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Chapter One - "You Will Shove What Up My Ass?"


[ picture of avery leighton who is portrayed by selena gomez ]


Avery's P.O.V

Do you ever get that feeling that everyone is just staring at you, glaring holes into the back of your head and you wish the floor could just open up and swallow you because your starting to get way too uncomfortable? Yeah? Well, thats what I am feeling now.

Honestly, I haven't even walked into the school building yet and I feel like every single student in this school is looking at me like I was their prey. I only did one thing and that one thing wasn't even that bad so why does everyone have to stare at me like it is bad?

Okay, your probably wondering what is this thing that I am talking about, so, I will tell you. But to do this, I have to take you back to Saturday night.

Saturday Night

I walk into the bathroom and place my hands on my cheeks. Yep, I was indeed blushing. Why am I blushing? Oh, only one thing. Maybe because one of the guys on the football team accidentally bumped into me, causing me to fall and somehow be straddled by the teams captain. I don't know how it happened but I am sure as hell it wasn't my fault.

The music from outside the bathroom was up to full volume which made my feet shake from the vibrations the speakers were causing. I heard a few screams and laughs which made me feel a little at ease. Why? Oh, only because when the teams captain had straddled me, the whole place was silent and I am pretty sure you could hear a pin drop, well, if someone had a pin. But now, it seems that everyone has now forgotten what happened and I was thankful.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and check that everything was okay before walking out and into the crowd of people who were grinding against each other and dancing like this was their last night alive. I managed to get to the kitchen where my best friend, Claire, was.

Claire has been my friend ever since we found out we hated the same person. Strange, huh? Well, not every friendship starts off in kindergarten or something like that. Claire was bright, outgoing and she had the looks of a model. Claire had bright blonde hair and emerald green eyes that made almost any boy want to spent time with her. Even though she complains that the boys are annoying her and she just wants them to go away, her boy problems weren't as bad as mine.

First of all, the story started when I had developed a massive crush for Rayne Prescott, the player of the school. I know, why would I like a player? I don't even know either but it was probably because we used to hang out a lot after school since we lived in the same street. Anyway, one day, believe it or not, he had asked me out and since I managed not to faint, I said yes. What? I liked him, remember? So when we we dating, I started to think when we weren't hanging out anymore and we weren't talking and since I am a very brave person, I asked him about it.

Since his friends were there, he decided to pull me away to talk to me privately. Rayne had told me that he didn't like me and I was just a game to him and his friends. The only reason I was a 'game' to them was because Rayne had made a bet with his friends to see if they could get me in bed with him. The reward? Oh the only reward that Rayne was going to get was satisfaction from winning his stupid bet. Ever since then, all the boys started to come to me asking for the dirty deed but why? Because Rayne decided to make up a story saying that I did have sex with him and all, thats why I have all the boys chasing me... because I was easy. Well, in their eyes of course. In my eyes, I just had my guard down. Besides what am I suppose to expect when Rayne was a player? Ugh, boys are just digusting.

Back to the point, Claire reckons her boy troubles are way worse than mine when clearly they aren't. Does she has boys trying to get into her pants every minute of everyday? No.

I walk over to Claire and she smiles when she sees me. "You all good now?" Claire asks and I nod. She tilts her head over to some shots that were on the bench and I nod again as I make my way over to the small shot glasses. We both take one and look at each other before drowning the vodka down our throats. I cringe at the taste but Claire seems she is used to it.

"Ugh, it's nearly one. You wanna head off?" Claire asks and I look around to see that the party was sort of dying down so I can't decline. Besides, I am so tired it's not funny.

Claire grabs a bottle of water and I decide to take a glass of coke and join Claire as we walk to the exit. But, I had other plans, according to my feet. I felt my feet move to the left causing me to bump into a girl with short blonde hair. This also caused my full glass of coke to tip onto the girls back which made me groan as I knew I had to get another drink to walk home with but I knew I couldn't be bothered so shrugged it off.

The blonde turns around and I sigh at the girl who I had chose to bump into tonight. Out of all the people in this house, it had to be this chick. Katie frowns as her eyes meet mine and I watch as her eyes look over me in digust.

"You spilt your drink on me." Katie narrows her eyes at me and I scoff, placing my now empty glass on the table beside me.

"Nah shit."

"Aren't you going to say sorry?" Katie growls and I notice that a crowd has started to form. I knew everyone was going to take Katie's side since she was a queen in everyone's eyes. If you haven't guessed already, Katie was the 'Queen Bee' at our school. I like to call her 'Queen Whore' since she has basically slept with every dude in the school. I wouldn't be suprised if she is sleeping with one of the teachers too. Katie had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes but the sad thing is, she wore glasses which made her life 'miserable' in everyone's eyes. She is pathetic.

