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It took about five minutes after Keith left for me to realize that he never did answer my question about the fact that he said he didn't do black girls.

He said he isn't racist. So is it like a food thing? The way I don't hate carrot but I still don't eat it? The way he doesn't hate grapes but he still doesn't eat it? If I was given a carrot I wouldn't mind eating it if I had no choice. Wow Maya. Good job comparing yourself to a carrot.

I shook my head and decided not to give it so much thought. Just to keep busy since my little men had taken over the TV, I started moving from one part of the room to another, looking at posters, reading post-it notes that were years old, smiling at his cursive writing that was so familiar and finally looking at old pictures taken with his friends when he was in highschool and college. I burst out laughing when I saw a picture of a teenage Keith with black hair, eye liners and eye shadows and snakebites piercings with ridiculously tight pants and a guitar. Even an eyebrow piercing. He even had a spiked choker and spiked wristbands on. The black nail polish killed the look. I took one of the pictures as I laughed some more.

Who would have thought..? Blackmail material... Oh God this is going to be good.

Flipping through the album some more made me loose my smile a little. I didn't have pictures like that. I never had friends in high school. I really did stick out like a sore thumb and I was really awkward socially, so there was no one like that. I really did hope to have some but it never happened. That was why I considered Avery a beautiful breath of fresh air. He had been my very first friend, and remembering him brought a smile back on my face because I loved Avery to the point that I believe that if not having friends as a kid was the price to pay to have someone like Ave, I was happy to pay that price.

Logan was the first to get cranky. I looked at where they were and found out Lucas had fallen asleep, so I quickly rushed over and picked Logan up before the noise would wake the sleeping one up. The fact that he fell asleep so close to our feeding hour bothered me because I didn't like disturbing them when they were asleep but for my sanity, I tried maintaining a kind of schedule and for that reason, we had a feeding hour. I just pushed the stroller closer to the bed for easy reach and then went back to the bed and got comfortable as Logan got crankier. I had just made sure he was properly latched when there was a knock on the door.

Not really putting my mind to it, I asked who it was and Amanda replied. I jolted up and that almost made me disrupt the feeding baby.

"We're kind of busy right now..." I called out while looking around for something to cover up with. This was someone that had never made me feel comfortable since I became a member of her family, so you'd understand why I didn't want her to see me nursing. I had big breasts that naturally got bigger when I got pregnant and much much bigger when I started nursing, and she had called me fat in the past. So I definitely didn't want her to see me nursing. But when the door opened, I concluded that she either didn't hear me or she didn't care that I'd said I was busy.

I turned away a bit when she saw us and looked away. "Oh.. I didn't realize you were busy. Pardon my intrusion. I thought you said I should come in."

I shook my head while turning away to back her a little. "No.. I said we were kind of busy. Good afternoon."

She nodded and looked around. There was an awkward air in the room. "Should I go ahead and sit down or leave? I can leave if it will make you uncomfortable." She said and I felt my jaw hit the ground at her words. Amanda was being polite to me. She was actually speaking to me like I was a human being and not something lower. Sure, she'd come when I was still pregnant to apologize and ask me to talk to Keith but that was it.

I cleared my throat. "I can back you a little if you sit down there." I replied, nodding towards the chair close to the stroller. I backed her a little, not completely so that I'd keep an eye on her and the sleeping Lucas.

I watched her sit down and look into the stroller to look at Lucas who was beginning to wake up after just 20 minutes of napping. She sucked in a deep breath when she saw his eyes. That was her first time of meeting them. Because Keith had refused to meet up with her or see her, she hadn't been able to see her grandsons too. She didn't even know they're identical. Lucas was the first she was seeing.

"Oh my God." she whispered. They looked like their father. All they got from me was my nose, ears, fingers and toes and perhaps a little melanin. Apart from those features, everything else was Keith.

"May I?" she asked and I nodded. She picked him up and I was almost too embarrassed to watch Amanda, hard hearted, mean, hates-poople boss bitch Amanda making teary eyed goo-goo faces at her grandson. And then he yawned and she was gone. It was funny to watch.

"What's his name?"

"Lucas. He's Lucas Mitchell James and this lil guy over here is Logan Michael James."

She chuckled softly. "I guess Keith named them."

"Yes. He did. Terrible names." I said without thinking.

"I know. He has never been good with names. He called his first pet goldfishes King, Queen, Emperor, Constantine, Bishop and Irene. I still don't know how he knew which was which." she replied and I laughed a little even though it was a little awkward and weird because this is my mother in-law we're talking about. She never told me stories or joked with me. Ever. She never even talked to me.

Realizing that Logan's sucking had reduced, I transferred him to the other and after a few minutes, he let go. Tucking myself back in for a little privacy, I started rubbing his back to burp him and what snapped me out of my thoughts were the words "I can burp him while you feed Lucas if you want."

I looked out her outfit and shook my head. "If something comes up with the burp it might stain your outfit." I argued but she shook her head and said it was fine. What's an outfit compared to burping and meeting your grandson? were her words and so I gave him to her and took Lucas.

"They're identical." she gasped and I nodded with a small smile as I tickled Lucas's stomach and getting a smile from him before getting down to business.

