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Being a mother of two newborns took it's toll on me. I couldn't sleep as much as I needed because there were times Lucas would want to feed as soon as I closed my eyes.

Lucas turned out to be a crier. At any possible time, he cried and whenever he did, Logan followed. It was like clockwork, so regular that it didn't come as a shock anymore. But because I was recovering from the CS, Keith had it easier than I did. He coped so well but I didn't. I got so used to him doing all those things that I began dreading his absence. He had more control of those things than I did. There was a week when he had to go on a business trip. My dad helped to a certain extent but he wasn't Keith, so he didn't have the magic touch. Avery had the touch to a certain extent but he was indisposed.

I had been counting down to his return because he knew much more than I did, but one day, we all cried together because I got tired of hearing them cry and there was no one to help. Usually, if one started, my dad or Keith or Avery or someone was always there to calm one down but that day, I was alone and tired and sleep-deprived. So when it started I tried calming him and just when I thought I'd succeeded, Logan started and Lucas started again. I joined them. The dam finally broke and all my frustration came flooding my eyes.

I cried and pleaded and pleaded and it was like nothing was working. Yes, I felt like a huge failure because which mother out there cannot control her babies? Which mother out there cannot stop her babies from crying? Which mother out there cried alongside them instead of focusing on calming them down? I knew it wasn't time for a diaper change because I'd just changed the diapers. They just fed, so what was the problem?

That was how Keith met us about 5 minutes later that night, me bawling my eyes out while holding two equally crying babies. He took Lucas away and almost immediately, he kept quiet. Did I mention that Lucas is partial towards Keith? His dad was literally his favorite person. Diaper change with Keith was easy because he cooperated with him. All I basically did for him was feed him because Keith couldn't do that for him.

When he finally got Lucas to calm down and everything fell into place, I was exhausted and so grateful.

"Thank you." I muttered when we finally put them to sleep and I blew my nose into a tissue and he hummed in response. I asked if he'd had dinner and he shook his head.

"I'll order something when I get home. How are you?"

"I'm fine now. It will be too late to order anything by the time you get home." I said as I sat up and got out of bed.

"Maya just go to sleep."

"I'm not a baby. I don't have to be in bed by 8."

"You know them.-" he began while nodding towards them."- They'll wake up soon and you'll have to wake up too. So try to be asleep when they are." and that shut me up. I laid down again and watched him pull off his shoes before getting into the bed beside me. Somewhere along the line, that had become our routine. On the nights I found it difficult to fall asleep, he'd lay down beside me and talk to me until I fell asleep and in the early hours of the morning or whenever, he'd leave.

Our relationship was the strangest thing ever. We were together in that we were still legally married, we were new parents, we looked out for each other when possible, cared and loved each but we weren't together. Together and yet not together. He never pushed even though I could see it in his eyes that he was getting tired of the whole thing. He had asked me to move back in a couple of times but I'd given one reason or another, never actually telling him the truth, that I was afraid that things would become bad again and this time around, I also had the kids to think about not just myself. Normal me would have moved back in as soon as things got better but this time, it wasn't just me but also our sons.

I closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep, waited for it to come but when it didn't after what felt like thirty minutes, I let out a sigh. I just sat up and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know. Maybe walk around the house, don't something to relax. I can't sleep. Come on, I'll heat up the leftover for you. Amelia's lasagna is to die for and she also made tacos. I kept some for you. Know how much you love 'em." I replied while pulling my pajama pants higher would as to not touch my CS scar since it was still sensitive.

Picking up one of the baby monitors on the bedside drawer, I followed him out. Soon, while he ate the warmed food, I played a game on my phone.

"Maya?" he called out and I hummed a reply.

"I know I've asked before, but I'll just ask one last time. What exactly are we? I've been thinking. I keep asking myself what our relationship is but I can't really explain it. Just two individuals that are parents or a married/separated/complicated couple? It is kind of confusing."

"I... I uhmm... "

"I'm not saying this to pressure you but I've been wondering if I should just go ahead and sign the papers. I have literally done everything in my power to get things back to the way they were but it's obviously not working. If you're not interested in getting back together, I can't force you, there's nothing I can do about that. All I want to do is to know where we stand. I want to know if we're goi

s eyes to look at me. "wait what? Say that again."

"I love you?"

"No the other one."

"I want to be with you."


"I'm willing to try again. I love you and I believe in second chances and you've been amazing these past months and I miss you too and Blinky misses you too and..." he kissed me.

"Your breath stinks." I said when I pulled back and he laughed before blowing it in my face. "Eww. You're such a pig."

"Yours smells like a drawer filled with dirty socks." he replied.

I laughed a little before leaning in to kiss him again. "I love you Maya." he whispered in between and I hoped against all hopes that I wasn't making a mistake I'd regret for the rest of my life. But then I realized that if I continued fearing it, I'd also miss out on the good things.

"I know there are going to be ups and downs, we're going to fight about things as small as keeping the toothpaste cap on, I'll do stupid things but I want you to know that I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy. I don't deserve you Maya. You're too good for me but I love that I have you in my life because you're an amazing person."

"You do have a way with words." I said with a small chuckle.

"Well that's the truth. I just said it."

The feeling of wetness made me pull back and I looked at my shirt and saw two spots that continued spreading. "You're leaking."

"No kidding Captain Obvious. Time to pump. I will see you when the sordid action is over." I groaned.

"You know I don't find it weird at all."

"I'm still not going to pump in front of you. I'll feel like a cow."

I never pumped before him. Watching that thing milk me was horrible and I honestly felt like a cow. I couldn't do that even though he didn't think it's a big deal.

"I can help you know. You can just come to me instead of using a pump." he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes and I gasped.

"Oh my God. It's not just a pregnancy fetish. You like this too." I said with my eyes wide open while waving at my chest.

"I also have an underwear fetish. I like just yours though. And you know how I feel about the mirrors in the room." he said with a shrug.

The way he said it made me think back to my still missing thong.

"My thong from that first night."

"Uh huh. I laundered and put it in the bottom end of my socks drawer."

"Who am I married to?" I laughed when I got over it.

"A freak." he said with a sweet smile.

Yes, I truly did marry a freak.

Hi y'all. I've been working on this one for weeks and I finally completed it. They made up, yaaay. I believe forgiveness is important. You do it for you not for them. Free yourself of a burden. Forgive. I also believe in second chances..... To a certain level. And in marriages, especially when they're were times you'd think back to and remember the happy days, I believe in second chances too.. Depending on the circumstances. I made Maya the kind of person that values forgiveness. People will think its weakness but it's not. It's what helped her get that far in life despite everything.

Also, Gunther's words about love not being a fight but being something worth fighting for are words I got from the song "Love is not a fight by Warren Barfield" which I love love love so much. I put up the video above in case y'all wanna listen to it.

Next chapter will come as soon as possible. I love the positive and funny reviews. Thanks you guys. I really appreciate that. Vote and comment please. They make me happy and they help too.

Till next time, peace and be happy ?????????????????

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