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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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The light that came in through the windows was what woke me up. I sighed mentally as I felt fatigued down to my bones. It has been almost three weeks since Keith's surgery. He was discharged a week before and I have not left the house since then. Because of the complications, his healing time was way longer than it should have been.

I was sleep deprived and very tired. Taking care of him and doing chores, cooking, watching him and preparing for my exams was taking its toll on me and I was worried for my health.

Hearing the light snoring beside me, I turned to see Keith still asleep. I had temporarily moved into his bedroom so I'd be closer to him just in case he needed something. Thankfully, he was recovering fast. He had stopped vomiting and was able to walk into the bathroom slowly either on his own or with help, mostly the later because I was too scared to take the risk of him falling or anything bad happening. The only reason why I even agreed to that was because he vehemently refused to use the bucket I got for that reason. His words had been I can walk with your help Maya. I am not going to pee in a bucket anymore. And emptying it after I'm done, doesn't that even bother you?

It didn't bother me because he was sick and we had no choice. We took serious care to avoid constipation and the pain had stopped keeping him awake. I was really happy but tired at the same time.

His mum came around everyday to check on him, also looking for a reason to insult my care taking skills. Each time I saw her, i remembered her words and frowned a little. I hadn't had the time to confront my father about what she said because I had my hands full with Keith.

Letting out a deep sigh, I rolled out of bed and dragged myself out of his room to mine so I could shower and put on fresh clothes. Peeing, I wiped and saw a speck of blood of the tissue.

Damn. Let this just be spotting. I can't afford to be on my period right now. I grumbled as I stripped out of the clothes I had on and showered quickly before putting on a jeans and a sweater. I went downstairs and got started on breakfast, wishing I could just sleep some more. When I went back upstairs to wake him up to eat, he was not in his bed and that was when i heard the sound of the shower running.

What the?! I leave the room for 20 minutes and he ups and goes to shower on his own?

Dropping the tray on the bedside table, I rushed into the bathroom and saw him trying to pick up the soap he dropped.

"Don't do that." I shrieked and he glared at me. I didn't pay any attention to that, I just picked the soap, ignored the water that was touching my clothes and got the shower chair I brought for him as I mumbled you should have waited for me. He slapped my hand away when I reached out to take the sponge from him.

"I'm not a fucking invalid so stop treating me like one." He growled and I was taken aback.

"What? I'm not treating you like an invalid."

"Really? Trying to spoonfeed me, peeing in a bucket, bathing me, buying a shower chair. I have legs and can stand to take a shower. I can walk to the bathroom myself. I can feed myself. I can have a shower without your help and I can fucking pick up the damn soap."

I stared at him with wide eyes. "I..I was only trying to help."

"Well I don't need your fucking help."

I was offended. My feelin

ng him."

When he didn't say anything after a while, I assumed he wasn't going to answer and decided to go back to minding my business when he replied.

"My dad." He started in a low voice. "He was so full of life. He loved everything about the outdoors, loved adventures and was always on the move. He was the best dad ever--" he said with a chuckle before he continued "—he always had time for me. Always took me fishing, camping, hiking, all the cool stuff like that. He was so full of life. But then there was a car crash. He ended up being paralyzed from the neck down. And then the doctors said he may never walk again, never move his hands or neck again. I watched that man who had been so dull of life and so active become so helpless that he had to be bathed, couldn't move to do the basic things in life. I even overheard his conversation with my mum when he told her he wanted his doctor to put him under because he couldn't live like that. That's why—" he took a deep breath and fisted his trembling hand that was between us before he continued "— that's why...why needing your help to do those things bothered me so much. I never want to be in that kind of state. The fact that I had to pee in a bucket or can bathe properly only when you do it bothers me so much. I...I never want to be in that kind of situation." He finished in a whisper and I shivered at how unhappy he sounded. I have never seen this side of Keith. I had no idea he had so much sadness in him.

"I'm sorry. I'll try my best to not panic when you want to do something by yourself while healing alright?" I said and he hmmed before finally giving in to the sleep that he needed. Yawning and suddenly feeling the stress catch up to me and tire me out, I closed my eyes and followed suit. My last thoughts were what happened to his dad? Did he die naturally or did he finally ask the doctor to do it?

Hey y'all. Its late but I did it! I finally finished this chapter. Happy new month y'all. 23 days to Christmas. Woop woop. The next will be up once it's ready. By the way this book isn't edited and has lots of grammatical errors. I'll edit as soon as I can. Don't forget to vote and comment. Let me know what you think. Till next time, ? and be ??

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