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Chapter Four - "You Don't Dismiss Yourself, I Do."


[ thank you noctuaries for the beautiful cover, this chapter is dedicated to you ]


Avery's P.O.V

"Get up, Avery!" I hear my father yell but I wave him off. "I am, I am!" I say and slowly open my eyes. My head was pounding from last night's argument with my parents. Not only did I get yelled at but I was also told that I was grounded. Great.

When I was younger, I was the type of child who liked to listen to their parents, do the chores, be a good girl but now, since I am now older, I realised that being that type of girl who I was back then would bore the shit out of me so I decided to change it up a little. I wasn't a bad girl, hell I was far from it but sometimes, fun found me and sadly fun got me into a lot of trouble.

My mother didn't have a problem with me and how I turned out but for some reason, my dad did. He thought I would get into a bad crowd and start doing stupid shit because I went to parties. I only go to parties to loosen up and have a good time, not to do drugs and smoke weed. I would never touch that. It's just... digusting. My dad should be happy and proud that I don't do that type of thing but he still gets mad at me for leaving a cup of water in my room.

I get up and push myself off my bed and head towards the bathroom. I turn the door nob and before my eyes could process what I was seeing, my brother let out a high pitched scream.

No, he hasn't hit puberty yet and he is 15.

"What the hell!" Joshua yells and I shut the door as quickly as I can before I could say anything. I stand there for a few seconds before taking in a deep breath.

Okay, you do not want to know what I just saw.

"Could you have knocked?" Joshua asks. I can tell he is on the other side of the door because his voice was clear. I shudder in digust before opening the door just a little.

"Fist bump... I won't be able to look at you until you give me a fist bump." I mutter and Joshua gasps. "No!"

"C'mon Josh, we both need this..." I say in a whisper and I hear a sigh come out of Joshua's mouth before he hits his fist with mine. I close the door and sigh. "We're cool." I say and start to walk off towards my room since I didn't need to go to the toilet anymore.

Why did the towel have to fall?


"Wait, your grounded?" Claire asks and I nod. Claire sighs and bows her head down as I start to grab my English book out of my bag.

"And there is a party tonight..." I mumble and Claire sighs. I slam my locker shut and let Claire wrap her arm around my shoulder. She gives me a smile and I smile back.

"Don't worry. You either find a way out or someone will find a way out for you." Claire winks and roll my eyes.

It was true. I have been grounded before and for worse reasons. When their was a party on, I wanted to go and no one or nothing could stop me and I'm pretty sure nothing was going to stop me now.

We walk into class and as usual, we take out seat in the back. I sit against the wall and sigh when I see our English teacher, Mrs Mason make her way towards her desk. She places her folder on the desk and turns to us.

"Okay students, we will be working on our assignments. As I have already explained to you all, the assignment is that you have to create a poem or song based on the follows topics." Mrs Mason grabs a white board marker and starts to write the topics on the board.

As she was writing, I notice that Logan decides to move his seat in front of me. I roll my eyes and focus on the board but his eyes are distracting me and making me want to snap at him.

"Hey..." Logan starts off but I shake my head slightly, pretending he wasn't there. In another class, I would talk to him but not now since I haven't even started on this assignment so I have to pay attention and not distract myself.

"Hey..." Logan says again but a little louder. I see Claire's head turn to me but I shrug at her and she looks at the board. Logan starts to wave his hand in front of my face and I can't help but let my eyes move to see him.

"What?" I ask, trying to not get caught talking. Logan sighs and moves his chair closer to my table.

"What happened with your parents last night?" Logan asks and I look at the board when the teacher turns to face us.

"Grounded." I say quietly while looking at the teacher who was looking at the class suspiciously. I notice Logan's eyebrows raise and I nod.

"Damn. I was going to invite you to a-"

"Logan, what have I said about talking in my class?" Mrs Mason snaps and I shoot up in my seat from her loud voice. Logan rolls his eyes and slumps in his chair.

"Nothing really." Logan mutters and Mrs Mason raises an eyebrow.

"Detention!" Mrs Mason says and writes Logan's name on the board under a sad face. I chuckle in amusement since Logan never went to detentions but since we had lunch next, I'm assuming Mrs Mason would have to lock the door so he wouldn't get out.

I guess I have to bolt out of here when the bell goes then.

As the teacher starts to write a few notes on the board and Logan rests his head on the table, I feel myself becoming bored and decide to lay my head on my arms. A couple of minutes later, I fall asleep and ignore the sounds of Claire's soft laughs beside me.


"Five more minutes. Just five more minutes." I say to myself while watching the clock above Mrs Mason's head tick slowly. I have only started a little bit of my song and unfortunately, my brain decided to give up on the rest.

I know, I'm lazy.

"Okay, since there is a couple of minutes left till the bell rings, can you all pack up your things. Remember, the people on the board who have not worked off their detentions will be staying in." Mrs Mason says and since I was hyped up, I accidentally push my book off the table and I gap.

Oh hell no.

"Logan, Logan!" I say, tapping the table repeatedly. Logan slowly looks over at me and raises his eyebrow in question. I point down to my book and he smirks. I wait for him to grab it but instead of doing what I thought he would do, he turns around and watches everyone pack up.

