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Chapter Two - "You Two Lesbians Finished?"


[ picture of logan maddox who is portrayed by heath ledger ]


Avery's P.O.V

I have been panicking for five minutes now. Not being able to know what is coming my way is absolutely terrifying! I never knew your death would be so painfully scary even though it hasn't even started yet!

Okay, maybe this is a bad idea.

The scary thing about this is the fact that I am scared of leaving my own house! Yes, you heard me. I haven't even left the house and I am worrying about all this. By the way, I only woke up five minutes ago and before my mood was ruined, I was thinking about how many ways I could annoy my little brother. That was until I remembered that today is the day that my life was going to be turned into hell and the devil was going to be the bad boy.

Ugh, why do I make such bad decisions in my life?

I hear my phone vibrate and I pick it up. I look at my phone to see that there were two messages. One from Claire and one from an unknown number. I frowned but tap Claire's message first.

Claire-Bear: Hey, hope your not dead or anything. Just wanted to tell you I am at school waiting for you in the library. Take your time... or whatever. Bye :)

Me: I'm alive, don't worry. Okay, I will be there in twenty minutes, just woke up. See you soon :)

I click out of Claire's message and look at the unknown one. I press the message and read it.

Unknown: Hurry up, I'm waiting for you outside ;)

Me: Who's this?

Unknown: Your prince charming, sunshine. Now, hurry up. I don't like waiting.

I place my phone on my bed and look at my wall in confusion. Where have I heard sunshine from?

"See you tomorrow, sunshine."

My mouth suddenly drops and I quickly crawl my way over to my window and look through the blinds. My eyes go wide when I see a motorcycle and Logan sitting on it. Luckily he parked in front the other house across from us otherwise my mom would of killed me and my dad would of killed Logan. Well, if that was possible.

I grab my phone to see that it was nearly half past eight so I get off my bed and start to get dressed.


I quickly say goodbye to my parents and my little brother before rushing out the door. I watch as Logan slowly turns to me, his helmet on his head. I take in a deep breath and walk over to him.

He takes his helmet off and smirks. "Hello sunshine." Logan greets and I raise an eyebrow.

"If this is your way of revenge, your so stupid. I love motorcycles." I grin and he raises and eyebrow. "Is that so?" He asks and I nod. He shrugs and hands me a helmet and I put in on.

It was true, I did love motorcycle. I have been on one once in my life and even though I was scared shitless, I loved how the breeze hit my skin and my hair fly in the wind. It may have been the most weirdest date ever but I loved it.

"Just to let you know, my plan hasn't even started yet." Logan says as I hop on the bike. I shrug and make sure my helmet is on right.

"I doubt it. Your probably saying that because you thought I was one of those girls who would refuse to go on these things." I smirk and Logan shakes his head.

"Well, for your information, I didn't take you for one of those girls. You tripped me over for heavens sake." Logan explains and I laugh as he starts the engine. The bike shakes and I see Logan's hand go behind him to grab my hand and wrap it around his stomach. I roll my eyes as he laughs and we start to drive off.


The bike stops in front of the school, where he usually parks it and I take my helmet off, shaking my head to try and get my hair back to normal. Once I fixed that up, I hand the helmet back to Logan.

"Should I say thanks?" I ask as Logan takes the helmet from my hands. Logan gets off the bike and straightens out his leather jacket. I can't help but notice his hair fall over his face as he bends his head down to fix the bottom of his jacket.

Goddamn! It should be illegal to look that damn hot, I think to myself but quickly shake away the thought as he looks at me, slightly smirking.

"Second time your checking me out?" He asks and I think back to yesterday when I was indeed checking him out. I roll my eyes and start to walk off but Logan stops me but stepping in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I ask Logan but he stays silent. I scoff and push past him but I don't push him that hard, only hard enough to make him move. As I continue to walk, I hear Logan call out to me.

"I'll be waiting in the parking lot for you this afternoon, sunshine!" Logan yells and my eyes go wide and I turn around. I'm about to reply back to him but he gets on his motorbike and drives away. I groan and turn around as I start to walk in the direction of the library.


