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Chapter Three - "Are You Another One Of His Whore's?"


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Avery's P.O.V

Okay, I'm totally freaking out now. Logan has drove past my house and ten minutes later, we are still on this damn motorcycle! I am really starting to question if he is going to kill me and bury my body six feet underground.

Honestly, I felt like hanging out with this so called 'bad boy' would be pretty fun but now, I feel like I can never trust the words that come out of his mouth or himself at all! Like, if I was to tell him that I was afraid of heights, I'm pretty sure he would make me skydive.

I felt the bike tilt slightly which made me look up. I notice that we were outside of a big house that looked like a mansion but much more fancier. I take my hands away from Logan's waist and take my helmet off. I shake my head slightly to fix my hair and give the helmet to Logan.

"Where are we?" I ask and Logan gets off the bike and runs a hand through his brown hair.

"I just need to stop by-"

"Logan? Oh my goodness, I haven't seen you in so long!" I hear a female's voice squeal and we both look around to see a tall black haired woman who looked to be in in her late thirties. Logan turns around and pinches the bridge of his nose. I frown but don't ask him anything.

The black haired woman walks out of the gates and jogs towards us, a beautiful smile on her face. Logan turns around slowly and flashes a fake smile to the woman. "Hey." Logan says and the woman smiles and tightly hugs him.

"I'm so glad your back!" The woman says and Logan softly pushes the black haired woman away, a frown on his face.

"Mom, I'm only here to grab something." Logan says and my mouth parts slightly. So this woman is his mom? She looks so nice and pretty...

Logan's mom frowns and let's out a short sigh before nodding. "Okay." She says and her head slowly turns to me. She walks over and tilts her head before glaring into my eyes.

"Are you another one of his whore's?" Logan's mom suddenly asks and I feel my heart clenching at her words. Okay, I never knew those words would be the first words coming out of her mouth... which were surprisingly directed at me.

"Uhm...h-huh?" I stutter. Logan gaps and holds his mom's shoulders, pulling her away from me. He said a few words to her and her angry expression softens. Logan's mom turns to me and frowns.

"I'm sorry, dear. I just couldn't stand meeting one of Logan's daily hook-ups again. Every girl he brings here is usually stuck up and completely rude. Again, I'm really sorry." Logan's mom apologises but I still couldn't find the words to speak. She smiles at me and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

"You know, your really pretty." Logan's mom says and I couldn't help but think about everything that has escaped this woman's mouth.

So first I was called a whore and now pretty, but what does that make me? A pretty whore? No, Avery, she didn't mean the whole 'whore' thing. She just thought you were one of Logan's slutty one night stands. I mean, I couldn't even imagine how this woman felt every night a girl would come into her home and do dirty things with her son and rudely leave in the morning without any explanation coming from the girl or Logan.

"Uh... thanks-" Is she Miss, Mrs, or Ms? I don't have a clue about Logan's family expect for his sister so what the hell am I suppose to say?

"Sarah. My name is Sarah." Logan's mom says, her smile still proudly on her face. I smile and nod. "Thanks Sarah. I'm Avery." I say and before Sarah could say anything, Logan interups us.

"Okay, enough of the talking. Sunshine, come with me." Logan says, sending me looks to follow him. I get off the bike and walk past Sarah and start to walk behind Logan. As we enter the gates, I hear Sarah shout something.

"Sunshine? What kind of name is that?" I couldn't help but chuckle when I hear the words. I turn to Logan and grin. "Your mom's funny." I say and Logan shrugs.

"Yeah, I guess." He says in a bored tone as we enter the house. My eyes went wide when I saw how beautiful the house was. There were pictures hanging on the walls, a lot of white tulips placed everywhere, marble floors and a beautiful chandelier hanging from the middle of the room.

"Wow." I say, a small smile forming on my lips. Logan rolls his eyes and grabs my elbow, dragging my up a spiral staircase that led to a hallway where there were a lot of rooms which were either blue or pink, depending on which side you were to go to.

We take a left where there were blue doors and the a couple of doors down, we both halted to a stop. Logan turns to me and runs a hand through his hair. "Wait here." He says and I nod and lean against the rail, looking down at the beautiful interior.

