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   Chapter 20 NO.20

His Unwanted Bride By Chyica Characters: 8508

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Being in your head is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. You end up seeing faults where there are no faults. You end of convincing yourself that no-one cares, you become very depressed and you can't stop hurting. Those were the things I had to deal with.

There was this sinkhole in my stomach, a very horrible feeling that refused to leave me alone since that dinner two days ago. All my years of insecurity came crashing back. I couldn't stop thinking of the events that led to the feeling. Being seen as a broodmare, a means to an end, an accident, a nuisance.

Everytime I looked at Keith, all I thought was what if he was part of Amanda's big bad plot? What if his niceties was all part of the game? What if I was just a game to him?

I wasn't strong enough to bear knowing that the man that had been so nice to me, the man that made me feel so comfortable around him was just playing with me. I was scared of finding out that he didn't like me, that he still just saw me as one disgusting fat fool that was just a means to an end.

I couldn't count the number of times I cried within those two days. I even hated myself for being such a cry baby. It was so frustrating, knowing that it doesn't take much to make me cry.

I then remembered his compliment. I'd rather watch us go at it than watch an interracial porn. Meaning that he was just setting for what I had to offer not that he was really into me.

Sighing once again, I looked up when Keith came into the sitting room. "Are you okay?" he asked for the third time that morning and as usual, I nodded. He had to travel for something, he must have told me what but I had been too distracted to even know what he said he was traveling for. He left about 30 minutes later and I dragged myself to the kitchen to look for something to eat. Pulling out the frozen chicken in the freezer, I waited for it to thaw instead of just warming it and then went to my room while eating it on the way.

It was roughly two hours after eating the chicken that I felt my stomach turn. I felt nauseous and before I could even understand what was going on, I threw up.

An hour later, what started off as a minor stomach twinge became the most painful stomach discomfort I ever experienced. Apart from the pain, I still vomited like three more times even though I had nothing left in my stomach. My throat felt raw and my body was covered in sweat.

I had to call Avery because no one else came to my mind and by the time he got to the house about two hours later as a result

rinking just any water because you're thirsty and cook your meat well. I was lost in my thoughts.

"Are you okay?" she asked as her forehead creased in worry and I nodded numbly.

"You'll be discharged soon. Your symptoms have already improved. Just stay hydrated and watch out for the things you eat and you should be good to go." I nodded again. Just when she was about leaving the room, I asked if she could keep the pregnancy part to herself, just in case Keith asked her what was wrong with me because I wanted to tell him myself and she smiled and said yes before leaving.

I was too numb to even cry as usual. Not wanting to deal with anyone or anything at that moment, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep when I heard footsteps outside my door. I knew it was Avery by the smell of his cologne. I heard him drop the bottle of water on the table and he left immediately because he thought I was asleep. All I could think about in my mind was how fucked I was. I chuckled darkly when I remembered what my mother in law called me at that dinner two nights ago. Broodmare.

Guess you were right Amanda. I ended up becoming your broodmare after all.

Merry Christmas guys. I started working on this chapter on Saturday and decided to post it today as a Christmas package to you guys. I hope the chapter didn't suck. Yes, she's pregnant (as majority of you already deduced.) and yes, she's sick (I did say she may be sick). But she's going to be fine. The question now is how Keith will react about the baby when he finds out.

Votes and comments are really appreciated. They make me feel all fuzzy inside. ?and be ??. Smell the holiday in the air and make the most of it??????

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