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Chapter Fifteen - "Is He Single?"


Avery's P.O.V

"Sunshine, wake up." I hear Logan whisper in my ear as he shakes my body slightly. I yawn and roll over, facing Logan. I move close to him for warmth as it is freezing and sigh, a small smile on my face.

He smells so good.

"We are going to be late." Logan whispers and I nod.

"If you are going to be late, let's just go even later." I mumble, my eyes still closed. Logan laughs and pushes my hair out of face.

"If you don't get up, I'm ripping the blanket off you." Logan threatens and I groan.

"I hate you." I mumble before sitting up. I rub my eyes and yawn.

"Whats the time?" I ask and Logan gets off the bed, grabbing some clothes off the desk. He hands them to me and sits on the edge of the bed.

"Eight." He says and I sigh, grabbing the clothes.

"Who's are these?" I ask.

"If I said some whore's, would you believe me?" Logan chuckles and I roll my eyes, giving him a blank look. Logan shakes his head and stands up.

"They are Emma's. She said you can have them because she bought new clothes a week ago." Logan says and I nod, looking at the white jeans and black top.

"Tell her I said thank you." I say and Logan nods before leaving the room but a second later, he comes running back in.

"By the way, you can get changed in here." Logan says and I nod, thanking him. He closes the door and I start to get undressed.


"I like him." I say to Claire who is gapping at me, completely shocked. For the past ten minutes, I have been trying to tell Claire that I like Logan but she wouldn't believe me.

"Say it one more time." Claire says and I sigh.

"I like Logan." I whisper, staring into her green eyes. Claire looks at me for a good minute before gasping.

"What the fuck!" Claire shouts and I immediately hush her, trying to ignore the stares of everyone in the cafeteria. I turn to Claire and see that she is looking at me, her eyebrow raised.

"You like... him?" She asks and I nod sadly.

"Thats what I have been saying, Claire." I say and Claire sighs, shaking her head.

"You do know what your getting yourself into, right? Logan is a bad mother fucker who sleeps around with girls and does drugs. A person like him doesn't care if he knows someone likes him because he will turn that person down, crush her heart and stomp on it a thousand fucking times." Claire frowns and I raise my eyebrow at her.

"You speak from experience." I say and Claire nods.

"From the start?" Claire asks and I nod, eager to listen to her interesting tale.

"I liked a guy exactly like Logan. He was a bad ass and extremely good looking. He liked to screw around with girls and break them and he enjoyed doing that..." Claire mumbles and I nod.

"Penny's brother..." Claire says, a sad look in her eyes appear and I gap at her.

"You liked William?"

"Who didn't like William? He was purely amazing... well to me. Penny tried to tell me to stay back and if I wanted to say something to William, I had to be prepared. Unlucky for me, I didn't listen to her and thats when I made a move on William during a party. He accepted my offer and we had sex. After, he

l grin on my lips.

"So, I'll be seeing you around more often then?" I ask and Patrick nods. All of a sudden, I hear a high pitched scream escape a certain person's lips.

"Avery, guess what I just-" Claire stops beside me and looks at Patrick.

"Have we met before?" Claire asks and Patrick smiles.

"I'm pretty sure I would remember a gorgeous girl like you but no, we haven't met before." Patrick says and I notice that Claire's cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

Oh, someone is blushing...

"Patrick, this is Claire, my best friend. Claire, this is Patrick, Logan's cousin." I introduce each other and they both smile at each other.

"You definitely are something." I hear Claire mumble to herself and I chuckle. Claire grabs my arm and pulls me towards the lockers, a few metres away from Patrick.

"Is he single?" Claire asks and I shrug, fighting the urge to smirk at her sudden question.

"I have no idea but seeing as he just complimented you, I'm guessing he is." I say and Claire grins as she walks back to Patrick. I walk back and stand beside her.

"So, are you enrolling here?" Claire asks and Patrick shrugs.

"To be honest, I don't know yet." Patrick says and Claire nods.

"Okay, well, we will leave you to whatever you were doing because Avery and I have to get to class." Claire says, smiling as she waves at Patrick.

"Bye." He says, waving at the both of us. We quickly walk down the hall and I look at Claire who has a small smile on her lips.

"What are you planning?" I ask and Claire chuckles, furrowing her eyebrows.




Hello people, what do you all think of this chapter? Okay, I am officially going to reward myself... I am so good with the updates today, aren't I?

What do you think of Claire's story? What about Patrick? Do you think there is going to be drama between Patrick and Logan while they are living under the same roof? What are your thoughts?

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