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"I'll see you when I return alright? I love you." Keith said from his end of the line before disconnecting. He was going on another business trip, and would be gone for a week or so.

Picking up another onesie and folding it, I placed it in the basket as I looked around the room. It was the room next to mine at home which I decided to use as the nursery. It had taken a total of one week to get it ready. I had planned on doing it all by myself but he had insisted on helping and I had agreed. Apparently he already had one ready over in his own home with the hope that I'd return or even if i didn't, for those times the kids will spend the weekends or so with him.

I folded the remaining tiny clothes and put them where they should be before leaving the room.

I checked the time before going to my room to search for my shoes. It had been a while since I last left the house. My obstetrician did tell me to exercise a little from time to time and so I decided to take short walks around the neighborhood every evening. Grabbing my phone and earphones, I waddled out of the room and halfway down the stairs, I met Mr Howard.

"Good evening." I said to him to which he replied before dropping the horrible news.

"Mrs Amanda James is here to see you."

My eyes literally bulged out of my sockets as I whispered-screamed what?! It didn't make sense that she'd be there to see me.

"Tell her I'm not around" I whispered to him and he said he already said I'm around.

"Tell her I'm sleeping then." I said again with desperation seeping into my voice and just then I shrieked when I heard my father say behind me "You shouldn't run away from your problems Maya."

"Stop creeping up on people. I told you to stop doing that dad."

"It's not my fault you didn't notice me." He replied with a shrug and stuck his tongue out at me and I laughed at how ridiculous he looked. My dad and I had come a long way in that one year and for that I was really happy.

"Stay with me while I talk to her?" I asked with a hopeful voice and he chuckled before saying no while tapping my nose with his forefinger. "This is something you have to do on your own."

"I don't know how to face her. She doesn't even know I'm pregnant, and then she'd think I slept around and it's another man's baby and then..."

"And then you'd tell her to get the fuck out of your house. You tell her to go fuck herself with her opin

ere won't be complications. Come on sweetheart. One step at a time."

And so one step at a time, we finally made it to the car and I saw Mr Hector put the overnight bag I already packed in the trunk before getting in behind the wheel while my dad held my hand and muttered comforting words. I pulled a tissue from the box and blew my nose before drying my eyes while telling myself everything's going to be fine. I had read up on pre-term labor before, so I tried to give myself hope with all the positive stories I had read online from different people.I talked to my dad in order to distract myself and about 30 minutes later which felt like an eternity, we made it.

The next couple of hours were a blur. I was pricked with what felt like a million needles and hooked up to machines I didn't even know what they were for. The doctors told me that they'd do everything they can to prevent them from coming but they'd proceed with the birthing if it couldn't be prevented. I was scared and I felt so alone. I shouldn't be doing this by myself I thought as time passed by. Finally, they managed to stop it. I didn't want my babies to come before time.

I felt myself zonking out as I looked at my hand that had the IV. I shouldn't be doing this alone was my last thought before I finally fell asleep.

Hey y'all. Didn't see that coming did ya? Lol. Yes, she went into preterm labor. Hopefully this is the last we will hear of it. Hope the chapter was worth the wait.

Don't forget to ??and ??. They make my heart flutter in a good way.

I'll update as soon as I can. Till next time, ??? and be ????

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