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I looked away from the TV screen for a second when the door to my ward opened and closed and in walked the last person I wanted to see at that point. Keith.

"Hey." He said with a small smile which I definitely didn't return.

"Hello." I replied as my eyes flicked back to the screen. The amazing world of gumball was on and I was definitely not going to leave it to pay attention to the man that had been professing love to me for more than four months but didn't have the decency to call me to know how I was doing after going into preterm labour.

"Maya how are you?"

"I'm fine." I replied as I reached out to take an apple from the fruit basket on the table beside me. I was waiting for my dad to finish handling my discharge papers. After 8 days of being in the hospital, I was itching to go home and lucky for me, in as much as I'd been sentenced to bed rest I didn't have to be in the hospital.

"What happened?" He asked as he leaned down to kiss my hair before taking a seat.

"I went into preterm labour." I replied before chuckling at Gumball's facial expression when Penny refused to accept his marriage proposal.


"Then they managed to stop it and put me on bed rest."

"Oh okay." He said and then he looked up when my dad walked in with the nurse behind him. They had a wheelchair with them and that made me frown.

"I'm not using that." I said in an annoyed voice.

"What part of total bedrest do you not understand?"

"Its not total bed rest. They said I can move around a little, so I can walk to the elevator myself Dad."

He sighed before nodding and so the nurse left with the wheelchair while Keith carried the overnight bag that I ended up not using it's content.

"Isn't there a possibility of labour starting again when we won't expect it?" Keith asked as he pushed my slippers closer to the foot of the bed with his foot while I tried getting off it.

"There is." My father replied.

"Isn't that all the more reason why she should stay here?"

"I don't like hospitals, so why stay here when home is also an option? We can always come back when it starts up again, just that it won't be a surprise anymore because we will be expecting it. It has happened once, it might happen again." I drawled as I finally slid off t

me to come down from "strong " to a quivering mess was just a few words from his mouth. I felt so pathetic and weak.

So much for being strong and not letting him know I still cared, the inner me whispered in a disapproving tone and I shook my head in agreement. Weak and a crier. What could possibly be worse than that?

Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I forced myself to smile a little and reached for the plate again. I had to eat for my babies.

"Whatever though. That doesn't matter anymore, it's like in the past. I hope you're trip went well. I'll just eat and rest. I'll probably see you around." I muttered before stuffing my mouth. It took me almost thirty minutes to finish eating and when he left with the plates, I laid down even though I knew it wasn't the proper thing to do and forced myself to try falling asleep. Just before I slipped to the other side completely, I felt the bed dip and from his cologne, I knew it was Keith again. He then pressed a soft kiss on my forehead and then my lips before whispering "Sorry I wasn't here when you needed me around Maya. Sleep tight, I love you."

Ass. I hate that I love you too. I thought before sleep finally claimed me

Hey y'all. So sorry for the late update. I have had this chapter for a while now but I didn't post it because it didn't feel right. Not my favorite but I hope it's okay at least.

Do let me know what you think. And don't forget to vote and comment. They make me feel all fuzzy inside ?? Till next time, ??? and be ??

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