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Maya's POV

"Weeeelll you can't be mad at him for not doing anything because he didn't know. You didn't call, neither did your dad nor his mum, and he's not a mind reader, so there's no way he would have known. But deep down I feel he called but couldn't get to you because this is Keith we're talking about. His persistent nature is almost annoying." Avery said as he polished my toenails.

"Excuse me. I'm a pregnant woman and so I'm allowed to be irrational whenever I want to be." I replied while going through the box that contained all my nail polish bottles in search of a beautiful shade of red.

"Are you done with your counseling stuff?" he asked and I shook my head. I had called Suzanne, my therapist because of the way I reacted the day we got back from the hospital and so we had a mini session over the phone and she offered to come to the house if I wanted her to or we'd continue with the phone sessions and wait till I give birth before going back to her office and I choose the later.

"Are you okay? Are they coming again?" Avery asked with a frown on his face and I realized I had unconsciously reached down to rub my belly where I felt a light contraction.

"I'm fine." I reassured him. "I have been having light contractions since that day. Guess I'll keep having contractions until they're finally out. I can't wait. I'm so tired of being pregnant. It's like the longest and most uncomfortable thing I've ever had to do and that's saying a lot because I have done uncomfortable things." I groaned before reaching back to rub my back.

"Have you seen the nursery Keith made for the babies?"

"No. Haven't been there since I moved out, don't think I can handle it. By the way I'm hungry. I want ice cream."

"Ice cream isn't food." Avery grumbled as he blew on my toenails before reaching for the nail dryer.

"Yeah, well I still want it... And cookies. I'm calling Keith."

"Is that a good idea? You can't really do that after blowing him off many times."

I chewed on my lower lip before shrugging. "He did say I can call him if I have a craving and he will come right over. And I'm pregnant, so I can disturb whoever I want to, starting from you. Would you be a doll and change the nail polish to green? This Black isn't doing it for me. " I said with a sweet smile while wiggling my toes as I picked up my phone and sent a text which he replied with an okay almost immediately.

"Girl you must be sick in the head if you think I'm thing to redo the nails I spent 15 minutes of my life doing. 15 minutes which I will not get back. I'm not Keith sweetheart, so I won't listen."

"Don't call me crazy." I whimpered with tears brewing in my eyes. He looked at me and saw me trying to hold back the waterworks and his face fell.

"Oh shit. Danica come on. Don't cry. I'm sorry. You're not crazy. I'm the crazy one for not telling you it's not a pretty color. I admit it it's a horrible color. I'll redo the nails and do any other thing you want. Just don't cry." he babbled

"But you said it is a pretty color when I picked it out in the first place."

"It's whatever you want Maya." He said as he pulled me into a much needed hug.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cry." I mumbled into his neck. "It's the babies. They're making me emotional and hungry and I always forget things. I don't remember where I kept the gold wristwatch Keith got for me or the pearls you gave to me. I've been searching for so long and thinking really hard to remember but I can't. And now I'm hungry and the food isn't coming as fast as I want it to." I cried shamelessly and he kept patting and rubbing my back while telling me to let it all out.

Finally, I calmed down and blew my nose into the tissue while rubbing my eyes with the tips of my fingers. I watched him reach for the nail polish remover and when he reached for my foot, I snatched it back.

"Leave the nail polish on. I like it." I said and he ga

a new son could do that, and that was exactly how I felt and expected her to feel. No one could ever take her place in my own life because she was my mother, I didn't have another and didn't want another because no matter what she had done, she had raised me all on her own when my dad died and she had done a very good job at that.

She cleared her throat and then stood up to leave and brushed her hand down her skirt to smoothen out invisible wrinkles. "Well I have said what I had in mind to say and thank you for listening. I have a meeting with someone, so I will talk to you later."

I nodded and walked behind her to lock up. While she walked down the stairs and the driver stood by the door waiting for her to get there, I called out.

"Mother?" she turned.

"I love you." I said with a small smile. I felt she needed to hear those words to reassure her that she still had me and I wanted to say those words to her so she'd know I didn't hate her, that I was just angry at the whole thing.

"I..." she started but the sound of her phone ringing cut her off. With a frown, she dug into her purse for it and when she looked at the screen to know who was calling, her frown turned into a scowl which made her pretty face look ugly. She didn't pick the call but she did look up and gave me a nervous smile which wiped the scowl off her face.

"I have something else to tell you." she said as she walked back to where I was so she wouldn't shout. Her tone made me know it was pretty important.

"what is it?" I asked as I opened the door wider for her to get inside.

"We should sit down for this." she said as she walked to the bar and I frowned when I saw her pull down the bottle of brandy and a shot glass. She never drinks unless she needs to dull her nerves and say something she has to say and that happens almost never because she's usually the type to just say what she wants to say without caring whether or not her words hurt you.

"What's going on mum?"

After a moment of walking around and drinking to calm herself, she sat down and said "This is hard for me because I have lied to you for so long and I don't know how you'll take it."

"Stop stalling and just say it."

"It's about your father. He's... He's not dead. I lied, we both did. He's alive and he wants back into your life."

It took me a while to process her words and when I did, the shock that hit me would have knocked me down.


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