There was a white couch that was placed in the middle of a few reclining chairs and a rocking chair that had horses carved in the side of it. I couldn't help at smile at the chair since it reminded me of my grandma's chair that she had gave to me since I loved to sit on it all the time.

There was a huge flat screen TV hanging from the wall and two pictures beside it. I look closely to see that it was a picture of a young boy who looks so much like Logan. I decide to walk down the stairs and take a look at the picture more. Once I get down there, I take a look at the picture.

The boy had short brown hair that was combed to the side and he wore a toothy grin which looked incredibly cute. The boy was wearing a blue collared t-shirt that fit him well and loose black jeans. I noticed that the boy had a scar on his hand that looked so much like a sword but I couldn't tell since the boy had his hands clasped so I could only see the handle of whatever the scar was.

"Who are you?" I hear a voice say behind me and I gasp in fright. I turn around and see a boy with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looked a little younger than me but how tall he was really confused me.

"I'm A-Avery." I say, trying to steady my breathing since I was literally having a heart attack.

"Are you Logan's girlfriend?" The boy asks and I frown slightly. "No." I reply and he shrugs before walking off. I furrow my eyebrows at what just happened.

Okay, that wasn't weird at all...

"What the hell are you doing here?" I hear another voice say which, again, startled me. I look to where I heard the voice and I nearly choke on my saliva.

"K-Katie?" I say, my eyes nearly falling out of their sockets. Katie rolls her eyes before narrowing them at me.

"No, I'm Rebecca. Now answer my question." Katie snaps and I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Your last name is Holmes, yes?" I ask, trying to get this question that was currently circling my head, solved.

Are Logan and Katie related?

Katie places a hand on her hip and glares at me. "Yes, why?" Katie asks and her face softens a little. A little, not a lot, just a little. I shake my head and place a hand on my forehead.

"This may sound wierd but are you and Logan related?" I ask and Katie flips her blonde hair over her shoulder and frowns.

"What makes you think that?" She asks and I shrug. "I just thought." I say and Katie shakes her head. I sigh.

Okay, they aren't related. My mind is now at peace.

Suddenly another girl comes into the room and stands next to Katie and I notice her as Emma, Logan's sister.

Emma was definitely pretty. With long blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes, she definitely had all the boys chasing her. She was tall which made her long tan legs look extra long. Her eyelashes were long and curled which made her look even more pretty. Emma was wearing a pink summer dress that stopped at her knees and she wore pink flats to match.

"Who is she?" Emma asks and her head turns to me. Katie looks at her and smiles.

Woah, did Katie Holmes just smile?

"This is Avery." Katie's smile disappears when she looks back at me, which wasn't really a suprise. I see Emma look over at me and she smiles. "I'm Emma." She introduces and I nod. "I know."

"Avery! Why the hell-" I hear Logan shout but his voice goes mute when he sees me and his sister smiling at each other. I look up at Logan to see him looking between the two of us.

"Okay, what the hell did I miss?" Logan asks and Emma and I chuckle. Katie rolls her eyes and takes a seat on the couch.

"Nothing Logan. I was just saying hi to your girlfriend." Emma says and winks at him and Logan looks at me, eyes wide. He immediately starts to jog downstairs and I can't help my grin at how worried he looks right now.

"Okay, family meeting!" Logan says and the boys from before comes back into the room and Sarah joins us. A few doors open and I look up at the stairs to see two older boys and a young girl making their way down to where everyone currently was.

The two boys had dark brown hair and brown eyes. They looked older than Logan but only by a bit. They hardly looked related but I could tell by there eyes that they were. The two boys were definitely tall and were hot.

The little girl who had made her way behind Emma, holding onto her leg had long brown hair and bright blue eyes. To sum up the little girl, she looked like one of those cute, shy, quiet six year old kids who played with barbies and had tea party's with toys.

"Okay. Jake and Jack, this is Avery." Logan points between the two boys who I was looking at before and I smile at them. The nod in reply and I wait for Logan to speak again.

"Emma, Avery. Avery, Emma." Logan slowly sighs as he does the same thing with his hands. She gives me a smirk and I grin. I don't even know why I am choosing to grin but I could be bothered smiling since I was already smiling. I would look like a total weirdo if I just turned my head to smile at Emma when I have the same smile that I gave to the boys.