"No. I don't apologize to whore's." I say and pick at my nails innocently. Katie's face starts to flare up in anger as she glares at me.

"Did you just call me a whore? Because I wasn't the one who was straddling a guy twenty minutes ago." Katie smirks and I grin at her, placing my hands behind my back as I lean closer to Katie.

"Only stating the obvious and maybe you need to wear you glasses because surely you can't see without them. Katie, he was straddling me. Maybe if you stopped telling your plans for later out loud, you wouldn't get mixed up with what really happened." I say and start to walk away, pushing the crowd over so I could get through. I walk out the door and join Claire who was happily texting on her phone.

End of Flashback

So now you know why this is happening. I accidentally bumped into Katie and now the whole school hates me because I only called her what everyone says about her anyways so why am I the one to get all the hate? I'm pretty sure someone else was thinking the same thing about Katie.

"Avery!" I heard a familiar voice call my name and I look up to see Claire looking at me worryingly. I speed walk over to her and she takes my wrist in her hand, dragging me through the halls.

"You know Katie isn't going to drop this right?" Claire whispers as everyone inside the building starts to stare like I was Donald Trump who just got elected to be president. Yes, I just described Donald Trump because mostly everyone hates him. Whoever doesn't, they have something wrong with them. I mean, why in the world would anyone vote for Trump? You'd be crazy to.

"I know, I know. The whole school is like her minions and with the snap of her fingers, they could all attack me and eat me alive." I explain and Claire pushes me into a classroom and locks the door behind her.

"Hello girls." A chirpy voice greets us and we both slowly turn around to see the one and only, Katie Holmes.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

"H-hey, Katie!" Claire says and I hold my breath, trying not to blurt out my thoughts that were running around in my head, wanting to come out.

Listen Katie, you whore! Yes, I called you a whore again but I don't care. You need to back off before I get all the boys to take you up the ass. I mean, since that's what you like to do for a living. By the way, they will be holding a chainsaw and shoving that up your hairy monkey ass so I hope you feel twice the pleasure.

"What?" Katie and Claire immediately turns to me in shock and my eyes widen.

I didn't say that aloud, did I?

I stayed quiet as no words made their way out of my mouth. I look at Katie to see her face as red as a cherry. "You will shove what up my ass?" Katie glares and I sigh in relief.

Oh thank heavens, I didn't blurt out all of it.

"Um, lollipops?" I say, trying to hide the fact that I was secretly going to get all the boys to shove a chainsaw up her rear end. Well actually, I really wasn't. I wasn't that cruel and digusting.

"Oh your so dead." Katie walks past me and out the door, leaving me to sigh and breath again. Claire turns to me and shakes her head. "Your lucky she didn't kill you." Claire mutters and I nod.

"I know."


"Hey girl, I heard what you did to Katie. That's hot. You wanna come over and chill at my place this afternoon?" A guy asks and I look up to see that it was the guy who was straddling me on Saturday night.

Oh and the memory pops up again. Yuck!

I look over at Claire and she sighs as she takes a bite of her pizza. I look at the guy and shake my head.

"If I were to go over to your house, we wouldn't 'chill' because you would be trying to get me into your bed. So, no." I give the guy a small smile and he shrugs and walks off towards his mates who were looking at him for an answer. I roll my eyes and take a bite of my chicken burger.

"You really need to get these guys under control. Every single day I see a guy come up to you, complimenting you then ask you if you want to go over to their house." Claire says and I raise an eyebrow at her.

"How am I suppose to do that? I can't just stand on a table and grab a microphone and tell all the boys to stop asking me for sex, Claire." I say and Claire chuckles and shakes her head.

"I never said you should do that but maybe what I have in mind will make you want to do what you said..." Claire mumbles and I sigh, placing my elbow on the table and resting my chin on the palm of my hand.

"What is it?" I ask and Claire looks over to a table were a few girls were and a boy. My eyes widen and I look at Claire in disbelief.

"Your not seriously suggesting that I should talk to him, are you?" I ask and Claire nods slowly. Before I could say a word, she quickly buts in.

"But he can make all this stop! He made the rumor, he can stop the rumor. Avery, please just give it a try. If it doesn't work, then you can do the microphone thing." Claire suggests and I sigh and shake my head.

"I'm not doing it." I say and Claire rubs her forehead.

"You have to try something." Claire tells me and I nod. "I know." I mutter and look over to where Rayne was. He was laughing and taking sips of his drink while the girls were giggling and the boy next to him was smiling. I look closely and take a look at the boy.

