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Chapter Twenty Two - "You Watched As She Bled To Death."


Avery's P.O.V

Sunday was a complete blast. Well, with Aunty Heather, it's always a blast but yesterday was absolutely amazing. When my mom and dad decided to go out for dinner, Aunty Heather was in control.

Even though it was five in the afternoon, Aunty Heather took us to the nearest bowling alley and we played two games which I both won. After that, we decided to go shopping for some snacks and some movies since my parents weren't going to be home till late.

When we got home, it was nine o'clock and we watched two movies, one of them being Mean Girls and the other one being Freaky Friday or something like that. We stayed up till two in the morning but that was until Aunty Heather had too much wine and fell asleep on the couch which was our cue that we had to go to bed too... well, not without drawing a few things on Aunty Heather's face.

I drew a mono brow, Jade drew a skull on her cheek and of course, Joshua wrote the word 'penis' on her head and even decided to draw one on her other cheek. When Aunty Heather woke up, she didn't scream, she just laughed and threatened that she would get us all back.

"You three are lucky you didn't use permanent marker, otherwise I would be walking around with a penis, a skull and a mono brow on my face." Aunty Heather laughs and I shake my head at her, chuckling.

"That would be hilarious." I comment and Aunty Heather nods.

"Yeah... to the rest of the world." Aunty Heather says and I nod, walking down the stairs with my bag hanging on my shoulder and my earphone in my left ear.

"Okay, I'm heading off to school." I say to my parents who are on the couch, watching the encore of Home and Away.


"Okay, have fun." My mom says and I nod, walking out the door. Straight away, I notice a purple Ferrari in front of my house and I gasp, walking closer towards the paper that is stuck on the window.

Just a little present since I haven't seen you in ages xx - Aunty Heather

"Holy shit." I say, walking around the car. Ferrari's are cool as fuck and I have dreamed about getting one ever since I turned ten. I notice Aunty Heather standing at the door and I run towards her, giving her a hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I say, smiling at my Aunty.

"Your welcome but just one thing. You do have your license, right?" Aunty Heather asks and I nod. Aunty Heather nods then kisses me on the cheek.

"Well, go on. I don't want to keep you waiting." Aunty Heather smirks and I nod, running towards the car.

My car.

I throw my bag in the front seat and hop in the driver's seat, looking around. I start the engine and listen to the loud roar it makes.

"Oh my god." I say and I rev the engine again, smiling at the noise. I look at Aunty Heather and give her a wave before driving off to school.


"Holy shit, your car is fucking hot." Claire says, walking towards me while checking out my car. I nod in amusement, looking at Claire with a smile.

"I know, hey." I say and Claire gives me a short hug before walking into the building. I sigh when I see a girl with short blonde hair and glasses at my locker. I walk towards Katie and open my locker, ignoring her eyes which were burning into the side of my head.

"So, the rumors I've heard are true, yes?" I hear Katie ask and I ignore her, grabbing my books out of my locker and shoving them in my bag. Claire gives me a short look and I just give her a smile.

As soon as I close my locker, Katie immediately pushes me against it, my back hitting the


"No!" I scream, pushing Jade away from me. Jade stands up and frowns slightly.

"I was only just trying to help-"

"I don't need you to fucking help me, okay? Just go away and don't come near me!" I scream again, the tears rushing down my cheeks again. Jade sighs and nods, walking down the hallway with a small frown on her face.

"Well aren't you in a fantastic mood." I hear a voice say and I look to see Logan walking towards me, a smile on his face. As much as I want to run up and hug him, I glare at him instead.

"Just because I pushed Jade away, it doesn't mean I made a spot available for you." I say, holding back my tears. Logan frowns.

"Well, I'll just go then." Logan says and starts to walk down the hall. I watch as he looks back at me, seeing if I'll change my mind but I just stare at him. Logan groans and comes back.

"I cant leave you here all upset." Logan says and offers me a hand. I look at it for a few seconds before taking it. Logan smiles and wraps an arm around my shoulder as we walk out of the school building.

"I want to take you somewhere. Don't panic though, it's a place everyone enjoys." By the smile on Logan's face, I believe him and let him walk me to his motorcycle but suddenly he stops walking and looks at my Ferrari.

"Do you mind if I drive your car?" Logan asks and I shrug, not really minding.

"Sweet." Logan says before walking towards my car. I can't help but smile when I see the delighted grin on his face.

I wonder where he is taking me...


Is this my forth update? Oh my gosh, I'm totally kicking it, aren't I? Thanks to all of you who inspire me to write more! I love you all.

What do you think of this chapter? Is it good? Now you know the story behind the whole Penny thing. By the way, Penny has two brothers, William and Jared so if you think I just decided to change the name of Claire's ex (William), well your wrong.

Please vote and comment. I am hoping to update quickly again so I please you all and trust me, the next chapter will be good.

Just a little heads up, all of these chapters have not been edited so excuse my punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.

Lofd - "You wanna tell your friends that your leaving me. They say that they don't see what you see in me. You wait a couple months then you gon' see, you'll never find nobody better than me."


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