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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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I froze as my heart rate increased in my chest. My mouth dried out and I couldn't even say one word.

"What.The.Fuck.Is.This?" he asked again and all I could get out of my mouth was a stammered I'm sorry.

"You're pregnant." he stated and I nodded.

"How long have you know?" When I couldn't get the answer out fast enough, he repeated the question in a loud voice that made me flinch and that was when Leo came into the kitchen.

"Bro. Calm down. Whatever it is, you don't need to.."

"Shut the fuck up Leo. Maya how long?"

"Two weeks."

When I said it, he was silent for a moment before he chuckled. "Two weeks and you didn't think I needed to know? You had all the time to think of getting an abortion but you didn't think I had to know about it or is the baby not mine? Maybe you fucked around and got pregnant and didn't want me to find out so you decided to get rid of the evidence before it becomes obvious."

I shook my head as my hand reached out to touch his hand which he pulled back. The last thing I wanted was for him to think that. "No. That's not it. The baby is yours but-"

He cut me off by muttering "fuck this." before turning to leave the kitchen. I moved to follow him but Leo shook his head, motioning me to stay before he followed his friend out. I heard the entrance door slam shut first when he left, then close softly when Leo left. I numbly pulled out a chair and sat down as the pot boiled away behind me. It was when the smell of burnt food permeated the air that I moved to turn off the stove. Looking at the charred contents of the pot, I thought of starting from the beginning. Who am I kidding? No one is eating dinner this night.

Taking my seat again, I remained there until I heard the door open again about an hour later. It wasn't slammed this time around but somehow, I knew it was Keith and he was alone. He came into the kitchen and sat down opposite me. I just looked at him. His eyes were angry but his fave had no expression on it. After a moment, he asked the question I had been dreading since he left the house angrily. "Why?"

Keith's POV

I couldn't remember ever being as angry as I was at that moment as I watched the woman I had all but said I love you to tell me the reason why she didn't tell me she was pregnant with my baby and why she had even considered aborting it without letting me know. It hurt.

I hadn't gone snooping around in her room. Leo had kept going on and on about how he wanted to use her game console to play the Walking Dead game I told him she got. I had gone upstairs to get the console and chuckled when I saw the open book on her bed. I had called her a nerd and looked at it to know what she was reading only to see the words written in her writing. Confusion was the first thing I felt, followed by rage and then disappointment. Maya was the homeliest person I ever met and I loved that about her, and to find out that she wasn't so different after all was a huge kick in the guts. What floored me wasn't just the fact that she was pregnant and didn't let me know but that she had thought of having an abortion without even letting me know that I was going to be a father.

"Bro you shouldn't have gone snooping around her private things." Leo said when I finally calmed down and I glared at him.

"I wasn't snooping around. I went up there to get the fucking game you couldn't stop talking about and saw the book and thought it was another weird one like the Zombie Apocalypse one she read yesterday. It didn't occur to me that it was a diary and not a paperback novel."

"Well I know you well enough to tell you to calm down and try not to make rash decisions that you'll regret later because we all know you Keith. When you're angry, you don't give a shit about any other important thing."

I didn't say anything else to him and he just sat there with me, and when I was ready to leave, he drove back to his house while I went the opposite direction. And while I sat down opposite Maya and waited for her to give me one good reason why she did what sh

n't know what happened or what led to this, but I foyou just ruined everything between us with this stunt you just pulled. There is no trust in this relationship. I don't trust that you won't do something more extreme than this and you don't trust me."

"I do trust you." she whispered but I shook my head sadly.

"If you trusted me, you would have talked to me first instead of jumping to conclusions. A relationship is nothing without trust, and the sad thing about ours is that it is a marriage that started off on the wrong foot. So from tomorrow, you are going for counseling, and then after that, when I'm sure you're better than this, I will file for divorce."

Danica's P.O.V

I felt my heart almost stopped beating in my chest when I heard his words.

"Wh..wh.. What?" I stammered as I processed his words. I couldn't believe my ears neither could I believe the turn of events.

He sighed and ran his right hand down his face before answering my question. "We're getting a divorce when you're done with counseling."

"Keith... Come on. I know what I did was wrong but we can fix this. We can..."

He cut me off. "We can't. Maya there is no trust between us. Neither of us trusts one another because firstly you don't trust me and secondly I don't think I'll ever trust you again after today's event. Also I can't find it in me to forgive you for what you just did."

"What of the company? The contract? You want to loose everything because of this?" I asked and he shrugged. I almost laughed at how different we both were. When my dad said I should file for divorce, even though I had been hurting, I had vehemently refused because I didn't want to be the reason for loosing the business that had been passed down to him. But Keith did not care if his mother lost everything because of the decisions he made when he was hurting.

I didn't say a word after that and when he stood up and left the kitchen I was still too frozen to even say one more word. Being the kind of person I am, I zombied around the kitchen, putting everything back to where they belonged and washing the pots. I ate bread that tasted like carton in my mouth because I couldn't starve myself because of my baby. I already did wrong by him and didn't want to do more, and the least I could do for him was eat.

It was when I slipped into my cold bed alone that the gravity of the turn of events hit me and that was when the dam broke free.


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