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Chapter Twenty Three - "That Was The Point, Sunshine."


Avery's P.O.V

"I love icecream!" I say, smiling through the window as I see the little shop which had a big icecream on the roof of the restaurant.

"Who doesn't?" I hear Logan say as he hops out of the car. I do the same and let Logan wrap his arm around my shoulder. We walk in and the sound of the bell rings, making a delighted smile appear on my lips, but it quickly disappears when I see the blonde standing behind the counter, eyeing both of us curiously.

"Asher?" I ask, looking at the small boy behind the counter. Asher looks at his brother for a quick second before smirking.

"I knew it! She is your girlfriend!" Asher says, pointing at the both of us. My eyes go wide and Logan chuckles.

"Even though Avery would like that, " Logan sends me a wink before looking back at his brother with a small frown. "We aren't together and I've told you that already." Logan says, and I roll my eyes and walk up to Asher, looking at the board above him which has all the flavours of icecream and designs of them too. Logan appears beside me and takes out some money.

"I just want a coke." Logan says and he looks at me, waiting for my order.

"Can I get a small chocolate sundae with hazelnuts, please?" I ask, grinning at Asher who is dressed in a black and red stripped uniform.


"That will be eight dollars." Asher mumbles and Logan hands him the money and we wait for our order.

"Are we staying here?" I ask Logan who is watching his brother as he makes my sundae. Logan shakes his head and gives me a small smirk.

"Nah, sunshine. I want to take you somewhere." Logan says and with that said, Logan's coke is handed to him and so is my sundae. I thank Asher and he just smiles at me before we walk out of the restaurant, the door bell ringing again.

"Can I ask where or is that question not going to be answered?" I ask, a small grin on my face. Logan nods and gets in my car, deciding to drive it again.

"Curiosity killed the cat, sunshine." Logan winks and I sigh, eating my sundae in silence as we drive to the mysterious place.


"I've read a lot of books and for some reason, when the boy says he is going to take the girl somewhere, it was always the woods or something but this... this is strange of you to take me here." I say, looking at Logan with a confused frown. Logan pats my shoulder and looks at the view.

"Well, we aren't characters in a book, sunshine and I may be a bad boy but come on, I'm not so mysterious. I'm actually quite different to some of the 'bad boys' you read about in books." Logan says as he sits on the bench. I sit beside him, looking at the pond in front of us.

Yes, we are at a pond. This is why I am so shocked because with most of the books I have read, the boy always takes the girl to the woods and when the get further into the woods, there is always a cliff of something like that but we aren't near the woods at all. Instead, we are at a pond. A freaking pond.

"Care to explain on that?" I grin, looking at Logan who watches the ducks and swans swim carelessly in the water. Logan sips his coke and relaxes himself on the bench.

"Okay well, I am not a street fighter, I just used to get fighting lessons off my uncle who was a champion at martial arts until arthritis came into his life. I don't have som

As his hand roams my stomach, I remember his words in the car.

"First one to moan loses the challenge, okay?"

How the hell am I suppose to make the bad boy moan?

Someone search it up on Google, please?

"Couch." I say, my breathing going unsteady as Logan takes off my shorts. Logan grabs my thigh and hoists me up, making me wrap my legs around his waist. He walks towards the living room and places me on the couch. I take off his shirt which reveals his toned stomach and perfectly shaped abs.

Oh fuck my life.

Logan looks at me for a quick second before kissing my lips hungrily, his teeth pulling at my bottom lip. I close my eyes, trying to focus on the words repeating in my head.

Don't moan. Don't moan.

Logan let's go of my lip and looks at me, a smirk on his lips. "Your a tough one, sunshine." Logan says and I let out a strained laugh as Logan kisses my stomach, traveling south. I bite my lip, trying to hold in the moan that wants to escape my lips but I have a feeling I won't be able to hold it much longer.

Logan's fingers touch my knees and travel up my thighs, making me want to just scream. Logan looks up at me and sees me in the pain he is making me go through and he smirks, his fingers holding the edge of my underwear.

"Should I?" He asks himself, looking up at the ceiling and I groan, the feeling I am feeling beneath my underwear making me stir in annoyance.

"Logan..." I grumble and Logan chuckles, his fingers playing with my underwear. His fingers move against my skin, making my heart race.

"Calm down." Logan says, starting to pull down my underwear but suddenly, I hear a voice come from the door.

"Hey Avery, I saw your car out the - oh my fuck!"


Hello people! What do you think? What do you think of Logan and Avery's conversation at the pond? Who do you think is at the door? Any guesses?

Please vote and comment, people! I love to see you all pop in my notifications, making me smile. I love to read your comments too, there are all so inspiring and makes me want to write more and more!

Lofd - "When it hurts, but it hurts so good, do you take it? Do you break if off? When it hurts, but it hurts so good, can you say it? Can you say it?"


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