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Chapter Thirteen - "Don't Touch Me."


Avery's P.O.V

"Everyone head on the bus!" Mrs Neale says, ushering everyone onto the yellow bus. I step on and immediately take the seat at the back, placing my bag next to me to save myself from anyone who would want to sit next to me.

I sigh and make sure my sunglasses are sitting perfectly on the top of my head and I tighten my ponytail, letting my brown hair rest on my shoulder.

I am wearing short blue denim shorts and a black singlet and underneath, I am wearing my orange bikini. This bikini is actually my favorite since it has black stripes around the edge of the bikini so yeah, I really like this one.

Since Claire is not in my sport class, I am stuck by myself at the back but I don't mind that much since I like to be by myself most of the time but when I am alone for a long period of time, I begin to get lonely and thats where Claire steps in but sadly, it's just me and my earphones today.

"Okay, before we head off, make sure you all are seated during the ride. It will probably take an hour or so until we reach the beach so yeah, I'm just letting you all know." Mrs Neale says and the students groan when they hear about how long it will take until we get there. I just nod to myself and place my earphones in my ears as the bus starts to move.


"Come on, I'm hungry!" Peter whines, trying to grab my bag again. I shake my head and laugh, bringing my bag closer to me.

"You should've brought your own food." I say and Peter groans.

Peter is the prankster at school. He is the one that usually makes the teachers pull their own hair out of their heads but on the other hand, he makes the students laugh until tears start to form and your stomach starts to hurt. I have only talked to Peter once or twice but that was only a small conversation but now on the bus, we talk so much more and I don't even know why.

"I did but that fat shit at it all." Peter says, pointing to Terry who was smirking at the blonde next to him. I roll my eyes and push Peter's shoulder.

"You have a mouth." I say and Peter rolls his eyes. Before Peter could say anything, Terry cut in, a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, to suck dick with." Terry says and everyone on the bus breaks int

thought that was telling me that he did take advantage of me while I passed out.

"No, no, no. I didn't take advantage of you." Logan clears up and I sigh in relief.

Thank god.

"I... I helped Katie get her revenge. The photo that she took of us in the bed together... she used that to show how much of a slut-"

"I know why she did it- wait... you helped her?" I ask, biting my lip. Logan nods slowly and I suck in a deep breath, trying not to lash out but it is too late.

I scream out incoherent words as loud as I can, ignoring the looks that everyone on the beach gave me.

"I'm sorry. I know you hate her but remember, I had drinks too-"

"Don't bother explaining yourself." I say, raising my hand up to Logan's face.

Logan is the reason I punched Katie in the face. Logan is the reason I was suspended for four days. Logan is the reason why I am now doing cheerleading. Logan, Logan, Logan!

"I want nothing to do with you." I say slowly and Logan tries to stop me from standing but I push his hand away.

"Stay away from me, Logan." I say and walk to my previous spot on the beach.

Logan is the reason why my past few weeks have changed into something I wished never happened.

Logan fucking Maddox.


Short chapter again. I'm sorry but I'm really tired. I hope you like the chapter!

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