"Avery, this is Asher." Logan introduces me to the boy who had snuck up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me. He gives me a blank stare and my grin I was recently wearing f

aded as I look into his eyes.

Gosh, his eyes may be ocean blue but they looked like they were staring through my soul.

"And this is Elena." Logan gives me a small smile before tugging on the little girls arm. After a few tugs, Elena steps out and stands next to Logan. I can't help but stare in awe at Elena. She looks so cute.

"Okay now since we have that sorted, I have another thing to say. Avery and I, " Logan points between me and him as he looks at his family. "Are not in a relationship." Logan says and I hear Katie sigh in relief. I look over at her and she just gives me a smirk.

Jack and Jake nod while Asher just looks between us. Okay, creepy. Emma was smirking, just like her mother and little Elena was now hiding behind Logan, staring up at me between Logan's legs. I kneel down wave at Elena but she just stares at me.

One day, I will make Elena like me.

I stand up and dust myself off before looking at Logan who was staring at me with a small grin. "She's shy." He says and I roll my eyes. Yeah, like I didn't notice that, I wanted to say but I just brushed it off.

"Oh Logan, are you going?" Sarah asks when I notice Logan walking towards the front door. I start to follow him but Emma stops me but placing her arm in front of me.

"Wait." Emma whispers and I slowly frown at the sudden demand but look at Sarah and Logan. He turns back and grabs a duffle bag from the table.

"Well yeah. I said I wasn't going to stay long." Logan explains and Sarah sighs. She looks back at me and a small smile forms on her lips.

"Stay. We haven't had a family dinner for so long." Sarah smiles and I can't help but grin.

Oh, first step is a go.

"N-No, I am not-"

"Please, Logan. Just please... for one night. Your friend can stay too." Sarah gives me a wink and I grin at her.

Sarah definitely likes me. Now, I need the rest of this family to like me too and hopefully, everything will work out as planned.

Logan cocks his head a little to the side and looks at me with a small frown. "Do you want to go?" He mouths and I smile at him and shake my head. Logan groans but I still smile when he drops his duffle bag and walks back into the room.

"Fine." Logan mutters and Emma grins at her brother while Logan his giving his mother glares. Suddenly, I didn't expect what had came out Sarah's mouth.

"Katie, you can go." Sarah says with a small smile but Katie looks so furious. She looks like she could literally rip someone's head off... no doubt that head would be mine.

"W-What about Emma? I haven't finished tutoring her-" Katie gets cut off by Logan's smirk. Basically, everyone would think that the bad boy's glare would shut everyone up but surprisingly, it was his smirk.

Hot damn... his smirk is so goddamn hot!

"Fine. But I am coming on Sunday." Katie shoots me a glare, like she was talking to me but I just gave her a 'friendly' wave. Your probably thinking, why am I being such a bitch. Well its not like I would be friendly to her after everything she has done to me.

"Okay." Sarah replies as she watches Katie leave with a red face. Katie walks out and gets in her Mercedes, starting the engine and driving off.

Sarah turns to me with a bright smile and clasps her hands together. "Thank you so much for staying, Avery. It's a pleasure to actually meet a nice friend of Logan's." Sarah says and I raise an eyebrow and look at Logan. He just rolls his eyes and I can't help but chuckle. I turn back to Sarah and smile at her.

"No problem, Sarah. And don't worry, I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet." I say and Sarah pulls me into a hug. In the corner of my eye, I see Logan glaring at his mother, not me but his mother.

I guess he doesn't like his mother liking me. Well, too bad because I am going to visit this place more often.


"Wait, wait, so how did you two become friends again?" Emma asks, trying to calm herself down from her recent laughing attack. Sarah chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I want to hear it again." Sarah says and I tap Logan's shoulder repeatedly, flashing him a smile.

"Okay. I was walking down the road and I saw Logan yelling at some kid. So, I decided to see what was wrong and what happened was that Logan had his icecream snatched off him by a kid. Since I knew Logan had a history of having quite a temper, he yelled at the kid for him to give it back but the kid was too busy eating the icecream to even pay attention to Logan." I smile at Logan who was currently glaring holes into the side of my head.

