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Keith's POV

"Alright. Deep breaths. Don't panic. We will get through this. It's no big deal." I said and I heard her chuckle.

"Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince me."

"No I'm not freaking out. I'm definitely not freaking out. I'm calm now." I took deep breaths and tired to remain calm because that was the most scary moment of my life. To think that she'd go into labor when I went to see her. What if I had been in one corner drinking my liver to death all in the name of bad feelings? More deep breaths and I was finally able to grasp onto a weak sense of calm within.

"Okay what next?" I asked when she moved away from the door.

"What's next is to have a shower and find my best maternity gown and throw it on. Have to make sure it's properly ironed. Oh and call my dad. He said he wants to be there when it's happening. And go through that labour bag and give me a sanitary pad. Don't want that bloody stuff to get on my underwear again." she replied and I looked at her as if she was crazy. Who the fuck wants to iron and look good when in labour? A shower? Finding her best maternity outfit and making sure it's properly ironed? I watched her pull out her mini makeup purse and she started rummaging through it.

"What are you doing now?" I asked with a light frown on my face. I was as confused as I looked.

"Finding the best lipstick shade. I can't welcome my babies looking ruffled. Have you called my dad?" She replied as she set a dark shade of red apart and I knew that was her choice.

I dialled her father's number and when he picked, I filled him in on what was happening.

"So where's Maya now?"

"She's going in for a shower."

"What the hell?"

"is this normal?"

"I don't know, I wasn't there when she was born." He replied with disbelief in his voice. We concluded the call and then I called the hospital to let them know we were coming. I went into the bathroom just when she turned the water off.

"What are you doing in here? I'm naked for crying out loud."

"Just want to ensure that you are safe."

"I've been showering on my own since I got pregnant. Go away." she shouted, embarrassment naked as she was rang in her voice as she tried to cover herself with her arms and that was what drew my attention to her body and despite the tension in the air, I felt my length harden in my pants

"You're so beautiful." I heard myself murmur.

" that an erection I see? You se... Fuck! Oh God." she shouted as she blindly reached out for something to grab which was my hand. I winced when she squeezed very hard and I felt my wrist bones shift within. When her hold loosened, she finally opened her eyes.

"That was stronger than the ones I have been having all morning."

"You've been having contractions all morning?" I asked with a frown.

"I've been having it since the preterm scare. Mini ones once in a while but today has been more consistent than the last two weeks but I didn't pay attention to them." I grabbed two towels from the rack and gave one to her. As she dried her face and neck, I did her legs. I was anxious to get going. Why was she so calm? It didn't make any sense to me at all. I was surprised she didn't kick me for touching her without her permission, considering how embarrassed she was about the whole thing.

When she was finally dry, she left to dress up and I stayed back in to put the towels in the laundry basket and then I peed. By the

on a little embarrassing secret."

"What secret?" I could hear the movement in the background as they got ready for the C-section. They were having a conversation as if they gave together for tea. I liked the fact that there was no tension in the atmosphere and Keith was trying to keep my attention on him and it was working.

"I cry when I poop." he said with a straight face and I chuckled a little.


"When I really push down, I tear up a lot. I actually feel tears welling up in my eyes when I go number two."

"That's so weird."

"I know right? It scared me back when I realized it. I thought I was dying." he replied with a little laugh.

We continued having little conversations, and I even asked a few questions which the doctor answered. It felt like forever but I when the first boy came into the world. He was soon followed by his brother. Neither of them were given to me immediately as they went to clean them up and other necessary things. I raised trembling hands to my face and tried to cover my mouth when a happy sob left my lips.

"They're so wrinkly and the one I saw now has so much hair" I said in a choked voice.

I wasn't the only one moved by their birth. Keith's eyes were bright with tears too and he laughed a little before leaning in to press a kiss on my forehead and cheek.

"I love you." he said and I looked into his eyes. This man had made me laugh and cry and feel so many good things and the bad too. This man had been trying to fix things between us after messing up, this man that had been as involved as possible despite my negative attitude, this man had been with me throughout delivery even though he didn't have to. This man had my heart and refused to let it go. This man that is the father of my children. This man that I loved with all my heart despite everything that had happened.

"I love you too." I replied with a small smile on my face. I truly did love him despite everything.

Finally! After googling so much and getting scarred by so many pregnancy stories, I made it. I finally finished typing it. Finally done with my exams and to all those who wished me well, thank you so much for the good luck wishes.

Tough chapter I tell you. Please don't forget to vote and comment. Lemme know what you think.

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