I groan quietly and quickly push my chair out and bend down under the table to grab it. When I feel my fingers touch the edge of my book, the bell suddenly rings and instead of being normal, I raise my he

ad and bump it on the table. And just like every other school, there was gum under the desk.


"Shit." I mutter and try to grab my book as quickly as I can so I could make it out of the classroom but a foot lands on my book and slides it further away from me. No doubt it was Logan.

I raise my head up carefully and notice that everyone who was in the classroom was now gone and Mrs Mason was leaning against the door while looking at the students in the room.

I feel my stomach drop and I look over at my book which was all the way near the teacher's feet. I jolt up and bang my fists on the table.

"Miss, I am not even in detention! Why the hell am I staying here?" I blurt out in frustration and Mrs Mason gives me a small grin.


"You know the rules. Your not out of here when I close the door, you don't go to lunch." Mrs Mason explains in a bored tone and walks over to her desk. She grabs a couple of sheets and I know what we were going to do.

Well not me but anyway-

"Sit down, Avery. No standing in detention." The teacher says and I grit my teeth. I look over at Logan to see him smirking. I grip at my hair in frustration and anger and let out a groan.

"Ugh, you have to be kidding me!" I say and a few laughs escape out of students mouths. I stick up the finger and grab my bag, swinging it over my shoulder as I start to walk towards the door.

"Sorry Miss but we all know that I don't want to be here. Besides, my name isn't on the board so see you later." I say and flash my teacher a smile before picking up my book and gripping at the door handle but before I could open the door, the teacher stops me.

"You don't dismiss yourself, I do. Now, sit back in your seat before I call your parents."

"Go, I'll just tell them your holding me back when I am not even in detention." I say but Mrs Mason doesn't remove her arm from the door. I bit my lip and stare at the teacher.

"Let me go."

"After you finish your lines." Mrs Mason says in an ordering tone and we start to glare at each other before I find myself moving back to my seat, a couple of bad words escaping my mouth.

As I walk past Logan, I stick up the finger and glare at him. "Fuck you, Logan."

I may be happy and joyful sometimes but that is only when I don't get annoyed. If I get annoyed, I am a whole different person.

I know, I've got anger issues.


"Where were you?" Claire asks as I sit down next to her. I sigh and rub my face with both my hands.

"Stuck in detention." I sigh and Claire rubs my back. I rest my head on the palm of my head and look at my best friend. Claire gives me a smile and I smile back at her.

"You know what? I don't care if I'm grounded. I really need to get out of the house." I say and Claire smirks. "Rebellious now? You've only had one detention and now your turning all bad girl." Claire laughs and I roll my eyes playfully.

"I don't change, Claire. You know that." I say and Claire nods. The bell rings and we start to pack up our stuff and walk to our last class.

Gosh, if only my life was simple...


"Where the hell is my phone?" I ask myself as I start to throw the pillows off my bed and onto the floor.

As soon as I got home, I remembered that Claire was going to text me but now, I can't find my phone. I have looked everywhere and now I am starting to get worried.

"Avery Grace Leighton! Get your ass down stairs now!" I hear my father yell and I groan. Can't he just be chill for five seconds of his life?

I drop the pillow I was holding in my hand and make my way downstairs. Since my dad was a very angry person all the time, I had to make it down stairs before he yelled my name again. I have only been called twice by my father and I promised myself I would be quicker next time. Let me just say, my father was not the type of person who likes to wait.

I run down the stairs and stop when I see my mom frowning. By the way, my mom loved me but when my dad was angry, my mom was definitely disappointed so what the hell did I do now?

I slowly walk past my mom and into the kitchen where I think my dad would be since he liked to drink. I see him sitting on the chair and his eyes flicker up to mine. I look down at his hand and I know what I did wrong.

"What is the meaning of this? Do you understand what the word grounded means or do you not listen to a word I say?" My dad spits and he slides my phone over to me and I see that Claire has sent me a message saying when will I be ready so she can pick me up.

"Look-" I try to start off but my dad cuts me off but silencing me with his finger. I take in a deep breath and prepare what was going to happen.

My dad stands up and walks over to me. He stands in front of me for a couple of seconds before gripping at my arm. I wince at his sudden action and I hear my mom gasp.

"Gosh, honey let her go! She may of done the wrong thing but oh my god don't hurt her!" My mom instantly says and I bite my lip. He glares into my eyes a couple of seconds more before the sound of his phone starts to ring. He let's go and grabs his phone, pressing it to his ear.

"Yes, I can come in now. Okay, see you soon." My dad hangs up the phone and looks at me. "Room. Now." He orders and I do as he says and quickly scurry up to my room. When I shut the door behind me, I hear my mom start to shout words at my father.

I look at my wrist which was a little red but push it away when I remember I had to text Claire back. When I press send, I look out my window.

Should I?

"Avery!" I hear a voice shout and I look out my window to see Claire waving her arms around her head. I smirk and open my window.

I should.


I know, wierd chapter. But I hope you guys like it. So what do you think of Avery's behavior? What will happen at the party? What about her dad?

Okay so I only posted the first chapter of this book a week or two ago and I have saw yesterday that this book has got 45 reads now. Wow, you guys are so amazing! Hope you enjoy this new chapter!

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