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"If you're feeling the hornies, I don't know why you're not doing it." Avery said while running on the treadmill and I shushed him while looking around us to make sure no one was close enough to hear what he said. I met up with him in the gym because he said he was beginning to lose his abs to fat. So I brought cake and soda, he cursed me for hating him and bringing the things responsible for his extra pounds but he still took them. If I had brought veggies he would have complained too. Somewhere along the line, my sex life or the lack of it came up.

"Stop screaming Avery! We don't need the whole world to know my business."

"What are you talking about? It's just you and I and that guy over there. There's no one here. You're just being paranoid." I knew I was being paranoid.

"Still keep your voice down. The walls have ears."

"Where are the boys again?"

"With my dad."

"Okay. So as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by an insect, if you want to do it just do it. I didn't know even married people have issues like that."

"I'm still recovering."

"Bullshit Danica. It's been 4 months. How long does the vagina need to recover from being cut open? I remember hearing 6 weeks. That's a month and two weeks depending on how fast a person heals. You healed a while ago. You're just giving excuses. What's the real reason?" he asked as he turned off the treadmill and focused on me.

"I'm really dry down there." I whispered in an embarrassed voice.

"Lube exists for a reason." He replied with a shrug. "When last was there any action between you guys?"

"After my exams, that was a year ago."

"I remember hearing he's really sexual, full of so much energy it makes you wonder."


"And there hasn't been any pressure from him to do the do?"

"Not exactly. He usually stops once I say I'm uncomfortable."

"So he hasn't gotten any in a year basically."

"I guess so, yes."

"Well then. He's either getting it somewhere or he has the patience of a saint."

"I have been finishing him off, just not the actual thing."

"It you have concerns, talk about them with him. He will listen. And ask him if he's been getting it somewhere else. I'm so used to cheating partners I can't help but be paranoid on your behalf. I can't help but wonder why he's being so patient even though he is this wild ball of sexual energy."

"I didn't call him that."

"Nah. You just implied it. Also, I want to eat your lasagna. Call me whenever it's lasagna night over there in the James' household."

I zoned out of the conversation. I didn't want to suspect Keith. Yes, there hasn't been any between us since that night but still. I did everything except go all the way. I hoped it would hold him off till I was fully ready. Yes, I'd been thinking about it for a while but I was yet to go all the way without freaking out or feeling weird. I didn't even know why I was feeling that way.

"Earth to, Danica." I heard Avery say followed by a snap of his fingers in my face. "You shouldn't think so hard about it. Just ask him, that's all. Now I regret saying anything in the first place."

"It's fine. I have to go. Have to go pick up the boys. I'll call you later about the blog thing." I replied before walking out of the gym. Avery and I had been considering opening a blog to reach out to people. He'd get to talk about makeovers and dressups and fashion and stuff while I'd talk about self love and battling with your insecurities and acceptance, saying no to internet trolling, bullying, racism, hate in general. But we hadn't decided on when to begin and a name. My thoughts wandered back to what he said and I shook my head. Did I suspect Keith? No. I didn't. He didn't give me any reason to do so. Was I going to ask him if there was someone else? Yes because the Avery's logic had taken root in my head. How could a virile young man like that just be okay with handjobs and heads? Before we really got together those years ago, there had been so many women. I didn't even keep count because there was no point.

No. I don't suspect him. He wouldn't do that to me. He loves me.

I said that over and over again in my head as I drove to my dad's house to pick up my kids. I continued saying it while I made dinner at home, I was quiet during dinner because my mind was preoccupied with the thought. So while he rinsed off his plates, I continued picking my food before I sucked it up and asked the question.

"Keith I want to ask you something."


"Are you...seeing someone else?"


"Are you with another woman?"

"Why would you ask me that?" he asked while turning to face me.

"Because the last time we were together that way was a year ago. And you like sex but you haven't even tried pressuring me or anything. So I was wondering if you're that chilled because you're getting it somewhere else."

"Why will I pressure you to have sex when I know about the lubrication issue you're having and the paranoia that you'll get pregnant again once it happens? You've been weird about the whole sex thing and I figured it just had to do with childbirth fucking with your system. I even called the doctor to ask her if it's normal and she said it is. I like sex, who doesn't like it? But I'm not cheating on you. I'm not getting it elsewhere and I have a lot of things going on which are actually impeding on my libido to even think of p

o keep them busy. Finding out they loved watching cartoons was the best thing ever because they easily got bored. I watched him pull Lucas's finger out of his mouth and slipping in the pacifier in place of the finger. Logan had the end of their blanket in his mouth and Keith pulled it out and replaced it with his own pacifier.

"Babe. Come sit. They're fine. Let them watch their stuff now before they'll also lose interest in that one too." I said while patting the bed and he came over and sat down.

"I don't think I can do this."

"Yes you can."

"I'm too angry. I have hate in my heart but deep down I still want to know why he did it. I'm very nervous because I don't know how I'll react. I really loved my dad, and to think that he'd choose leaving over staying. I know you've been teaching me a lot about forgiveness and honestly, I've come really far but I don't know."

"I can't tell you what to do, but you're smart. You'll do the right thing. Now tell me about him. Is he racist too?"

He frowned. "What the hell? I don't know anyone that's racist."

"What? Your mum isn't? You are not?"

"No! What even made you think that?"

"The day we got married your words were she's black? I don't do black girls mother and she told you to deal with it just for the business. And if he judges body size too let me know so that I'll grace myself for whatever he'll have to dish out." I said with a shrug. I wasn't pained or anything. I just preferred knowing.

"Sheesh. We're not racists Maya. My mother just hates people generally. If she were racist she wouldn't have wanted anything to do with your dad. And if I were racist Sammy wouldn't be my friend, and I won't be married to you. And I definitely wouldn't be a fan of So Ji Sub." he deadpanned and I pressed my fist against my lips in shock.

"You watch Korean dramas?" I said with a gasp and his eyes widened when he realised what he said.

"No." he said looking at anything but me.

"Yes you do! Why the secrecy?"

"I do not. Who watches their sappy love stories? It's not manly to watch love stories... And I never said I do."

"Why else will you be a fan of So Ji Sub if not because you watch his movies? It's definitely not because he models." I asked while cackling like a crazy bat. That was the funniest thing I'd heard all day, finding out that my husband secretly watched Korean dramas. I tried imagining him with so much hate on his face for some characters. It was too precious. I decided to pick on him.

"Oh my Venus was a waste of time."

"Take that back Maya. It was a good movie and the girl was very pretty and..." he saw the look on my face."Shit. I.. Fine." he said while raising his hands in mock surrender. "You got me. I watch them."

"That was too easy." I said with a laugh before leaning in to kiss him. "How do you feel now? See? It's better to have a conversation than to pace."

"Yeah. Much better. Thank you." he said before deepening the kiss. A knock on the door made him break away. "Yes?"

"Mrs James said I should inform you that Mr James has arrived.".

Keith stood up and took a deep breath and then let it out over and over again and

Said "It's show time. I'll be back soon."

Holla. Long time no update. Hope y'all been good.

Once again I was unable to write the smutty scene. It, once again, felt weird and sounded so strange and weird I had to delete it. Let your imagination do the trick.

Thanks for the votes, comments, everything. I really appreciate it.

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