"And since I am a nice person, I decided to buy Logan another icecream and thats how we became the friends that we are today." I say and Emma starts to laugh again. Sarah looks at her son with an eyebrow up.

"Why didn't you buy another one? Come on Logan, your nearly eighteen and your crying about an icecream that got taken off you by a seven year old." Sarah shakes her head and frowns. Jake and Jack smile while Asher chuckles.

Logan turns to his mom and I try not to laugh at how pissed off he looks. "I actually don't know..." Logan says, clenching his jaw as his head turns to me. He stands up and grabs my elbow, dragging me out of my chair.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" Logan says and I nod as we start to walk out of the dinning room. We walk to the living room and Logan stops me and glares.

"Explanation." He demands and I grin at him. "I think I can actually see the bad boy coming out now." I tease but Logan glares harder, making my grin fade.

"What was I going to say, Logan?" I glare at him, my attitude switching.

"Do you want me to tell them what actually happened? Do you? Cause I will go in there and tell them. No hesitations-" Logan cuts me off my holding onto my wrist, softly.

"No. Please, just... no." Logan's expression turns soft but I push him away, snatching my wrist back and walk back into the dinning room and sit back in my seat. I cover up my anger by placing a smile on my face and Logan sits back in his seat next to me.

"Dinner is ready." Sarah says and places a plate of baked potatoes, a plate of ripped up chicken and a bowl full of salad. I feel my anger washing away when I look at the food.

"This looks nice, Sarah." I smile at her and she nods before sitting back in her seat. I take the tongs in my hands and grab some of everything and place it on my plate. Everyone else does the same and when I see Elena start to eat the chicken, I dig in.

"Sunshine..." Logan whispers as I chew on the salad. I look at him and he frowns. Before he can say anything, I raise my hand up in the air to silence him and talk.

"Its Avery. My name is Avery." I say and he rolls his eyes before speaking again. "Sunshine, it's nine." Logan says and I look at my watch and my eyes widen.

"Shit." I whisper and Logan nods before looking up at him mom. "Hey mom, we have to go." Sarah's head shoots up and looks between the both of us, a small frown on her face. She sets her fork down and stands up.

"Really? Oh okay, I understand. Your parents are probably worried." Sarah says and I look down at the floor.

My parents are probably going to kill me! Especially, if they see me with a boy!

"Y-Yeah." I say and Sarah walks over and gives me a hug. "Make sure to come soon." Sarah whispers and I nod. As we start to make our way out, I say goodbye to everyone and walk outside.

Logan walks out after me and closes the door before throwing his keys up in the air and catching them. He walks over to his bike and I follow him. He hands me a helmet and I put it on. Logan does the same and two minutes later, I find myself clinging onto his waist as we speed off towards my house.


I get off the bike and hand the helmet to Logan. He takes it and places it on the bike and I turn to him. I could slightly hear the yelling of my parents and I knew I wasn't going to get past them.

I was indeed going to die.

"Well, since I don't want to die with you tonight, I will head-" Logan gets cut off by a man I knew way too well.

"Avery Grace Leighton!" I hear my dad shout and I close my eyes shut. Since the street light was on and we were practically under it, my dad saw the both of us and when he sees a boy near his precious daughter... I can't even explain how angry he gets.

"Shit." We both curse as we see my father walk towards us, his eyes dark and his face expression showing nothing but anger.

My father was someone you didn't want to mess with. He had a temper that would be ignited just by seeing his favourite team lose and that temper would last until he found something that would make him happy again. My dad was someone who would be involved in a lot of fights and he would teach his kids that if someone starts with you, you don't back down. My dad didn't really care for me as much as he cared for my brother but he loved me, even if he didn't show it. He would yell at me a lot and get angry at me when I didn't do anything but he never hit me. I guess he liked my brother more since he was more 'successful' and he wanted a boy so obviously he is going to spend more time with his son then is daughter.

"Where the hell have you been and who the hell is this?" He glares at me and I was about to introduce him to Logan until he grips at my arm, pulling me away from Logan.

"Your in so much trouble, young lady! Do you even have any idea how much you worried your mother! Oh your going to get it." My dad says dangerously and I look back to see Logan but he was gone. I frown and walk into the house where my brother and mother were standing.

Ugh, someone just get me out of here...


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