"So yeah, that's what happened." I say with a frown. Claire looks up from her book and frowns too. "Oh my god, Avery." Claire groans as she runs her hand down her face and I furrow my eyebrows.

"What?" I ask. Claire sighs and places her book in her lap.

"This isnt going to end well, Avery. Logan isn't the type of person to just go to your house and pick you up. Like, how did he even know where you live?" Claire raises an eyebrow and I shrug.

"He probably has connections-"

"Thats why this is bad! You don't even realise, do you? Remember Penny? Remember what she got herself into? Look what happened to her. Avery, you may see this as some type of book where you live happily ever after but that's what she thought. Penny is dead now, I don't want to lose you too." Claire says and her eyes start to fill up with water. I sigh and hug Claire.

"Claire, I promise I will always be here. No matter what. I'm going to be prepared, I promise." I say and wipe away Claire's tears. Claire slowly nods and I smile, hugging her tight.

The bell rings and we both separate. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and bring her close to me as we start to walk to our first class.

As we walk down the hall, I spot Katie and Logan talking. I try to avert my eyes but I couldn't and I found myself staring the whole time. Katie's face was red and I knew she was angry while Logan was acting all cool and chill. Suddenly, Katie's head snaps over to our direction and I move my head, pretending I wasn't looking at the two.

In the corner of my eye, I see Katie starting to walk over to me and I hear Claire sigh. I look at her and give her a reassuring smile before turning to Katie who was now in front of me. Since she wasn't saying anything, I chose to speak.

"Yes?" I ask, moving my arm that was around Claire's shoulders to my side. Katie frowns and places a hand on her hip.

"Don't yes me, Avery. I believe you owe me an apology from yesterday." Katie says and I scoff.

"Come on, we both know I'm not apologizing. By the way, I have known you for three years and I am pretty sure you didn't just come her to ask for an apology." I sigh and Katie flips her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Sadly, yes. I came here to tell you what horrible outfit your wearing today." Katie smirks and looks down at my outfit. I was wearing black jeans and a purple t-shirt that had a quote saying 'different is beautiful' with stars around it. To be honest, it didn't look that bad but this bitch had to criticise me in anyway possible.

I shake my head in disappointm

ent and look up at the blonde. "Now your just starting shit." I say in a bored tone before pushing past her and continue walking down the hall. I see Logan with a smirk on his face and I knew he cleary told her to come and annoy me.

I also have a feeling that I will be bumping into Katie again today. Great.


A loud voice started to yell in the cafeteria causing all the head to turn... to me. Yes, I was starting to yell. Gosh, why am I so goddamn violent all the time? I look around and glare at all the heads who seem to find my stress quite amusing. Well, you know what I find amusing? The fact that I am so close to throwing my fist into someone's face. That face being the boy in front of me who has been asking me to go to a party with him for five minutes now.

"Please?" The boy speaks again and I snap my head at him, my nostrils flaring. If it was possible to disintegrate someone by just glaring at them, I would be so happy. I feel a hand on my shoulder but I don't dare to look away from the boy who dares to still stand in front of me.

Just as I was about to shout out some colourful rainbows, a voice cut me off. "Go." I hear a deep voice say behind me and to my suprise, the boy starts to run out the cafeteria like he had just shit his pants. I slowly turn around and frown when I see the one and only, Logan freaking Maddox.

Someone just kill me now.

"And you are here because?" I ask, my voice showing anger and anything else but happy. My mood was killed and I wasn't happy. Even if Channing Tatum was right in front of me, I would probably yell at him to get lost or something.

I know, how in the world could I push away the most hottest man alive? Well, I have a temper that wouldn't just disappear... if you could put it that way.

"Calm down, I pretty much saved you from losing your voice." Logan grins and I turn to Claire, sending her looks to show that I honestly wasn't in the mood. Claire shrugs and I turn back to Logan. Just to make it clear, Claire liked to see me like this. It was like she was watching the movie, Hulk again but this time, I was playing Hulk which seemed so much more amusing to her.

