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Chapter Twenty Four - "Well... Shall We Continue?"


Avery's P.O.V

"Aunty Heather, I swear I didn't know you were going to be home this early and we weren't going to do anything anyway - I mean, it looked like we were going to have sex on the couch but we weren't and I'm-"

"Avery, be quiet." Aunty Heather laughs and she gives me a smile. "Your just lucky it was only me and it wasn't your parents." Aunty Heather says and I nod, a small frown on my face. Logan looks around the kitchen as silence hits the air but thankfully, Aunty Heather made it go away.

"So, what is your name and when do you plan on popping the question?" Aunty Heather asks and I gasp, hitting my Aunty's arm softly.

"We aren't even dating, Aunty Heather!" I say, my voice rising in shock. Aunty Heather narrows her eyes at the both of us, a small mischievous grin on her lips.

"Then why did I catch both of you about to do the dirty on the couch? Oh, I see what this is now. You two are those type that have those wierd 'friends with benefits' thing, aren't you?" Aunty Heather grins and I gap at her.

"I told you we weren't going to have-"

"Let the boy talk, Ave." Aunty Heather says, using my nickname to shut me up and I groan, running my hands down my face. We both look at Logan who is grinning slightly.

Wait, why is he grinning?

"First of all, my name is Logan and not really, it's just that we have a little bet we made earlier." Logan says, sending me a short grin and I glare at him.

"What the-"

"Well, Logan, Avery, I have to get going since I only came here to see if I closed the door." Aunty Heather says, standing up. She walks to the door and before walking out of the house, she sends us both a wink.

"Don't forget to use protection." Aunty Heather says before closing the door and I gap at the door.

Something is definitely wrong with my Aunty.

"Well... shall we continue?" Logan asks, a grin on his lips and I narrow my eyes at him.

"Are you on drugs? No fucking way! What the hell is wrong with you!" I growl at him and Logan laughs.

"Didn't you enjoy it?" Logan asks and I glare at him.

"Of course I did - I mean-"

"Busted." Logan says, the grin playing on my lips and I flip my finger up at him.

Fucking asshole.


"Where the hell were you?" Claire asks, running up to me. I shake my head and wave he

t my phone and slide it under the door.

"Have you guys spoken ever since the break up?" I ask and Claire lets out a laugh.

"Of course. We are like best friends." Claire says and I smile, nodding.

"In that case, I will leave you to it while I go to class. You know where to find me when your finished, okay? I have English." I say and I don't wait for Claire's reply and walk out the door.

"I was wondering why you were taking so long to come out of the bathroom." I hear a voice say and I squeal, looking beside me to see Jennifer, a girl from the cheerleading team.

"What the hell do you want and why were you waiting for me?" I ask, holding my heart as Jennifer gives me a smile.

"I just wanted to inform you that we have practice at lunch." Jennifer says and I nod slowly.

"Anything else?" I ask, a little annoyed. Jennifer nods and brings her face closer to mine.

"Just a little secret between the two of us..." Jennifer says ans I wait for her to continue.

"Katie is super scared of how you plan to take her spot as captain of the cheerleading team away from her." Jennifer begins to walk away and I grin, turning around and start to make my way to English.

Katie? Scared?

Well, much more of a reason to steal her precious little title away.


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