He had nice brown hair that was all over the place but in a good way. I noticed he had nice brown eyes and a smile that any girl would go w

eak at. He was wearing a black button shirt that stuck to him nicely and for a second, I swear I could see abs. When I look back at his face again, I notice that he was looking at me with a small smirk on his face. My mouth was gaped when I noticed who this boy was.

Meet Logan Maddox, the bad boy. Everyone knew he wasn't someone you would want to mess with because of one incident that happened last year. A guy, I don't know who but a guy spray painted his locker. I think the guy wrote 'your sister was good last night' or something and when Logan had found out who did it, the guy was sent to hospital and he was hurt badly, like, really bad. I mean, I would do the same but I didn't have a sister so I guess it wouldn't matter to me much but since Logan did. Her name was Emma and she was sixteen and living with Logan and their mom, I think. Anyway, Logan wouldn't let anyone talk shit about her so I don't even know why the guy did that. Doesn't he know that Logan practically kills people for a job? Well, thats what I heard.

Anyway, Logan was extremely good looking. Like I had said before, his smile was the kind that girls would go weak at the knees at but since he rarely smiles, you wouldn't see girls falling to the ground in disbelief when they saw Logan smile. Logan was never in relationship since he wasn't that type of person. He usually did one night stands at parties but that was it. I don't think he has had an actual relationship with any girl. If he did, it would be all over social media.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Claire asks and I look up at her, clearing my thoughts. I shake my head and bite my lip.

"I wasn't thinking about something special."

"Thats because you were thinking about someone, not so something." Claire grins and I roll my eyes.

"And who would that be, Claire?" I ask and Claire points over to where Rayne and Logan were sitting. "The bad boy." Claire states and I laugh dryly.

"Ha, like I would waste my time thinking about that delinquent." I say trying to avoid Claire's gaze but my eyes met hers and her eyebrows raises.

"Come to think of it, you have always had a thing for bad boys. I remember Travis, Marshall, Cole-"

"Okay, okay. What are you trying to prove?"

"Do you like him?" Claire asks and I nearly choke on my saliva. I cough and pat my chest when I am done. I look up at Claire to see her still grinning.

"No I do not." I say and Claire raises an eyebrow, her eyes staring into mine like she is trying to find something more. Too bad I already told her the truth. What? I don't. I hardly even know the guy anyway.

I stand up and grab my rubbish and walk over to the bin. I hear a few whistles from the table ahead and I roll my eyes and speed walk back to my chair, ignoring the stares that weren't on my face but on my ass. I could feel it.

I groan and lay my head down on the table. I hear Claire chuckle and I roll my eyes again.

I swear, boys have the dirtiest minds. Sure, I might of said that I will get the boys to shove a chainsaw up Katie's ass but gosh, their minds are way worse. If I had to guess what boys were thinking about, I would guess that they would be thinking about girls, television, sport and maybe more girls. Hey, I'm just guessing!

"Just tell them what actually happened." Claire says, bringing me out of my thoughts. I chuckle and shake my head.

"What happened to standing on a table with a microphone?" I ask looking up at Claire. She shrugs and I sigh. "Besides, they wouldn't listen to what I have to say. They are just so eager to get into my pants." I frown and Claire pouts.

"Don't worry, you'll find a man then they will go away." Claire smiles and I raise an eyebrow at my best friend.

"How long will that be?" I ask and Claire shrugs. "It depends. You can go man hunting or you can wait like the stupid fairytale princesses do. Your choice. I'll be back, I'm going to get some more food." Claire says and stands up. I nod at her and rest my head on my hands.

Claire does have a point. What is the point of waiting when you don't know how long your going to be waiting for when you can just go out there and find him yourself. But mostly every guy has came up to me asking for sex so how the hell do I find the odd one out of all these boys? I couldn't go to the good boys or nerds because them too have even secretly asked me if I wanted to do it. I know, what a reputation wrecker.

I look around the cafeteria and my eyes lock on one man in particular. He may have girls around him but does that really say that he is just like one of those other boys? He hasn't asked me for sex yet... so what's the worst that could happen? But how am I suppose to get his attention? I'm not going to act like one of the sluts and stick out my chest for him.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head and I felt the grin starting to form on my lips.

"Why are your grinning?" Claire asks as she takes her seat and places a plate of nachos in front of her. I take a chip and shove it in my mouth, looking at the bad boy. Claire notices me looking and her eyes widen.

"Your are not chasing him! You may like him but no! Big no no, Avery!" Claire says and I smile at her.

