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Chapter Eight - "Never Have I Ever Sooked Over The Cookies Being Eaten."


Avery's P.O.V

The weekend was a complete bore. I was doing chores the whole two days and the part that really sucked was the fact that I wasn't aloud to see Claire for her birthday which was yesterday. I begged my parents but they kept saying no so I just gave up.

Claire-Bear: Stop apologizing, it's okay. I'll hold a party this weekend and you have to come to make it up to me, okay? Now, hurry up and get your ass to school.

Me: Thats if I can make it but I'll try my best, Claire. I promise.

Me: Oh, and I'm on my way now.

"Who you texting, sunshine?" Logan says as he snatches my phone off me and looks at the name. I groan and grab my phone back, shoving it in my pocket.

"Stop calling me that, okay? It's annoying." I say and grab the helmet, placing it on my head. Logan shakes his head and puts on his helmet too. He gets on the bike and I do the same, wrapping my arms around Logan's waist.

Honestly, I don't even know why I accepted his offer of him picking me up this morning for school. I don't even want to be around this guy.

Well, this is the last time anyway.


"Avery!" Claire shouts as she runs up to me, a bright smile on her face. I smile and run towards her as well and hug her tight.

"I'm pretty sure you two are lesbians." I hear Logan mutter as he walks past us and I kick his leg before he walks up the stairs and Logan groans. He turns around and flips me the bird before walking up the stairs and into the building.

"He needs to shut his mouth before I do it for him." Claire says and lets me go. I nod and walk into the building with Claire and go to my locker, opening it and grabbing my books. I place them in my bag and start to walk to my first class with Claire.


"Avery, what are you doing tonight?" I hear a guy say behind me and I place my slice of pizza on my plate and turn around. I notice the guy as Jeremy who plays for the football team. I shrug and sigh.

"Sadly nothing that evolves you and a bed." I say and turn back around, picking up my pizza and biting it. Jeremy sighs and walks away, disappointed. Claire gives me a sad look and I shrug.

"I'm used to it." I say and Claire nods. Suddenly, my phone beeps in my pocket and I get it and see that it is a message from Logan.

Logan: Do you want a lift?

I furrow my eyebrows at his sudden offer. Is this guy attracted to me or something? Ha, not even.

Me: No, go away.

Logan: Sunshine, I will never go away.

Okay then.

Me: Fine, I'll help you.

Logan: What?

Logan: Oh, I get it. Well, I guess you can't say no to my mom who wants to see you today then.

Wait, why? Okay, now I'm literally freaking out. But then again, Sarah isn't scary at all so how can I be freaking out?

Me: ...

Logan: Good girl. I'll see you after school, sunshine.

"Who's that?" Claire asks and I sigh and place my phone in my pocket.

"Who do you think?" I raise an eyebrow at Claire and she looks at me for a second before rolling her eyes.

"What did he say?" Claire says, annoyed. I shrug and take a sip of my coke.

"His mom wants to see me this afternoon. So, he is picking me up." I say and Claire raises her eyebrow and I nod.

"Yes, it shocked me too."

"What shocked you? Hopefully it was lightning." I hear a familiar voice say humorously and I sigh and turn around to see the one and only Katie Holmes.

"Sadly, no but by looking at your hair today, you sure did." I say, pointing at Katie's hair which was frizzy. Katie scoffs and flips her hair over her shoulder.

"Have you taken a look in the mirror? Oh no you haven't because all of them smashed when you looked in it. Never mind." Katie says, a slight smirk on her face. I grin at Claire quickly before looking back at Katie.

"Well mirrors can't talk, but luckily for you, they can't laugh either. I guess that's why you ask your 'friends' if you look good because they are too scared to say the truth. Some friends you have, aye Katie?" I say, the grin still on my lips.

Katie rolls her eyes. "At least I have more friends than you."

"I guess you didn't hear me, Katie. I said 'friends'. Your 'friends' only stick with you because of the popularity they are getting." I say and Katie rolls her eyes again.

"Jealous much." Katie mutters be

walking out of the room.

"Okay, let's go." Sarah says and I nod, following her out of the house and hoping into her car.


I see my mother stand outside of the house, leaning against the balcony. Her hair flew in the direction of the wind and my mom's eyes were closed. I smile.

My mom always loved to do that. She found it peaceful and calming. She usually did it when she either needed to get out of the house or when she was tired.

Sarah stops the car in front of my house and we both get out. I frown at her and Sarah smiles, noticing my expression.

"I just want to explain. We don't want you getting in trouble, right?" Sarah says and I nod, smiling at her. Over the past week, I have learnt that Sarah is really nice and caring. I really like Sarah.

Sarah walks beside me and I notice my mom's eyes open slowly, her eyes narrowing though when she sees Sarah.

"Avery..." My mom starts and before I can explain, Sarah walks up the stairs and towards my mom. Sarah holds out her hand and my mom looks at her before shaking it.

"I'm Sarah and you must be Avery's mother." Sarah starts off and I watch as the scene plays out in front of me. My mom nods and pulls her hand away.

"Im Danielle." My mom says and Sarah smiles genuinely at her.

"Nice to meet you, Danielle. Okay so apparently, Avery should've been home earlier and I'm sorry but that was my fault. I just want to clear that up because it wouldn't be fair if you went off at innocent Avery over here because she came home late." Sarah explains and my mom looks at me and raises her eyebrow. I don't say anything.

"Well, thank you Sarah and yes, it wouldn't be fair." My mom nods and Sarah nods. Sarah turns around and smiles at me before walking down the stairs and hoping into her car.

She beeps once and drives off. I notice my mom's intense stare burning into the side of my face.

"Avery, I'm not responsible for your father's actions but I will try my best to make sure that he doesn't go off at you, okay?" My mom says and I nod, smiling slightly. My mom smiles and wraps an arm around my shoulder as we walk inside.

My mom kisses my forehead and I quickly run off into my room, hoping that my mom would explain the story to my father and he won't get mad.

I close my door behind me and get my phone out. I see a message from Logan appear on my screen.

Logan: See you tomorrow, sunshine ;)

I roll my eyes and place my phone on my bed. For some reason, the smile on my lips stays as Logan's message circles in my head.



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