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Chapter Twenty - "She Killed Her."


Avery's P.O.V

"Good morning, sunshine." I hear a hoarse voice whisper in my ear and my eyes flutter open to see a figure grinning at me. I immediately push the person off my bed and onto the floor.

"Ow." I hear the person groan after a thud. I lean over the bed to see Logan holding his head in pain. I gap at him.

"W-What the hell are you doing here?" I stutter, looking at Logan with wide eyes.

If my parents walk into my room right now, I am running away.

"You let me in last night." Logan mumbles before getting up. I rub my eyes and look at Logan again. The memories of last night flood into my head and my mouth shapes into an 'o' as I look at Logan.

"Yeah." Logan mutters before getting on my bed again and crawling towards the window. Just as Logan is about to leave, I grab his hand.

"Wait." I say in a quiet voice and Logan smirks.

"Yes, sunshine?" Logan asks and I bite my lip and look at the sheets instead of his face.

"Can I come over today?" I ask and Logan moves in front of me and lifts my chin so I am looking at him. The smirk on Logan's face hasn't removed.

"Of course. Never hesitate to ask me, okay?" Logan smiles and I nod, smiling at him. Logan nods before lifting the window again and jumps out, climbing down the wooden fence that hangs against the side of the house.

"Oh my god, guess what?" I hear my brother shout as he runs into my room. I immediately turn around to face him, quickly wiping the smile off my face and replace it with a frown.

"What?" I ask and Joshua smirks at me, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Aunty Heather is coming down for a while." Joshua says, the smirk never leaving his face. I grin and get off my bed, immediately walking down the stairs where I should find my parents but sadly, they aren't down the stairs. Before I can walk up the stairs, Joshua smiles at me.

"Mom and Dad are at the airport, silly." Joshua laughs and I roll my eyes.

Of course he would find this hilarious.

"Well when are they going to be back?" I ask and Joshua shrugs.

"They will probably come back late, I don't know." Joshua says and I nod, walking up the stairs

"Scarlet is the lady who looked after Jade when she ran away. Those nine years that Scarlet spent looking after Jade was the time that Jade needed to plan her next murder. When she did it, she purposely wondered around the town where Grandma Lorain lived and thats when she found Jade."

"And that was her escape plan."

"Exactly." Joshua says and I sigh.

Jade is a murderer and that murderer is our sister and that sister lives in our house...

"Shit." I say and Joshua nods, grabbing the pieces of paper and shoving them in his pocket.

"The point of the conversation is that I haven't trusted Jade one bit so don't let her sweet talk control you. Focus on Logan and just make sure that you don't lose him because you both like each other, you two are just too scared to say it." Joshua says before standing up and leaving my room. I stare at the floor and shake my head before walking to my wardrobe.

Okay, now I am definitely going over to Logan's because I need to get my mind off everything that I've just heard.


Short chapter, I'm sorry but what do you guys think? What do you think about Jade and her story behind everything? Thoughts about Logan and Avery?

Please vote and comment. I hope it doesn't take me long to update the next chapter so yeah, I'll try and update fast enough for you all.

Lofd - "Okay your pretty. Your face is a work of art. Your smile can light up New York City after dark..."


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