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Chapter Nineteen - "You Like Him?"


Avery's P.O.V

"What are you smiling about?" Jade asks me as she walks into my room. I place the photo under my pillow quickly before looking up at Jade.

"Nothing." I say, watching as Jade walks to my wardrobe, grabbing out her leather jacket that is hung up on the coat hanger. Jade throws her jacket over her and zips it up.

"Sure." She mumbles before letting out her hair. Her brown hair drops down her back and I watch as she grabs my brush, running it through her hair. I quickly take out the photo and look at it again, the smile creeping on my lips again.

The photo was of Logan his family and I. Elena was in the back of the picture posing while Emma was smiling at the camera. Jack, Jake and Asher were standing behind Elena, pulling funny faces while Sarah was gaping at the camera. Logan was standing next to me, his arm around my shoulder with that breathtaking smile of his on his face. Since I was taking the picture, half of my face was in the photo but you could tell I was smiling. The day I took this photo was when Logan invited me to the beach with him and his family - which was two days ago - and I took it before we left because, well, why not?

It was fun, I can tell you that.

A week has passed ever since Logan and I kissed at the party and surprisingly ever since that day, Logan and I have grown closer and I'm pretty sure my feelings for him have increased which scares me. I don't know why but it just does. I mean, Logan is a bad boy who attracts lots and lots of girls - including me - and I don't know, I just might get hurt even though we aren't dating.

I just... I just don't want to fall for him because then, if I do, I know I'll email putting myself in the danger zone and I'll be acting like some crazy ex-girlfriend of his which I don't want to be at all.

I hear my phone go off and I look at it to see my best friends name on the screen.

Claire-Bear: Are you free?

Me: Yeah why?

Claire-Bear: Okay, cool. Come over because I need to talk to you.

I frown at the message but get up anyway, putting on my vans. I throw on my green jacket over my white singlet and look down at my blue denim shorts. This should be appropriate for Claire's mother.

Okay, you might be confused about what I just said so I'll explain. Claire's mother is strict on what clothes people wear to her house. If the clothes were inappropriate, short or slutty, she wouldn't let us in the house but if we wore appropriate clothing then she would let us in. Stupid, I know but I can't do anything about it.

I walk out of my room and down the stairs to see my parents dancing in the living room with the song I will survive by Gloria Gaynor playing on the television. I smile when I see my father dip my mother, watching her as she laughs.

I take out my phone and take a picture of my parents, smiling as I look at the photo of my mom currently laughing and my father with a smile on his face.


"Mom, I'm going to Claire's for a bit." I say as I walk past my parents. My mom nods then starts laughing when my father spins her around the coffee table. I open the door and walk out, grabbing my skateboard that stood perfectly bes

s and sits up.

"Yeah, that chick Ruby... or is it Emma?" Logan asks himself, his eyebrows meeting. I lick my lips and frown at him.

"Jade." I say and Logan clicks his fingers.

"Yeah." Logan says and I watch him carefully.

"What did she say?" I ask and Logan pats the spot beside him and I roll my eyes before sitting next to him.

"At the party when I was talking with Emma-"

"Jade." I correct.

"Whatever. Anyway, at the party when I was talking with Jade, she mentioned that you liked me or whatever and she suggested that her and I should hook up to make you jealous because it would be a good revenge plan for her... or something like that." Logan says and I look at the bracelet on my wrist.

How does Jade know I like Logan? What is she up to? Why does she want revenge? Why is she acting and behaving like this? Does she just want to hook up with Logan or what?

So many questions flood my head but Logan's voice pulls me out of them.

"You don't like me right? Because that would be so awkward." Logan chuckles to himself and I bite my lip, looking anywhere but Logan's eyes because if I do, I'll know I will give in and say the truth.

"No. Your just a friend in my eyes." I say, ignoring the clenching of my heart and the tightening feeling inside my lungs.

Why was it so hard for me to say that?

"Okay, good. I really don't want any awkwardness or whatever." Logan says and I nod slowly.

The questions come back and I frown but out of all the questions, the one I really want answered is:

Why does she want revenge?


Hello, hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't updated quickly but that's because I have been very sick lately and I have been working on my other book and my drafts which I am planning to publish soon.

What do you think of Jade? What do you think about Logan and Avery? What will this mean for Avery?

Please vote and comment. Hopefully when my sore throat and cold has gone away completely, I will be able to write with a clear mind.

Lofd - "One love, one house. No shirt, no blouse. Just eyes, you'll find out."

I absolutely love this song so much!


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