After a few minutes of silence, I cleared my throat. "Is he going to be okay down there?"

"I believe he will. He's strong."

"He's not as strong as you imagine him to be."

"I know him. He's strong, he's like me. He will be fine." she argued and I shook my head. She didn't know him as much as she thought she did. Keith was not like her. Similar, yes. But the little difference between them made all the difference in the world. To think that he found out before I even gave birth. The fact that he had to deal with all that and still deal with my snappy hormonal ass made me respect him more.

"He's similar to you but you're not the same at all, and the fact that he has a really soft spot for family is the reason why it hurts so much. And dealing with how he has been for the past month, I hope he will be fine."

There was another moment of silence before she said anything else. "How was he then? How is he now? Didn't see or hear from him in months, and I worry about him. He's my son. I wouldn't have lied to him if it wasn't necessary. I didn't even like the fact that I lied."

"I can't exactly explain it in words. He just tried to mask it and bury it deep down by keeping himself busy with work, me, the kids, anything time consuming. Why did you lie, if I may be bold enough to ask?"

"His father hated what his life had become after the accident. He was paraly

ut I didn't want to be rude, so I went back inside and thanked them for having us for dinner and finally left the house.

"I'll drive. Now scoot over." I said when I got back to the car which he did. Just then, the twins woke up and I knew I was in for a long night.

When we finally managed to crawl into bed that night by 2am, my eyes were red from exhaustion. Immediately my head hit the pillow, I went out like light.

I had no idea what it was that woke me up but when I woke up around 4:30am, the other side of the bed was empty and cold and I went in search of him. I found him downstairs on his laptop with the television on to provide background noise.

When I got close enough to see what he was up to, I saw that he was reading stuff related to animal shelters. I looked closer and saw the forms on his chest and beside him. The cats. All of them were there on the couch with him.

"Can't sleep?" I asked as I made my way to where he sat.


I joined him on the couch and took a sip of whatever was in his glass and frowned in distaste when I realized it was brandy. "Eww. So early in the morning."

He shrugged. "Are you sure you want to do the whole shelter thing?"

"yes. I am. Especially the physically challenged ones, the elderly abandoned ones or the ones that their owners are too old to take care of and the abused abandoned ones."

"That is a good cause, but are you sure you want to do it now? I think you're being too fast about the whole thing. You still haven't written your licensing exam, and I know you really do have a passion for vet medicine. Won't it be better if you put the whole shelter thing on hold for now and gain more experience in the area you studied?"

I put the laptop away and then straddled him. "You just said out loud what I've been thinking." I said before pressing a kiss to his nose, and his arms went around my waist.

"You know, you did good today. It wasn't easy but you did have a conversation, introduced him to your family and even tried having dinner. That's a whole lot for someone that felt as neglected as you have been feeling for the past few months. It's not everyday your dad comes back to life after so freaking long and you agree to have anything to do with him."

"I just wish it will get better sooner."

"It will. Just keep an open mind, try not to focus on the bad part. And your mum, you can't just kick her out of your life just like that. She misses you. Her grandsons are 4 months old and she just saw them for the very first time today because you refused to let her meet them. The woman I saw today isn't the Amanda I'm used to. Yes she was nicely dressed as usual and carried herself in a grand way but you know what I'm talking about."

"She lied to me. All my life."

"To protect you. If I were in her shoes, I would do the same. This thing called maternal instinct is funny, and really strong. There's no way I'd let my son know that his father left not just because he hated what his future looked like but because he didn't want his son to see him that way because it's very easy to convince yourself that you did wrong, that you caused the whole thing." When he didn't say anything, I continued.

"I love you babe, and I know how much you love her and she you, and I've seen how the drift affected both of you. She may not like me but I saw the way she looked at her grand babies this afternoon. For crying out loud she was excited enough to just tell me a story from your childhood and that says a lot to me. So try to keep an open mind, try to let go. See it from her point of view. It may help you understand."

He grunted and buried his face in my chest. "Have I ever told you you're freaking smart?" he murmured and I smiled a little. "And I'm so lucky someone like you can put up with someone like me. You're like a gazillion times amazing and so perfect and I'm so glad I listened to Leo that night years ago. I never would have seen what I had before me if he hadn't talked sense into me."

"Which night?"

"The first time we had sex. You should have seen him. He was mad, so freaking mad but he spoke in this low calm controlled voice that made me mad."

"Ohh that night was a shitty night for me. I thought I took advantage of a drunk you."

"I wasn't drunk" he replied and my eyes widened in surprise. "What? You weren't? You ass. Why didn't you tell me? I thought I raped you."

"Ohhh shit. That must have been horrible."

"It was mortifying. I hated myself more."

"Well one thing I do know is that I haven't really forgiven myself for all I did to you, but you are literally my world and I love you with everything in me and wish to spend the rest of my life proving that to you."

"Awww. You're so cheesy." I said in a low voice before kissing him. When we got married years ago, I never imagined that we'd come this far but somewhere along the line it happened, and we made it this far. Who would have thought? I turned from being his unwanted bride to being one of the most important persons in his life as he was in mine too.

"I love you too Keith." I breathed against his lips. I finally found love. I finally found happiness.

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