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Chapter Five - "Karma's A Bitch!"


Avery's P.O.V

"So how did you do it?" Claire asks as soon as I hop in her car. I quickly put on my seat belt and sigh.

"I don't know but I managed to do it..." I breath out and Claire laughs before driving off. Music starts to play and we turn it up loud since we were both in the partying mood.

As we start to sing - well, shout the lyrics to the song Work by Rihanna, I can't help but wonder if I am going to make it in my bed without getting killed by my father...


"Okay, where are the drinks?" Claire asks as soon as we enter the house. The house was pretty big and there was definitely loud music. The smell of sweat and alcohol fill my nostrils and I scrunch up my nose in digust. I have been to a lot of parties and I still haven't got used to the smell.

I make my way over to a table where there was a lot of red plastic cups with a clear but bubbly liquid in it. I take it and walk over to Claire who was happily dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

There wasn't a lot of people here yet but I knew in about an hour or so, this place would be packed.

"Avery, come and dance!" Claire shouts over the loud music and I smile at her as we start to dance stupidly. When Claire wants to dance, she isn't afraid to do the most stupidest moves and neither am I. As Claire and I spun around, I accidentally bump my drink into someone's chest.

Oh this better not be Katie again...

I turn around to apologize but to my suprise, I see Logan grinning down at me.

No freaking way I am apologizing to him.

"You got to be kidding me." I mutter under my breath as I bow my head down so Logan doesn't see my face. I hear a chuckle and I know it came from Logan. A finger taps my chin and I look up slowly and see that Logan was still grinning.

"You know if you get grinning, you might have a grin on your ugly face for the rest of life." I say in a humorous tone. Basically, I was not only trying to lighten up the mood but I was sort of hoping I was lightening up my own mood.

Even time I see this guy's face, something happens to me and it was definitely not a good thing.

"C'mon sunshine, you and I both know I ain't ugly. Well, maybe if you have bad eyesight but in everyone's eyes, I'm sexy as hell." Logan smirks and just in time, I hear Claire's voice.

"Not in my eyes, asshole." Claire buts in and I turn around and smile at her for helping me. Okay, Logan may not be ugly but gosh, he didn't have to boost up his big ego every five seconds. Thankfully, Claire brought it back down.

Logan looks at Claire for a few seconds before shrugging. "Its not the first time I've been called that. Anyway, back to you sunshine-"

"Call her that one more fucking time and I swear on my life that you won't be seeing the next sunshine, boy!" Claire growls and I hold her shoulders, pushing her back away from Logan slowly.

"Gosh, how many drinks have you had?" I ask her and she looks down at her cup which was half empty. Claire takes another sip and when she swallows that, I hear a quiet hiccup come out of her mouth. I chuckle and take the drink out of her hands.

"We haven't even been here for ten minutes and you have been sculling all the drinks." I say and Claire rolls her eyes before wandering off into the crowd, probably to go and dance some more with a few guys.

How can she have so much energy?

"Your girlfriend seems jealous." I hear a voice say and I turn around to see Logan standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

I roll my eyes at his comment. He must really think I go for girls. If I did, I don't think Claire would be around me as much...

"And your still here?" I ask with a small frown. Log

p your ass? Gosh, just chill. Oh wait, your nearly fucking killed me so I guess you don't have any chill!" I scream, trying not to gauge her eyeballs out. Katie smirks and flicks her blonde hair over her shoulder.

Is that all she does all day? Gosh, she reminds me of Marsha Brady but instead she flicks her hair every five seconds instead of brushing it.

"I'm not the one yelling, phsyco." Katie mumbles but I heard her pretty clear. I grit my teeth and grip at her hair, holding it tightly in my hands. Okay, I am not the type to fight by pulling the hair, I am just testing it out.

"I will go physco on your ass, bitch. I mean, if that's what you really want." I whisper in her ear and I hear the crowd shouting 'fight' and 'punch her already'. I also hear Claire trying to hold in her laugh but it simply wasn't working.

"I dare you." Katie glares at me and as I raise my fist, I hear a loud voice call my name. I ignore the voice and just as my fist was about to make contact with Katie's face, I was pulled back and tackled to the floor.

In the corner of my eye, I see Katie smirking but when Claire sees this, she doesn't hesitate to to throw a punch, which obviously results in a fight that everyone will clearly enjoy, especially with Claire's fighting skills.

Suddenly, my mind focused back onto who was laying on top of me and I look up to see who tackled me and my eyes narrow at the boy.

"Its you." I say and try to push Logan off me. Logan smirks and shakes his head. I look over to see that a lot of Katie's 'friends' were jumping on Claire so I look back at Logan and growl at him.

"I'll hurt you." I threaten and he smirks more as if he was challenging me. I raise my eyebrow and he grins. I raise my knee up and when I hear Logan groan, I push him off me and jump up, running to Katie.

"You gonna get it now, bitch." I growl as I lunge towards Katie.


Hey hey hey! I'm back! I know it has been a long time but I have a reason. Since it is exam week I have a lot of work to do and a lot of revision to read over to that it why. I'm so so very sorry but I'm back so are we cool?

Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter! If you did, please vote! If you want to see more of a character, comment and mention who you would like to see more of! So, I will work on the next chapter for you and let you continue reading or writing... or whatever :)

Lotd - "We are one... tonight! And we're breathing in the same air..."


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