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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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"So I'll be back just in time for mother's dinner. Don't worry about getting a gift for her, I'll have my P.A pick one out for her okay?" Keith said as the driver put the box packed for the trip in the boot of the car. It was a Sunday and he had to go to Chicago for a business meeting.

I frowned a little at his words. His mother and I may not see eye to eye but that didn't mean I supported the fact that his PA was going to pick her birthday gift.

"I don't think it's right for your PA to be the one to buy a gift for your mum. You know what she likes and it's her birthday. You should be the one to choose a gift. It shows it's from the heart."

"Nothing you get for mother shocks her. Why bother putting in so much thought in it?"

I shrugged and unconsciously reached out to tighten his tie. "The thought is what counts. Even if she doesn't appreciate it, at least you'll get to satisfy your conscience that you did your best picking out one for her. And just because I said you should be the one doesn't mean you should just pick anything for her."

I felt heat rise to my face when I realised what I was doing and quickly snatched my hands back which made him chuckle as he stepped closer. After our dinner two weeks ago, everything had changed between us. I wasn't one to hold a grudge, so I didn't hold anything against him. I just didn't want to be used by anybody, so I wasn't being as forthcoming as he wanted.

Leaning forward, he took my lips just as his hand found it's way to my butt. He did squeeze my ass to elicit a gasp from me and when I did, he grinned as he broke the kiss.

"I will see you when I get back." He said and pecked my lips once more. He looked down only to see Blinky rubbing itself on his leg and chuckled. Blinky had taken a huge likeness to him. He bent down and stroked him beneath the chin.

"I'll miss you too lil guy." He said to the purring cat.

I waved as the car drove off and when I heard a whistle, I turned and rolled my eyes when I saw the gr

Sunday, I had buried myself in my books. I was sleep deprived.

When I heard the cats meowing incessantly at not being fed for that afternoon, I sighed and dropped my highlighter pen before walking out with the lot following me.

Since they got too big for one bowl, I ended up getting 4 more bowls for them with their names written on it.

"There you go Abby. Blinky. Cadey. Darwin and the last but not the least, Everest." I said out loud as I filled their bowls respectively. I decided to take something for myself too and so I carried the plate of leftover pancakes up to my room.

Just then, another message came in.

Keith: "Alright. I'll be back tomorrow."

"Okay. Any specific thing you want to eat?" I asked, feeling generous. I had tried refrigerating and he hadn't even complained. We now had something called leftover Thursday and Saturday.

Keith: "Pasta and grilled chicken. I'd also like homemade pizza or chicken tacos if making it won't stress you out????."

I agreed. It wasn't worse than what I'd cooked all at once for him before. Rolling over to plug my phone, I pushed my books to the side and pulled the duvet over my body. I really needed sleep and I was going to get it.

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