting for that kiss." I say, continuing to grind myself on him and Logan grabs my hips, stopping me from teasing him.

"Unless you don't want your parents to walk outside to see me taking you right now against your car, I suggest you stop." Logan says and I shrug.

"Its the middle of the night so they are probably asleep."

"Are you saying you want to have sex right here, right now? Damn, your very adventurous." Logan winks and I shove him, chuckling slightly.

"Go home, Logan." I say and Logan salutes me and starts walking backwards down the pathway.

"I'll get you tomorrow, sunshine. That's a promise." Logan says and I roll my eyes, laughing at him.

"Bite me." I say and Logan stops walking and smirks.

"I have and trust me, I won't hesitate to do it again." Logan says and I blush at his words.

"Bye, Logan." I say and Logan waves before turning around and walking to his house. I walk up the porch and open the door to see Joshua smirking at me, sitting on the couch.

How long has he been there? God, I never knew my brother was such a creep.

"Is he a vampire now?" Joshua asks referring to Logan's words from before and I laugh, shaking my head.

"Go to bed, Josh." I say, walking up the stairs and closing the door behind me, crashing onto my bed.

"Ugh how I've missed you." I mumble, snuggling up to the kitten that I've missed so very much. Her bright blue eyes look up at me and I pat her head, smiling at Ginger. I let out yawn and close my eyes, feeling very tired from the events that occurred today.

"Goodnight Avery." I hear Joshua say. That is the last thing I hear until I feel myself falling asleep.


Hello guys, do you like the chapter? It feels rushed, I'm sorry. Next chapter, there is going to be a lot of drama featuring Chance, Patrick and a new character... who do you think it will be?

Lofd - "I'm that type of chick that likes to rock the beat. I like to rock the beat. I like to rock, to rock the beat..."


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