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Chapter Seven - "I'm Not Dead..."


Avery's P.O.V

"Wake up, Avery..." I hear a soft voice whisper in my ear. I groan and roll over, moving away from the person who obviously thought disturbing me while I was trying to get more sleep was a good idea. I don't think so.

"Go away." I groan and shove my face into the comfortable pillow. The person shakes me and I tightly shut my eyes, trying to return back to my dream of me marrying Dylan O'Brien.

Sadly, the sheets were ripped off me and thats when I decide to give the person a piece of my mind.

"Listen here, you annoying mother fu-" I stop talking not because of the fact that I was about to swear but because a shirtless Logan was currently standing in front of me with a smirk on his face.

"Uh..." I mumble, trying not to look down at his toned abs.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Morning." Logan says as he flashes me a smile. I immediately grab the pillow and throw it at him.

"Asshole." I say, snapping out of my thoughts that were currently telling me to take a picture since this was only going to be my last opportunity to do it. I shake my head and get off the bed.

"No good morning... okay. See how it is." Logan says as he shakes his head and I roll my eyes at him and turn to see Elena running in the room with a bright smile on her beautiful face.

How can someone so beautiful and cute be related to someone so-

Handsome? Hot? Sexy? Undeniably attractive?

-mean. I was going to say mean.

"Your finally awake!" Elena smiles and I bend down and hug her.

"She is like Sleeping Beauty but instead of beauty, it's ugly." I hear Logan say and I turn to him and raise my eyebrow.

"Sleeping Ugly? Wow, have you been attending your English classes because I'm pretty sure our teacher said that our sentences were suppose to make sense." I smirk and Logan rolls his eyes.

"Nerd." He mumbles before leaving the room. I stand up and point a finger at his retre


"They lost me." He smirks and I shake my head at his behavior and suddenly realise that we are outside my house.

"Oh. Well, I better go." I say and before I get out of the car, Logan stops me by placing his hand on mine. I stop and turn around to face him.

"Good luck." He says before taking his hand off mine and I nod slowly before getting out of the car. I walk up the pathway towards my porch and watch as Logan's car drives away.

Suddenly, my peace was disturbed when the front door opens and my father stood there, furious and red-faced.

"Uh, hi." I say and wave at my father, trying to smile but fail.

"Get the hell inside."


Hello people! I know it's been FOREVER since I last updated and I'm sorry. By the way, yes this chapter is short but I was on writers block and come on, we all know what that feels like.

So I'm not even going to ask how this chapter was for you all because, well to be honest, it feels like this book is going down hill but don't worry, I'm trying to be interesting here.

Please vote and comment. I love you all, thank you all so much! By the way, go check out my other book, Living With The Anderson Boys! Thank you.

Lofd - "I only called you when it's half past five, the only time that I be by your side..."


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