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Chapter Nine - "I'm Sorry I Hit You."


Avery's P.O.V

"Oh my god, last night Terry messaged me and ugh! I was so close to fainting!"

"Lucky! Have you seen his lips? Ugh, I could kiss them all day!"

"I know right like wow, I can just imagine how they would taste right now..."

I roll my eyes at Katie's followers and take off my shirt, replacing it with my green sport shirt. I spray myself and check my shoelaces to see if they are tied and they are.

"I'm going to make him mine." I hear another girl say and I groan, running my hands down my face. If I hear one more comment about him, I'm going to puke.

Terry Stone; every girls dream man. Well, not mine. I prefer a man who is educated and wants to succeed while all the other girls in the school prefer a boy who is immature and loves sex, just like them. I can just see the day that one of the girls say that they are pregnant and Terry is the father. Then they will regret not listening to the topic of safe sex in Physical Development.

"C'mon girls, you should all be out by now!" I hear our teacher, Mrs Neale say. I grab my bottle of water and head out, Katie's followers following a short time after.


"Ugh, I can not run anymore!" All of the girls groan, except me. I stand next to the girls who are kneeling down on the ground puffing and groaning, some laying down on the ground and a few gulping down their bottle of water. I smile at Mrs Neale and she nods proudly.

"Whoever wants to quit now, make your way over to the bleachers. If you want to continue, stay standing." The teacher says and half of the girls walk over to the bleachers and some of the boys follow. Mrs Neale nods again and looks at the rest of us who are still standing. I look around and see all of the boys from the football team, Logan, a few girls from the track team and me who is also apart of the track team.

"Five more laps around the oval. After that, I want you all to partner up and race each other across the field then twenty push-ups. When you have finished, run over to me and the first five people to make it here first will be automatically in for the excursion to the beach next week." Mrs Neale says and we all grin.

Logan sends me a smirk and I blow him a kiss, winking also. He mouths something but I don't read his lips.

"What?" I mouth, furrowing my brows. Logan rolls his eyes and points a finger at the school gates behind me. I look behind and my jaw drops and my immediately close.

I saw a boy peeing behind a tree but his manhood was completely on show. I hear the whistle go off and everyone starts to run. I open my eyes and chase after the others.

I run close behind Logan, looking down at his feet as he moves his left foot in front then his right. I smirk and move my right leg forward quickly and placing it in front of his right foot. I watch as Logan trips and rolls on the ground. I hear the people from the bleachers laugh and I run past him, laughing as well.

Don't mess with Avery Leighton.


"The people who have automatically made it into the list of people going on the excursion are Avery Leighton, Terry Stone, Summer Hales, Laura Smith and Lachlan Stiles." Mrs Neale smiles at the five of us who's name got called and I smirk at Logan who was glaring at me.

"Better luck next time." I say and he does nothing but glare some more.

"Those of you who would like to go on the excursion, hand in your money by Friday. If you don't get it in by then, you won't be going. Simple as that. Class dismissed." Mrs Neale says and walks into the hall.

Logan walks off and I catch up to him. I bump the side of his stomach with my elbow. "No hard feelings, right?" I say and Logan looks down at me.

"You. Tripped. Me. Twice." Logan says slowly and I shake my head.

"I only did it for payback." I say and Logan shrugs, continuing to walk up the steep hill. I sigh and run up the hill, continuing to walk next to him.

"I want to ask you something." Logan says out of the blue and I look up at him but his gaze is still in front of him, not bothering to look down at me.

"Have you ever been in love?" Logan asks and a small smile appears on my lips.

"Nope." I say, smiling happily. I'm glad I haven't fell in love with a boy. I mean, whats the point? At the end, your going to get hurt... always. It's not a theory, it's a statement. No matter what happens, you always get hurt. That's why I'm glad I haven't fell in love with a boy.

"Why are you so happy about that?" Logan asks, suddenly stopping. I stop and face him looking at the small fly on his shoulder.

"Because it's good to not feel the pain that others are going through. Somewhere, right now, a girl is sitting in her room with icecream, movies and tissues, crying because her crush didn't like her back or she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend." I say and Logan looks at me for a second before narrowing his eyes.

"What?" I ask and he shakes his head and starts to walk into the hall. I watch him as his body disappears around the corner.

I wonder what that was all about?


"He likes you." Claire says and I never spit my coke on my best friend. I swallow my drink quickly and start to cough.

"What did you ea

Logan looks at me and rolls his bottom lip into his mouth. I glare at him and he immediately smirks, his eyes going further down. I furrow my eyebrows and look to see that my shorts are in the pool which means I am left in just my bikini. I groan and push Logan away.

"Get your eyes off." I say and Logan laughs. I look around to try and see who pushed me but I have no idea who could of done it.

"Who pushed me?" I ask and Logan frowns.

"One of Katie's friends." He says and before I storm off to go find Katie, Logan grabs my arm.

"Oh no you don't." Logan says and I pinch him, making him let go of me. I growl and storm off into the house to find Katie. I hear Logan yell out a few words but I can't hear him because of the music that was blasting inside the house.

I see Katie and her stupid followers laughing in the corner of the room and I narrow my eyes at them. Before I continue to walk over to where they are, Logan appears in front of me and I push him away.

"Get lost." I say and Logan shakes his head and grabs my shoulders. He looks into my eyes and I narrow my eyes, not liking the fact that Logan is stopping me from getting revenge.

"Move out-" Suddenly, Claire pushes Logan away from me and I thank Claire before storming over to Katie's group.

"Which one of you pushed me into the pool?" I ask and Katie's head snaps to me, looking at me in digust. Her followers do the same.

"I know it's a pool party but come on, you could at least cover up your body. No one wants to see your fat stomach." Katie snickers and I place my hands on my hips.

"Excuse me?"

"Your excused." Katie says, a smirk on her lips. I scrunch up my face, trying not to punch the shit out of Katie right here right now.

She's not the one I want.

"Which one of you pushed me into the pool?" I repeat my question from before and they all look at each other, smiling and grinning.

"Okay, okay, it was me." A girl with a blue cocktail dress says. I lick my teeth and grip my fists at my sides.

"Avery, it is a pool party. You were gonna get wet either way." One of the girls say and I stick up the finger at the girl.

"I don't give a shit. I could've hit my head on the concrete or broke my arm." I say, raising my eyebrow. Katie chuckles and places a hand on my shoulder. I push it off immediately.

"But you didn't so what's the problem?"

"The problem is you! Your the fucking problem!" I spit, ready to throw myself at the bitch until a person behind me grabs me and flings me over their shoulder like I'm nothing.

"Put me the fuck down!" I yell, trying to get out of the person's hold. I hear Logan's laugh.

"That isn't happening. I'm going to let you lay down and relax." Logan says and I see the stairs below me. I groan but don't say anything.

He was right.

I needed to calm down.


Hello people! I am glad to say that I have brought you another chapter. Who is this best? Me. Haha I'm joking. Do you like this chapter though?

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