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Maya's POV

When I came to, it was 12am and I was alone in the room. I hadn't even seen of held my babies. My hands had been shaking, so I wasn't even allowed to think I could hold them at that point, and somewhere along the line, I vomited and not so long after, I fell asleep.

Just when I picked up my phone which Keith left on the table beside the bed, the door opened and I looked up and saw my dad.

"Congratulations sweetheart." he said immediately as he smiled at me. He dropped the basket he had in his hand on the floor and kissed my cheek.

"You did good Maya. I just saw them, they're the tiniest things, tinier than you were and you were tiny."

"I haven't seen them. I wasn't able to hold them because of the shaking they said was a side effect of the anaesthetic and then I fell asleep. I just work up. Have you seen Keith?"

"He's still there looking at them. He's been there for a long while."

I pressed the call button and soon, a nurse came in. And it was Jason. The look of surprise on my face was priceless and he even laughed at that.

"You're finally awake. Congratulations Maya. I saw your babies and they're the cutest things."

"Thank you." I said when I felt myself dozing off again. I frowned, that wasn't normal.

"Just close your eyes and sleep Maya. It's the effect of the drugs."

"I haven't seen them, and where is Keith?"

I don't remember the reply he gave to me as I actually dozed off not long after. When I woke up hours later, Keith was on a call.

"Leo just tell my mother I'll speak to her when I'm ready to. Calling me with a different number or going through you isn't going to work this time around." I cleared my throat and he looked at me. "I'll talk to you later. Maya just woke up.....Fine. I'll ask her if she can talk to you....Are you up to speaking to anyone? If yes Leo wants to talk to you. He was here earlier but you were asleep, so he left because he had an appointment." I nodded to his question and reached out for the phone. I really did like Leo and would still talk to him even if I was dying.

"Hey Leo." I said softly.

"Congratulations Maya. You did real good. They're the tiniest cutest things I've ever seen in my life."

"Thanks Leo. And y'all should stop calling my babies tiny because they'll grow bigger than all of you."I replied with a small laugh.

"I'm sorry. They're just so adorable I can't help myself. Keith didn't let anyone touch them because you haven't touched them and because it's not healthy. I did see their faces though."

"Whoa. That's unexpected and mighty sweet of him. Well once were out of here, you can touch them all you want and can...when you're allowed to though."

"Sure thing doll.

gise once again for being a..."

"Shh. Maya I said its fine. I don't blame you for lashing out at all. If I hadn't fucked up, none of that would have happened. It was wrong for me to have hurt and belittled you got so long and then expected you to just fall in line with my decision to make it work. And when you actually tried to make it work, I went ahead and hurt you all over again by not being attention I've and being unnecessarily stubborn. I don't blame you. You were hurt and had raging hormones and I was an ass too, so I'm sorry too. Now enough with the apologies. Sleep. You still need it."

I gave a small smile and finally gave in to scratching my body which had been itching since I woke up.

"How do you really feel?" he asked and I shrugged.

"Honestly? Sore, numb and tired. Feel like a trailer ran me over and did a number to my lower half while at the same time, I feel like that lower half is also dead."

"Sorry. That can't be helped. Just close your eyes and sleep, regain your energy. They did say feeding is Sally done every 2-3 hours. Catch all the ZZZs you can before another visiting hour comes. You know they will wake you up this time around. So just sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." he said and at that, I closed my eyes and gave in to the much needed sleep. The last thoughts on my mind was how can one man be so amazing? How can you love someone so much Maya? How did you end up here? Hope this good feeling will last forever...

Hi y'all. So sorry for the late update. This story is almost complete. Don't think it has up to 5 chapters left, I don't know. But I know it's almost done and in so happy. Thanks for all the positive comments and votes. Much love. Please don't forget to ?? and ?? They help me more than you know.

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