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Chapter Fourteen - "Why Are You Crying?"


Avery's P.O.V

The day at the beach went past very quickly. Logan avoided me for the rest of the trip and I was glad he did. For once this week, I am actually glad he is avoiding me.

The fact that he helped that whore is absolutely unbelievable. I mean, he is his own person but come on, I don't think Logan would agree to her stupid plan unless she sucked him off or something. Ha, sounds like something she would do.

When we got back on the bus, Logan sat at his usual seat which was at the front, far away from me. Peter came and sat next to me again but this time, he wasn't that annoying as before which I was very grateful for because I was not in the mood for anyone's bullshit.

The bus trip was quite amusing though since everyone at the back of the bus played truth or dare and honestly, I never thought I would ses the day that Peter would have to make out with the window while the people in their cars beside the bus watch him. I even saw a girl who was recording him.

Of course, I didn't play. I was too busy texting Claire and telling her what happened at the beach. When I told her about Logan though, she said that she wasn't suprised because he is the type of person to do that. Since I am angry at Logan, I had to agree.

"Ugh, today is the day that Katie comes back to school." Claire groans and I nod.

"I know." I mumble and continue to walk into the building and towards my locker. Since I had sport first, I decided to place my bag in my locker and just carry my bottle.

"What the hell?" I hear Claire say and turn around to see what all the commotion is about then I saw him... with her.

Logan is laughing as he walks down the hallway with Katie to his side. Katie was holding his hand as she stares at me, a small smirk on her lips. I bite my lip and try to ignore her and also ignore the thoughts.

"Don't worry about them." Claire says, pulling me away from the scene. I push her hand away and walk into the bathroom and into a stall, closing the door.

I feel my heart begining to race and tears sting in my eyes. Why am I acting like this? I do not cry over any boy, especially Logan.

"Avery..." I hear Claire say and I look up to see her leaning over the wall, looking down at me. She carefully climbs over and lands on the floor gracefully before grabbing my hands.

"Why are you crying?" Claire asks and I shrug, letting the tears fall down silently.

"I don't know and it's annoying me so bad. I don't want to be crying over him. I don't even like him." I mumble and Claire smiles slightly.

"Avery, you probably don't want me to say this, but I think you do. I think you like him a lot." Claire says and I look up and her and shake my head.

"No I don't." I say.

"Then why are you crying?" Claire asks again and I look down at the ground, sighing.

"I'm crying because after what he done, he chose her and is now - actually I don't know if they are even dating but I don't care. I hate him so much." I say to Claire and she sighs.

"Let's talk to him." Claire says and I gap at her, shaking my head. I wipe my tears and sigh loudly.

"I don't want to."

"It will help, trust me." Claire says and I look at her for a good minute before standing up.

Why does he make me feel like this?


When Claire said that we were going to talk to him, I thought she meant then, not at lunch, in the cafeteria, with the whole school surrounding us. Is she crazy?


After we walked out of the bathroom, we decided to sit in the library. Yes, we were skipping class but I really didn't feel like seeing him at the time. While we were at the library, Claire asked me if I knew what I was going to tell him and I actually had no idea. So, during the hour we spent in the library trying to figure out what to say, we finally thought of something.

I am going to forgive him. I am going to accept that he helped Katie and then hopefully, everything will be okay between us.

"You ready?" Claire asks and I shrug, watching as Katie flirts with Logan. I try not to gag and yell out 'slut'.

"Now?" I ask Claire and she nods. I sigh and stand up from my chair. As I start to walk towards Logan's table, all eyes start to watch me as I make my way towards the 'popular' table. I ignore the stares and look at Katie who was glaring at me. When I reach the table, I look at Logan who is looking at me with a straight face.

"Logan..." I choke. I close my eyes before sighing and look at Logan again, regaining my confidence.

"Can I speak with you?" I ask, my voice dripping with confidence. Katie raises her eyebrow at me and clings onto Logan's arm in a possessive way. She looks at Logan who was watching me carefully. He licks his lips and nods, standing up from the chair. Katie watches us carefully as we walk out of the cafeteria, curiosity clear on her face.

When we exit the cafeteria, I lean against the lockers, looking up at Logan.

"Um, I want to apologize." I start and Logan watches me, his eyes piercing into mine. I let out a sigh and shake my head.

"It was wrong of me to walk away from you the other day and ever since then, I am still confused to why you chose to help Katie but I have come to accept it. I just... ugh." I gr

unties and so on.

I walk into the living room and head towards the stairs with Elena in my arms. I carry her to her room and place her gently on her bed. I get her under the sheets and stroke her hair back, smiling at the little angel.

"You would be a great mom." I turn around to see the guy I saw in the crowd of people earlier. His green eyes shine brightly as he looks at me, a small smile on his face.

"Uh, thank you." I say, looking at the ground to avoid his stare. He walks towards me and sticks out his hand.

"I'm Patrick." He says and I look at him and shake his hand, nodding.


"Pretty name." Patrick smiles and I smile, my cheeks heating up.

No one has ever complimented my name before.

"T-Thanks?" I stutter and let go off his hand. Patrick smiles and looks me up and down, his smile turning into a grin.

Is he checking me out?

"So, are we related or are you a friend of Emma's?" Patrick asks and I shake my head, chuckling.

"No, we aren't related and I am actually Logan's friend and I am friends with Emma. Logan brought me here since we attend the same school." I say and Patrick nods.

"Are you two dating?" Patrick asks and I shake my head.

"Good because if you were... things would not end so pleasantly." Patrick says and I frown.

"What do you mean?" I ask and Patrick shakes his head.

"Its better coming from him. He wouldn't be too pleased with me telling you things about his past." Patrick says and I nod slowly.

"Avery? Where are you?" I hear Logan asks and I walk out of the room to see Logan walking up the stairs.

"I'm with Patrick, calm down." I say, smiling. Logan looks at me and raises his eyebrow.


"Your cousin?" I say and Logan rolls his eyes.

"I know who he is, sunshine." Logan mutters before walking into Elena's room.

"Get out." Logan snaps and Patrick raises his hands up in defense.

"Woah, calm down." Patrick says as he starts to walk out of the room.

"I never want to see you around Avery again, you hear me?"

He said my name. He actually said my name.

Holy sweet heavens.

"Can't stop her coming to me though. What she does is her choice." Patrick says before heading down the stairs. Once Logan stops glaring at his cousin, he looks at me and I smile.

"You said my name." I mumble to him and his stern face turns soft ands he grins.

"Well, you do have a name... Avery." Logan says, smirking as he pronounces my name again. I bite my lip and look away from Logan.

Why the hell does my body react like this when he is around me, saying my name, holding me close to him and smiling at me?

You like him, my conscious says.

I don't like Logan...

Yes you do, my conscious says again and I bite my lip.

Do I like Logan? I mean, when he touched my arm earlier, I did get chills and they did feel good but that's not because I like him, right? Whenever I am around him, my heart does race but is that because I like him? When I saw Katie and him togther and I cried, does that mean I have feelings for the bad boy?

Holy shit.

I like Logan Maddox.


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