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Chapter Twenty One - "Oh Look At You, Now You're All Wet."


Avery's P.O.V

"Well hello, sunshine. What brings you here?" Logan grins and I roll my eyes, shoving him slightly.

"I don't know, I might of came here just to see a certain someone." I say, grinning at Logan who is smirking at me.

"Oh really? And who would that be?" Logan asks and I shrug.

"Maybe someone who I enjoy seeing." I say and right on time, Elena comes running towards me, attacking me with a hug. I smile and hug her back.

"And that person is my beautiful princess, Elena." I smirk at Logan who is rolling his eyes playfully. I hold Elena's hand and walk into the house. Elena drags me to the living room and makes me sit on the couch beside her.

"I absolutely love this show." I say, smiling as Lazy Town comes on. Elena smiles and nods.

"I know. I like the girl with the pink hair. You can be whatever you want except for the evil guy because Logan plays that roll." Elena says, grinning at her brother who stands behind the couch, looking at Elena.

"Oh yeah? Well at least I am not a prostitute in real life." Logan says, referring to Elena who is Stephanie and Elena furrows her eyebrows in confusion. I gap at Logan who is shrugging.

"I saw on Facebook that Stephanie is actually a prostitute." Logan explains and my eyes go wide.

"Do you believe everything on Facebook?" I ask and Logan shrugs.

"It depends on how believing it is and since Stephanie is actually pretty flexible in the show, she can pull off being a prostitute easily." Logan grins and I shake my head at him.

"Whats a prostitute?" Elena asks and I look at Logan who nods. I roll my eyes and try to think of an explanation.

"Uhm, a prostitute is a person who likes to dress... fashionably and likes to kiss boys..." I say and look at Logan who nods in amusement. Elena looks at me then at Logan with a small frown on her lips. Suddenly, Elena jumps off the couch and runs to Sarah who just happens to walk into the living room right about now.

"Mommy, I want to be a prostitute!" Elena smiles and I gap at Elena's words while Logan is laughing his ass off. Sarah looks between Logan and I and glares at the both of us.

Why do I have a feeling that this isn't going to end so well?


"I can't believe we are doing this because you decided to bring up the word 'prostitute' when your little sister is around." I mumble as I scrub the sponge across the window, trying to get the dirt smudge off. I hear Logan chuckle.

"Your the one who told her what a prostitute is." Logan says as he joins me scrubbing the dirt smudge off the car.

"I didn't even tell her the truth!" I try to defend myself but Logan's laugh makes me groan. I mumble incoherent curse words under my breath as we cover the car in soap.

After Elena decided to blurt out that she wanted to be a prostitute in front of her mom, it wasn't pretty. Sarah gave us a big lecture about how to act in front of Elena and not to say any words that will make Elena curious. After that, Sarah decided to make us wash her car in the hot sun which m

y eyes and snatch the helmet out of his hand, putting it on. Logan chuckles and get on the bike. I do the same and wrap my arms around my waist as I feel the motorcycle move.


"Aunty Heather!" I say, running towards her and attacking her with a hug. Aunty Heather smiles and kisses my cheek.

"I haven't seen you in forever, Avery!" Aunty Heather says and I laugh as she goes to hug Joshua.

"So where is Jade? I'd like to meet my niece." Aunty Heather says and just on time, Jade comes walking down the stairs with a small grin on her face.

"I'm right here." Jade says and Aunty Heather looks at Jade, a smile appearing on her face as she hugs her tight. I notice Joshua give me a look and I give him a short glare.

Don't make it so obvious, idiot.

"I'll be back, I have to talk to Joshua." I say, looking at my mom who nods. I grab Joshua's wrist and pull him upstairs and into my room.

"What are you going to do with all this?" I ask, referring to the newspapers. Joshua shrugs but gives me a small smile.

"When the time is right, I'll speak up but for now, we can't tell anyone. You can't even tell Claire." Joshua says and I nod, understanding his words.

"I got it."


Hello everyone! Third update today, yay! Did you guys like the chapter? Why do you think of Logan and Avery's challenge? What do you think of the secrets about Jade? Please comment your thoughts.

For those of you who do read my other book, Living With The Anderson Boys, I am just letting you know that I know it's taking me a while to update but that's because I am on writers block with the chapter I am currently stuck with so I'm sorry but I do promise that I will update... I just don't know when.

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Lofd - "Cause he was just a dick and I knew it. Got me going mad sitting in this chair... like I don't care..."


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