"I don't like him and I'm not chasing. Why would I do something like that?"

"Then what are you going to do?"

"What no one will expect." I grin and Claire narrows her eyes at me in question. The bell goes and Claire groans, probably because she had just got nachos. I laugh and shake my head at Claire but my mind wasn't focused on the fact that Claire had bought nachos, not looking at the time. My mind was bubbling up with the fact that I was going to go along with this stupid plan of mine.

I can't believe you couldn't of just talked to Rayne. If you did, you wouldn't have to go this far, my brain told me and I shrug.

I won't die, well, hopefully.


"I still think this isn't a good idea. Remember last year? I don't want you to go to hospital." Claire whispers and I sigh.

"If I do go to hospital, my will is in my pillow." I joke but Claire gives me a look like I wasn't joking. I pat her shoulder and smile at her.

"I will live. Calm down."

"I will calm down when I know your not going to die today. It's either Katie gets to you first or Logan murders you before she even has a chance." Claire mutters and I shake my head, chuckling.

"Its okay. If I die today, tell my parents I live them." I say dramatically but Claire just stares at me in disbelief. I roll my eyes and continue to walk behind the bad boy and his mates.

Yes, I was actually going along with my stupid plan. Oh wait, I haven't even told you. Okay well, I plan on-

"Show time." Claire says and I look ahead to see that the stairs were coming up. I hold my breath for a few seconds before releasing the oxygen from my mouth. I look down at Logan's feet and watch until I know when the time is right. I feel my heart starting to race and my hands starting to shake.

I take a deep breath before placing my foot in front of Logan's right foot and waited for him to take the next step. I bite my lip and watch as it all went in slow motion.

Claire beside me had her jaw touching the ground and Logan slowly fell towards the ground. I watch as his body hits the ground and a groan escaps his mouth. People around him saw that he fell, well, I tripped him but anyway, and they start to run towards him in shock. The girls were offering to help him up but he obviously said no and stood up himself. His brown eyes look around in anger and I knew that I was officially dead.

Claire grabs my hand and tries to pull me away from the situation but my feet were stuck until Logan's eyes meet min and I try to run but I couldn't move.

Oh fuck.

"Avery!" Claire yells and I look at her and finally felt my legs move. I start to run with Claire up the stairs but my leg went all retarded and twisted as I nearly made it up the last stair. My body slids against the cold tiles and Claire looks over at me.

"Go." I say and she looks between the tall figure walking up the stairs and me. I glare at her and she shakes her head but runs away. I stand up and lean against the wall, feeling weak. Logan looks over at me and smirks before standing right in front of me. I look down at my feet, feeling that if I look at him, I might faint. I don't know why but I just felt that I might.

"What?" Logan's voice booms around the halls and I hear people's feet walking away. I still don't dare to look up at him but he forces my head up by pushing his hand up while it's under my chin and my eyes goes wide when I see that Logan's eyes were dark.

Don't faint. Don't faint.

"Oh, it's you." Logan says and takes a look at my face while tilting his head. I hold my breath, trying not to lose concentration as I start to get lost in his utter hotness. Logan looks back up at me and grins. "Your the girl that was checking me out, huh?" He asks but I don't reply. He knows I am not going to say anything and he nods.

"Your lucky I didn't die." Logan says and I can't help but roll my eyes.

"Aren't you over exaggerating a little?" I ask and his one of his eyebrows raises. "And so she speaks." He mutters before stepping back and looking at me fully.

"You know, you look like a little scared girl but the fact that you just tripped me over proves that you have the balls to do such a dangerous thing." Logan says and steps closer to me and smirks.

"Your not going to get away with this, you know that right? And since your a girl, I won't beat you up or anything. I will simply do what I do best." Logan smirks and taps my cheek, still smirking.

"Hope you sleep well as you have a big day ahead of you. See you tomorrow, sunshine." Logan winks and walks away. I finally breathe again and I feel my cheeks.

Damn, I'm blushing again! Why do I have to blush so easily?

"Oh my god, your alive!" Claire jumps into view and I scream in fright.

"Holy shit, Claire! I could've died!" I say, holding my heart as I try to steady the beating. Claire hugs me before whispering, "Aren't you exaggerating a little?" Claire steps back and I can see her smirk. I glare at her before walking down with the stairs with my best friend beside me.

"Nah, I'm joking. I'm just so glad he didn't hurt you or anything." Claire smiles and I smile back at her.

"Yeah. Me too." I mutter and Claire wraps an arm around my shoulders.

"So, what's the next step of your plan?" Claire asks and I look at her and shrug.

"I actually have no idea."


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