"What are you, prince charming? You didn't save me from anything. Now, bye!" I snap, sending a glare Logan's way. Logan raises his eyebrow but I don't care and turn back around to take a piece of pizza. I take a bite and stick up the finger at the people who were still thinking this conversation was leading to something funny or amusing. Too bad for them.

I swallow my food and hear a chair moving next to me. I immediately knew it was Logan. I look to my right to see Logan smirking as he took some fries from the tray and shoves it in his mouth. I raise an eyebrow at him and part my lips.

This guy is seriously getting on my freaking nerves. I think I am starting to regret my decision on trying to see if this guy was like the rest of these digusting pigs but all I can see is an annoying guy asking for a slap across the face. And to think that this guy was different...

I breath in through my nose and out my mouth. I usually did this when I was angry or stressed and right now, stressed was not even a word to describe what I am feeling right now. Claire had told me that if I block out all my thoughts and just breathe, it could help me with my 'anger issues'. Yes, apparently I have anger issues. I don't, I just hate people annoying me. I'm not this angry and violent, trust me.

I hear the bell ring and I slowly stand up, still breathing. I still wasn't in the mood so I had to keep calm otherwise I would be a total bitch for the rest of the day and I really didn't want to. It required so much effort.

"Remember. After school." I hear Logan say and I just ignore him. Instead of walking away, he steps in front of me and raises an eyebrow. "Did you hear me?" He asks and I glare at him.

"Get out of my face." I say. I grit my teeth together, trying not to blurt out anything dangerous.

I honestly don't get myself. I can say five words but I just can't say 'okay' or 'yep'. I couldn't just reply to him, could I? I had to be so goddamn complicated.

Logan leans forward, his nose so close from touching mine. I hold my breath and feel the anger wash away and become nervous. Okay, stop right there. Why is it that Claire can't even change my mood and he can? Oh someone give this guy a medal. Joking, he doesn't deserve anything except a foot up his ass.

And my violent side comes back...

"I wouldn't use that tone with me, sunshine. Meet me outside. Remember, I don't like waiting." Logan says in a whisper and taps my nose. I watch as he walks away and I breathe again. I turn to Claire and she narrows her eyes at me. I sigh and shake my head as we start to walk to class.

I'm starting to question if this was a good idea...


"Call me if anything happens. Please, Avery, just promise me you will call." Claire says and hugs me tight. I sigh and nod. "I will. I will." I say and she let's go of me before latching onto me again.

She is acting like I am moving to China.

I chuckle and she let's go of me again. She looks me in the eyes before sighing and patting my shoulder. "Pinky promise?" She holds out her pinky and I smile at her as I connect my pinky with hers.

"Pinky promise." I say and she smiles. She gives me once last hug before walking to her brothers car. She waves and me before the car leaves the parking lot. I sigh and end start to walk over to Logan's bike.

"You two lesbians finished?" Logan asks and I gasp. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me." Logan smirks and I roll my eyes with a scoff before getting on his bike.

"You know, I thought you were going to make my life a living hell but by the looks of it, you are being quite a gentlemen by picking me up and dropping me home." I smirk and Logan turns around to face me. I see him smirking and my smirk fades into a small frown.

"I'm no gentlemen, sunshine. By they way, who said I will be dropping you home?" Logan winks and I gap at him. "Wait what?" I suddenly ask but he ignores me and grabs my hands, bringing them around his waist like he did this morning. I glare at the back of his head as he starts the motorcycle.

So if he isn't dropping me home, where are we going? Is he going to kill me? Is he going to throw us off a cliff? No, that would require him to die too and I am pretty sure he doesnt want to die just yet. Is he going to take me to a volcano and throw me in? Okay, now your just over reacting.

The motorcycle starts to move and I look around to see everyone that was still in the school parking lot was gasping and gaping at the scene. I roll my eyes and focus my eyes on the road.

Can I not be the centre of attention for just a day?


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